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It’s been a month of Sundays since I featured a “Sunday Smiles” post, and what better day to resurrect it than April Fool’s Day, right?


So, technically I took this one yesterday, but it's just too cute not to include. I had them both in Sofi's car seat to make coming home from their "spa day" a bit easier. They weren't thrilled. But it made a cute pic, no?


The herbs my sister gave me to enhance my poaching liquid. Sage, thyme, rosemary, dill, parsley, and garlic. So fragrant!


The chicken tenders I poached. A healthy, less expensive way to have chicken in my salads this week. Those herbs absolutely made a difference in the flavor of the chicken.


Poached chicken, divided into 2oz baggies for my salads.


A full fruit bowl. (I'm LOVING the Little Joesies from Trader Joe's - just like Cuties but sweeter and never any seeds).


I also spent some time this afternoon cutting up a bunch of bell peppers for my snacks this week. I bought tomato basil hummus and Tzatziki to have as "dips." And you can see from the lower photo that I really enjoyed my colorful, 55-calorie snack.


I adore opening my fridge and finding all of these healthy, colorful alternatives to choose from. (Those two pitchers have iced tea (brewed this morning from decaf black tea) and Crystal Light mango peach green tea).


Speaking of Crystal Light, yesterday I picked up some of their new "mojito" flavor (which I learned about from Celebrity Apprentice) and I really liked it. Very refreshing. Great for summer.


I also picked up this roasted seaweed that I'd first heard about on The Revolution. The lady at TJ's told me that they've been flying off the shelves, and people are buying 10 at a time. It's salty and crunchy and I really like it. Of course, you have to like that seaweed flavor. But if you like sushi, I'd recommend giving it a try. The entire package is only 60 calories and it kept me satisfied yesterday as I ran around doing a bunch of errands. I had my sister pick me up a few more when she went to TJ's today, including some in the wasabi flavor.


I was having a really hard time last week because of a few different things that were stressing me out, and my sister surprised me with this great card. Every time I look at it I smile. The inside says, "hang in there," and I kept reminding myself of this all week.


I was smiling as Sofi and I went on a walk and #sweatedpink (more on that tomorrow). Notice my laces? This shot also shows just how long Sofi's eyelashes are. Tres chic!


And when I walked back home and saw my beautiful bulbs blooming along with the white calla lilies, I definitely smiled.

What made you smile today?

Note: As you might be able to tell from a few of the photos, I had some fun with the Instagram and Frametastic apps.

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