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I had huge To Dos this weekend, and I’m glad to say I got most of it done.

On my walk with Sofi Saturday morning, I was reminded just how beautiful the everyday can be.

My front yard has been looking a bit dull lately, what with the summer flowers gone. So I made a quick trip to OSH to buy some mums. Sofi was a big help.

On that same trip I stopped by Sprouts/Sunflower Market to pick up loads of fruits & veggies for the week.

Sofi’s new Molly Mutt bed arrived. We both love it!

This morning I was encouraged to see a nice drop on the scale (from yesterday). At this pace, I could lose 3 lbs this week.
After a quick happy dance, I was up and at ’em with more laundry, cleaning, and gardening, and somehow I got this battle wound:

I prepped food for the week, including a really delicious salad that I can’t wait to try. It has romaine, spinach, mixed bean sprouts, mung beans, red bell pepper, and edamame. I’m going to pair it with TJ’s Spicy Asian Peanut dressing. Yum!20120930-233306.jpg

The main focus this weekend was grading…glad that’s done! (For now).
All in all, a busy, satisfying weekend. What did you do?


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