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Today I went to my doctor for a check-up appointment, which I’ve been doing monthly ever since beginning Phentermine.  Since the medication carries with it some major health side effects, I’ve been very conscientious about checking in with my doctor to stay on top of the situation.

Unfortunately, today’s results from the blood pressure machine weren’t favorable.  In fact, they were a bit shocking.

Normally, my blood pressure runs on the higher side of normal, considering my BMI/weight to height ratio.  Usually the numbers are around 134/82 or so.  Today’s reading?  146/100. And that was after they took my blood pressure reading 3 separate times.  The lower number showed such a dramatic jump that I immediately got very concerned.

I usually fall into the Prehypertension category, but today I jumped to the Hypertension Stage 2 category. (source)

To be honest, I had no idea what the two numbers really meant, so the first thing I did was ask Dr. F to explain them to me.  Which she did, very clearly:

  • Systolic (top number): measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats (when the heart muscle contracts).
  • Diastolic (bottom number): measures the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats (when the heart muscle is resting between beats and refilling with blood).

My doctor was very clear to tell me not to worry.  She was pleased with my weight loss, and even more impressed that my 2-year smoke-free anniversary had passed just 3 days ago. (I actually didn’t even realize it had come and gone, that’s how far from my mind smoking and cigarettes are, thankfully).  Dr. F was also glad to hear about my overall consistency in following the food and exercise regime outlined by the bariatric department.

The plan is to immediately stop taking the Phentermine; she told me to throw out the pills remaining in the prescription.  Done!  Dr. F asked me if I felt the Phentermine was really helping me with the weight loss, and I honestly told her that I think it initially helped me drop the weight, because it was sort of a shock to my system, but now that my body had gotten used to taking it daily, it had lost some of its potency.  She said that she agreed.  She mentioned that I was probably going to lose weight a bit more slowly by ceasing the prescription, and that I may need to increase the duration and intensity of my workouts.  Done and done – I’ll make the time to fit in the workouts to escape a bad BP diagnosis.

Dr. F told me that she wanted me to come back for another BP reading in two weeks, once the Phentermine was completely out of my system, and then we’d take things from there.  But she reiterated that she was very hopeful that my blood pressure would return to normal ad that further

Even with all of this info and knowing the probable cause, I am still feeling really uneasy and nervous.  I know that it’s silly to get too upset over this reading, because before long it will be rectified, but it is a wake-up call.  It’s a reminder of what my future could be like if I don’t stay on the healthier path that I’ve been following.  It definitely motivates me to make sure that I don’t miss a workout or fall off the wagon with my diet/eating.



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