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bilbl_superFor quite a few years now a few of my friends have participated in one of the coolest half marathons out there – the SJ Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  I’m nowhere near ready for that length of competition, but it’s definitely on my Fitness Bucket List.

Then the other day I saw that the RnR series offers another option – a mini marathon – 5 miles.

RnRMM_SJ_Logo_FullColor3So I just signed up!!!

The race is October 6th, which gives me plenty of time to work my way up to walking 5 miles at a time.  I’m already walking 3 miles without too much effort, but adding another two miles to that distance is going to take some effort.  I’d also like to try “wogging” at least a bit of it, which would be an extra added challenge.

I emailed a bunch of my friends, and I know that Tinkerbell and JH are both in, which is great.  I want to make t-shirts and maybe even get a GlamRunner tutu.  I know for most people this is something to do while they wait for the “real” participants to finish the half marathon, but for me, this is like my own personal challenge.  So the name mini marathon is apt.

What’s an upcoming fitness challenge that you’ve signed up for?


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