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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It’s finally starting to feel like Fall where I live, which is so nice.  I love Fall/Winter weather because where I live in the SF Bay Area it’s fairly moderate.  Yes, we get lots of rain, and yes, we have cold days, but “cold” is very relative, especially compared to my friends in the Midwest and on the East Coast.  (Having visited Chicago last Thanksgiving, I found this out all too well).  What I love most is the clothes, the food, and the overall comfort these seasons afford.  The summer is nice, too, but there’s something so cozy about this time of year that really can’t be duplicated.

And on that note, I think it’s time for the Autumn Goals check-in…

Autumn Goals Check-In #4

  1. Track every bite in LoseIt, whether I’m proud of the choice I made or not. Track all exercise in LoseIt, as well. 6/7 days – Thursday  was really hectic all day, and before I knew it, it was over and I hadn’t tracked.
  2. Stay within 1200-1400 calories on weekdays; 1600-1800 on weekends, if needed. I just wrote an email to Scale Warfare about this – my calories have been more along the 1400-1700 range.  I’m disappointed in myself because I’m not adhering to the 1200-calorie limit, but then I remind myself that I can still lose weight eating more calories AND I haven’t gone back to smoking (which increases appetite/snackiness).
  3. Cook dinner for myself 5 nights a week, at least. Done!
  4. Prepare breakfast and lunches the night before. Done!
  5. Take a class/workout at the gym 3 days a week. 2/3 I had my  training appointments on Tuesday & Friday, but I didn’t make it to the gym for the 3rd time last week.
  6. Walk Lulu every day. 7/7+ We’ve been taking a mini walk in the morning (about 10 minutes) and then another walk in the afternoon (at least 15-20 minutes) every day.
  7. Supplement “gym days” with Wii workouts. Fail.
  8. Keep the fridge/pantry/freezer/snack drawer stocked with healthy choices. Done!
  9. Drink at least 64oz of water a day! Done!

I’m proud of myself for sticking to my goals, overall.  Now that I’ve done these for 4 weeks, I would say that they’ve become ingrained, for the most part.  Workouts still remain the most difficult part for me, but now the reason for that is more about schedule than it is about intention.

With that said, Scale Warfare and I were thinking that it might be a good time to start a Countdown to Christmas/New Year’s Challenge.  And for me, since working out has been the biggest issue, I think that’s what I’d like to focus on.  She and I are still deciding details, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got it set.  Only 10 weeks before 2011!!!!


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Not  following the plan seems to be the theme of this weekend.  In some cases it worked out great, but in others, not so much.


I started off the weekend well.  I made it to my training appointment as planned, and had a good workout with Robbie.  I used kettlebells for the first time, and I really liked them.  They definitely take cardio endurance as well as strength!  I have decided that I really, really like Friday afternoon workouts, because it puts me in such a positive mood for the rest of the weekend.  It’s the ideal way to put and end to the workweek (and let go of any stress) and begin the weekend.

Friday night I didn’t have anything planned, and I was looking forward to a quiet night at home with Lulu, doing laundry,  and catching up with my DVR. It’s all a blur to me, really.  I know I did a tiny bit of laundry, and I had “snacks” instead of a true dinner, but that’s all.  I think I was so tired from the week and the workout that I just fell asleep on the couch.


I got sooooo much done on Saturday.  I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom: swept and mopped all the floors, cleaned the kitchen, dusted, vacuumed my bedroom, changed the sheets, cleaned both bathrooms, did 3 loads of laundry (and put it away!  That’s always the part I struggle with).  I felt so good about all that I’d done, and it really didn’t take me too long.  It was the first morning/afternoon that I’ve spent really deep cleaning the new house, and it needed it.  I’ve dusted or swept or done laundry here and there, but this was the first major cleaning, which is probably on target, since I’ve been there a little over a month now.

Saturday afternoon/evening I had plans to go to Howling Halloween with my sister, my nieces, Minnie (their dog), and Lulu.  We had it all planned, costumes purchased (for the pups), and were really looking forward to it.  My sister lives 45 minutes away, so making the trek down to where I live is always a bit of an ordeal for her.  Because it doesn’t happen all the time, I really value the times that we are able to spend together.  The problem was, I somehow read the times wrong on the event, so we got there an hour and a half early.  And it was raining.  And my nieces weren’t in the mood to look around at all the cool shops.  And we all got cranky.  So, we ended up leaving before the trick or treating (or the parade) ever began. 😦  Still, we did get some cute pictures :

Yes, I am THAT puppy owner.  I bought the matching t-shirt so that we were both Ladybugs.  😛  I love how our eyes look creepy in this shot.

Lulu is less than thrilled with taking this photo.  Maybe because she knows she needs to get groomed?

Lulu, the ladybug and Minnie, the French maid.  These two puppy cousins had the best time playing, wrestling, and hanging out with each other.

After the miscue with the Halloween celebration, it was time to eat.  My sis and I wanted Indian food, but we knew the girls wouldn’t, so we got them a rare treat – corndogs!  Everyone was happy once they ate.  Isn’t it interesting how being hungry puts us in a bad mood, but eating together solves lots of problems.  Hmm….

It was nice to see my sister and nieces, although their behavior wasn’t great, and it was one of the first times that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them.  We all have off days, though. I got a peek into what my sister has to deal with on a daily basis, and it can’t be easy for her.  She’s amazing.

After they left I saw that the SF Giants game was still on, and I was incredibly thrilled to watch the 9th inning.  The Giants won the Pennant and are going to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!


I had plans to get up, read the paper, go to belly dancing class, and then spend the day doing whatever tickled my fancy.  But remember the title of this blog.

I soon realized that I had left my wallet in my sister’s car the night before.  And she lives 45 minutes away.  Argh!  So, instead of a leisurely morning, I spent mine driving back and forth to get my wallet.  And I missed belly dancing.

As I was driving home, I had the craving/idea that I wanted In & Out Burger.  I have no idea why I wanted it; I think maybe I had seen the sign along the freeway on my way to my sister’s house.  I haven’t had In & Out in years, so it was weird for me to crave it.  I was *this close* to stopping for it, but Walmart saved me.

Walmart?  Saved me?  Yes.  You see, instead of eating the burger, I stopped at Walmart to see what I could buy that might satisfy the craving without too many calories.  I never shop at Walmart for a variety of reasons (they’re non-union, have differing political views than I do, and they aren’t conveniently located to my house), but since Walmart was in the same huge shopping center that In & Out was in, I figured I’d go there instead.  I picked up some items that didn’t have a ton of nutrition (chicken hotdogs, white bread), but that were healthier alternatives to the burger.  Plus, my wallet is pretty empty until I get paid on Friday, so Walmart’s prices were really attractive.  (I hate, hate, hate it that junky food is so much cheaper than good food!).

Once I got home I decided to make the most of the day, so I took Lulu for a longish walk, did a ton of laundry, made a good dinner, and organized my lunch for today and tomorrow.  I also figured out my dinners for the rest of the week.  I have to eat out of the cupboards/fridge/freezer, which should be no problem, because I always have so much.

Wrap it Up

So, although the weekend didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, I did get a lot done.  I made good choices (for the most part), spent some quality time with family, cleaned and organized the house, and got ready for the week ahead.  Really, I can’t ask more from a weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

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I am so thankful this week that I’m finally feeling back to normal and I was able to workout a couple of times. In fact, yesterday I met with my new trainer, Robbie, for the first time, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

Even though I’ve been tracking, drinking water, and just started back with activity, I’ve been feeling sort of bloated all week. I’m not sure if it’s PMS or not, because Aunt Flo has become a somewhat inconsistent visitor (pre-menopause?) these last 6 months or so. If I had to bet, though, I’d guess she was due to arrive any time now. Because of all of this, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the scale.

Which means I lost 1.4 lbs this week , for a total loss of 2.6 pounds, overall. Which on the one hand is a really poor result in two months’ time, but I have to remind myself that I gained 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks in late Aug/early Sept, and I’ve been working hard to recover from that.  (So in a way, I’ve lost over 12 pounds in 2 months, which is a more positive way to look at it).  I’m feeling so encouraged and proud of myself for being able to achieve such consistent weight loss in this last month.  But then again, that’s what I should expect with consistent effort.

My attitude is still really positive and nothing can break my momentum. And now that I’m able to really workout out, I’m expecting even bigger losses, and speaking of working out…

First Training Session with Robbie

My first session with Robbie was great; he gives me good feedback, encourages me, and makes me feel like I’m really accomplishing something. He told me that for the first two weeks or so, he’s going to give me more full-body workouts so that he can observe my strengths and weaknesses, and see how far he can push me and where he might need to back off. Here’s what we did yesterday:

  • 20 toe-taps onto the step
  • 10 squats
  • 10 squats with long bar (raising the long bar over my head on my way up)
  • 20 crunches with feet extended, arms extended (holding small weighted ball), then bringing both arms and legs in towards stomach and squeezing
  • 20 more toe taps
  • 2 sets of plank, held for 20 seconds the first time and only 14 seconds the second time
  • 2 sets of the following circuit:
    • 20 toe taps
    • 20 hip bridge (laying on the floor, squeezing glutes upward toward ceiling)
    • 20 bicep curls (supine on the way up)
    • 20 overhead tricep presses
    • 20 standing (feet split) chest press
    • 10 push ups
    • 20 squats with long bar
  • stretching:
    • chest stretch
    • calf stretch
    • hip flexor stretch (new to me, but very cool)

I felt like I kept up really well, and even though I was out of breath quite a bit of the time, the workout wasn’t exhausting for me. I think once my lungs are back to full power (once this cough is all the way gone), I’ll be able to do even more without getting out of breath so quickly. I think Robbie was fairly impressed with my abilities and realized that I was in better shape (for the most part) than he originally thought. (He didn’t say this, but I got that feeling from him – he seemed pretty impressed with what I was able to do). I left this workout feeling so exhilarated and good about myself. Plus, I burned 603 calories, so what’s not to love?!

A great session that makes me look forward to Friday afternoon’s session all the more.

{I’m so sorry that this is up so late, but today was ridiculously busy and this is literally the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and write}.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Last week I finally turned the corner in my bronchial virus, and I really started to feel better as the week went on.  I went to the gym twice (Friday afternoon and Sunday am) and enjoyed it so much both times.  I also realized that I always make going to the gym into this big ordeal in my mind, when really, there’s nothing to it.  Once I’m there I always enjoy myself, or at the very least feel better about myself walking out than I did when I walked in.  What’s not to like about that?

So, I think in much the same way that I avoided the gym all summer and chose to take my workouts outside (however few of them there were this summer), I’m going to start hitting the gym 4 times a week.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Sunday – belly dancing

Tuesday – training

Wednesday – aqua aerobics

Friday – training + elliptical/other cardio

I’ll supplement this with my walks with Lulu, the Wii, or housecleaning on the other days, so I’ll be moving my body each and every day, but doing more intense workouts 4/7 days of the week.  A good start!

Speaking of good starts, let’s do an Autumn Goals check…

Autumn Goals Check-In #3

  1. Track every bite in LoseIt, whether I’m proud of the choice I made or not. Track all exercise in LoseIt, as well. 7/7 days. 🙂
  2. Stay within 1200-1400 calories on weekdays; 1600-1800 on weekends, if needed. Most days this past week that I averaged 1400-1500 calories each day, but I ate all healthy, whole foods, so I’m not too worried.
  3. Cook dinner for myself 5 nights a week, at least. Done!
  4. Prepare breakfast and lunches the night before. Done!
  5. Pack a bag of workout clothes and keep it in my car, so I can go to the gym right after school, no excuses. I’ve realized that this one isn’t a priority for me.  I much prefer getting my workout bag together at night before dinner or right before bed.  This is the last time I’m going to have this one on the list.
  6. Take a class/workout at the gym 3 days a week. I was sick for most of the week, but I did make it to the gym on Friday for 20 minutes on the elliptical and back again on Sunday for SharQui, the belly dancing class!
  7. Walk Lulu every day, with 2 walks/day on the weekends. We took a walk every day, but I don’t know if that 2nd walk is really realistic.  I usually take her to the dog park (plus the walk) on the weekends, and that seems to be enough exercise for her.
  8. Supplement “gym days” with Wii workouts. Sick, not completed.
  9. Keep the fridge/pantry/freezer/snack drawer stocked with healthy choices. Done!
  10. Drink at least 64oz of water a day! Done! The medication I’m taking makes me thirsty, so I’m doing really well on my water intake this week.

I would say that I’m 95% better, and only really cough if I’m over-exerting myself, so the workouts are going to continue, beginning with belly dancing on Sunday and continuing with my first official training session with Robbie this afternoon at 4pm!

This week is going to be another great one!

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I’ve been looking forward to writing this post all weekend, but finally have the time to sit down and do it now.  (On a side note – this has been one of the best weekends in recent memory, and I’ve spent most of it alone with Lulu, at home.  Sometimes I think we all need quiet weekends.  I definitely needed the “recharging” time).

I had been looking forward to meeting my new trainer all week, and I went into it with the mentality that the trainer was going through and interview with me.  I wanted to make sure that these training sessions (I have 17 of them) were used doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.  (As much as I loved training with Jimmy, there was a lot about our sessions that I realized I didn’t really like – all those football drills weren’t resistance training, which is what I sorely needed).

Robbie was friendly, confident, and shared many of the same philosophies that I did regarding training.  He agreed that our time together would be much better spent using weight machines, doing core work, and using bands for resistance training rather than doing cardio or those drills that I used to do with Jimmy.  I’m really glad that he said that from the get-go.  As soon as I told him that my doctor had outlined a nutrition plan for me to follow, I was surprised and encouraged to hear that he wasn’t going to try to get me to follow a certain prescribed diet plan.  Also, once I told him that I’m taking 12 different vitamins (again, as prescribed by my doctor), he completely backed off the whole “you should buy these protein supplements” spiel. Robbie took my weight and measurements (neck, chest, waist, hips, biceps, calves, thighs) so I’m looking forward to seeing my progress in a month’s time.

What I didn’t share with him was that I was going to get LapBand surgery.  I’m not exactly sure why – I’m committed to the surgery, and I know it’s the right choice for me, but I really didn’t want to hear him say that I wouldn’t need it to lose the weight as long as we “stuck to a rigorous training schedule.”  Because I tried that a year ago and it didn’t work.  (As we know, food is 60-75% of the equation, and that’s the part I have the most trouble with).  I told him that my doctor wants me to lose 30 pounds by Jan, and he said that he thinks that’s totally do-able.  (I’m actually hoping that I lost the required weight by the end of December, and I think that’s fairly reasonable, considering that there are 10 weeks until December 31st).

Robbie asked me what kind of a trainer I liked and I told him that I try to live up to or exceed the expectations placed in front of me.  That I’ll give it my all for as long as I can.  I don’t want or like having a “Jillian Michaels” type of trainer who yells at me, because I don’t find that motivating.  I told him that I love to learn, so I want him to teach me.  He said that his approach, after the initial two weeks where he’s going to observe and see how far he can push me, was to educate as he trained me.  He said that he wants to see me 2-3 times a week, and I told him that I could commit to 2 for sure, but 3 might be pushing it, depending on the week.

The thing is, now that I’ve moved to my new place, I really can’t afford personal training sessions right now.  They’re basically $50, which would mean $400/month if we meet twice a week.  I don’t have that much extra cash at all.  So, I’ll use these 17 sessions, which will take me to the end of the year, and then I should’ve learned enough to continue the weight training on my own for a while.  Because at the beginning of next year I should be undergoing the surgery and recovering for 2 weeks, and then I can continue weight training on my own.  At the end of May when I get my bonus check, I’ll revisit the idea of buying more training sessions and see if I feel like I need them.

I’m excited to get back to the gym on a regular basis, and I think Robbie will be a good trainer.  I don’t think he and I will have as much of a flirty rapport as Jimmy and I had, but I don’t think that’s a negative thing.  I think we’ll be able to keep it at a professional client/trainer level, which is perfectly fine with me. We’ve set up next week’s training for Tuesday/Friday, and I’m looking forward to it.

Proud Moment: After my training session (which lasted an hour, rather than 30 minutes like I thought), I was a bit worried about getting home to Lulu, but I decided to hit the elliptical machine first.  It felt great to be back on it, and I was doing great until about 10 minutes into it, when I had  a bit of a coughing fit.  I recovered and kept going, but decided that 20 minutes was going to have to be enough, because I really couldn’t push myself past that.  Still, I burned 415 calories, and felt amazing afterward. I really liked going on Friday afternoon, because I felt like I had already started the weekend off on the right foot before it even truly began.  I’m going to make it a habit to go to the gym on Fridays from now on.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am so thankful that finally, FINALLY my mind, body, and spirit are all on the same side in this weight loss battle.  For so long I’ve felt like I have been spinning my wheels, through no one’s fault but my own.  But now I’m on a roll and making it happen.  Not that everything is 100% perfect, but I’m feeling so good about my efforts and I know that success is mine, and perfection is not the goal.

I absolutely cannot wait for this cough to get out of my system!  My breathing is so labored, and the medicine I’m taking is causing headaches, so I’m still feeling fairly miserable.  Soon I should be back on my feet and ready to hit the gym full force.  For now, I’m focusing on what I can control, which is my food choices/portions, tracking, and water intake.  I’m happy to say that I’m doing really well on all of those fronts.

I’ve been feeling lighter lately.  Not just physically lighter, but mentally lighter too, armed with the knowledge that I’m doing everything in my power to promote weight loss.  I don’t have that sinking feeling that comes when I know I’ve overeaten, make a poor choice, or ignored my goals.  It’s so nice to feel so positive about my efforts.  And now it’s time for that scale shot.

Which means I lost 1.7 lbs this week, for a total weight loss of 1.2 overall. Plus, I am really happy that I’m continuing to lose weight, even without being able to workout out at all for the past couple of weeks.  I know my progress will be even more exciting once I am finally able to give it my all in the gym (or in whatever exercise I’m doing).

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to my training appointment on Friday.  I’m excited and also a bit anxious, because I’m meeting a new trainer.  Jimmy, my old trainer, moved to a gym that’s over 30 minutes away from my house, making it really inconvenient to travel there for a training session.  The manager at the club recommended this new trainer, and I’m hoping that he and I mesh well together.  I’m definitely going to let him know what I’m looking for out of my training sessions, and I’m hoping he can deliver the instruction (and motivation) I want.

Daily Goals Update

Yesterday I had a killer headache that lasted from 10am until I went to sleep.  So while I didn’t go to the aqua aerobics class, I did do the Wii again for 30 minutes.  I didn’t keep track of the calories  burned, nor did I track them in LoseIt, but I will from now on.

Today I had originally planned on doing the aqua aerobics again, but since my cough is really breaking up today (and my lung capacity is very compromised), I’m going to do the Wii (in addition to my walk with Lulu).


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Let’s start with the bad news…


Today (it’s almost 1am, so technically this is yesterday) I went to look at the duplex that was available and I was so disappointed in what I saw.  Yes, the layout was exactly the same as the one I had lived in years ago, but it was absolutely disgusting inside.  Apparently the previous tenants had been evicted, and it showed.  The carpet and floors were filthy, and the property manager said they “might need to be replaced.”  Uh, if you want to rent it to me, they NEED to be replaced.  Oh, and while you’re at it, why not update those ugly cabinets that look as if they haven’t been painted in years?  The entire place just looked so run down and awful, and the yard was completely overgrown with weeds.  So not worth the monthly rental fee.

The property manager was so unprofessional, and not only did she show up 10 minutes late for our appointment, but she just seemed like a total airhead.  When I looked the company up on Yelp, they had some really poor reviews from current tenants.  Not a good sign.  Which means that all 10 of the duplexes that are on that street are off the table, because the same man owns all of them, and the same property managers run them.  If she couldn’t even show up on time to show me the place, I can only imagine how unresponsive they are when things need to be repaired.

So it’s back to the drawing board.  I’m not giving up, but I may not move out as soon as I thought (or had hoped).  My quick searches on Craigslist hasn’t shown anything I’m interested in so far.  I definitely want to get a duplex or a little house.  Once you “graduate” from apartment living, you definitely don’t want to go back.  I have decided to sign a month-to-month lease at my current location so that I have the freedom to leave whenever I want to.  This buys me the time to find some place that I feel comfortable with.  Because as crazy as the neighbors on both sides of me are (and for as poor as the neighborhood is), my place itself is nice and I only want to move up.  I definitely don’t want to settle.

And now the good…


I’m happy to report that Lulu is completely potty trained already!  It’s only been a month, so I think that shows exactly how smart she is.  She’s still a great puppy who adds so much to my life, but she has started moving into that “adolescent” stage of puppyhood.  She’s started barking quite a bit, and while I know that’s normal, I don’t like it when she barks at ME.  Most of the time she barks becasue she wants to play, which is fine, but the last two days she’s started barking whenever I’m not paying her enough attention – when I’m eating a meal (new weight loss tool?? ;), when I’m cleaning up, or when I’m watching t.v or on the computer.  I’m trying different techniques to curb her barking at me, including giving her timeouts in her crate.  I’m going to inquire at the puppy training to see if they have any other suggestions.

Speaking of the training, she’s doing really well with “sit” and “lay down.”  I’m looking forward to going this evening (Wednesday evening) and seeing what new tricks we learn.  The main thing I’m looking forward to learning with her is recall/name recognition and loose leash walking.

Which leads me to the fact that I think I need to start taking Lulu on longer walks to tire her out a bit more.  Right now we go around the block 5-6 times a day and usually 1 good (1/2 mile) walk, but I think now that she’s gotten older and seems to be able to control her bladder better, I can cut down the walks to 2-3 longer ones a day.  My neighborhood isn’t the best to walk in, so I think I’m going to start driving her to the better streets that are a 5-minute car ride away.  I know that seems silly, but I’d much rather do that than walk on the streets around here where who knows what she’ll find.  There’s a ton of garbage on the sidewalks near my house (I saw a Hennessey bottle strewn on the sidewalk just this morning), so I’m forced to be ridiculously vigilant in making sure she’s not getting into things.  Since the nicely maintained streets aren’t very far away, it makes sense to just drive her to them.  Of course I’ll still take her outside for the quick potty breaks a few times a day, but I think doing these new routes will be good for both of us.  (It might also help with barking).

New Stuff

I just bought Just Dance for the Wii, and I can’t wait to try it this morning (look for a review once I have).  I’ve heard great things about it from you guys and from the reviews on Amazon, so I think it will be a fun thing to add to my exercise routine.  I pre-ordered the Just Dance 2, as well, and I have a feeling I’ll like that one, too.  It has all new songs to groove to, so it will help keep things interesting.

Despite the reported reception/antenna problems with the iPhone 4, I’m going to order one today.  I have a iPhone 3G, which is 2 models behind, and I’m ready to upgrade.  I can’t wait for the double viewer camera, because it will make taking self-portraits so much easier.  I can’t tell you the number of times my sister (or friends) and I have wanted to snap a picture of ourselves, only to take a photo of our chins, or our foreheads, etc.  The other really cool feature is the video chatting Facetime that you can do with other iPhone 4 users.  There are lots of other cool things about the new iPhone.  Plus, I told my sister that I’d give her my old phone, and since she’s been going through some difficult and stressful personal (relationship) issues, I want to do whatever I can to make her life better.  She never gets anything for herself because money is tight and whatever extra she has goes to my nieces, so I’m more than happy to give her the old iPhone so that she can have a nicer phone.

Goals For the Week

I wanted to set a few exercise/activity goals for myself this week (Wed-Fri), and I’ll check in on Saturday to see how well I did:

  1. Do the Just Dance each morning
  2. Take Lulu on 2 long walks a day
  3. Wear my Body Bugg each day and log my calories burned online
  4. Go swimming 1 day
  5. Go to the gym 1 day
  6. Take a bike ride 1 day
  7. Make an appointment to meet with a new personal trainer

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