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Wow, it’s been FOREVER since I did a weigh-in update, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really liked this new method of mine – weighing in every couple of days and tracking that progress on MyFitnessPal (more on that in a moment) and then limiting my actual “official” weigh-in posts to once a month or so. It’s a saner, more realistic way for me to see my progress.

This morning I felt so light when I woke up.  I knew I would see good things on the scale, but I felt so good that it didn’t even matter – I’m doing everything right, so I know I’m making strides toward my goal.

20110924-072946.jpg Which means I’ve lost 9.2 lbs since I started my own high-protein/low-carb diet on August 29th (3.5 weeks ago) and 19.2 lbs total. I’m especially pleased with my progress since I started this new “get serious” pre-op plan, and I think that now that I’m going full steam ahead with the diet every single day of the week it’s going to be even more steady. (Note: I recorded 291.8 into MyFitnessPal because the scale was fluctuating between 291.6 and 292.0, so I went in the middle.  The weight loss stats I mentioned above reflects the mid-range number).

And when I refer to this plan as a diet, it really is.  It is a short term, get-the-damn-pre-op-weight-off diet that will get me to my goal.  Period.  Which works out well, because once I have the VSG surgery, I’ll be hitting the “reset” button on the way that I eat, the way that I look at food, completely.  I’m actually perfectly happy in following this diet, too.  For me at this stage, keeping it simple and straightforward works wonders for me.  As some of you pointed out, I can be social with my Lean & Green meal or just with a cup of coffee/tea. Or even better by meeting friends and doing something fitness-related like taking a walk or riding bikes or something.  For example, tonight I have plans to go to dinner with a friend, but I told her I’m staying low carb and she actually said that she is, too.  Perfect!  Tomorrow I have other plans with a different friend to go  to another yoga class.  So it can be done – I can stick to my goals and still come out of the house.

Because in the end, I want to get to this pre-op goal way more than I want to eat carbs. And since I don’t do well in the blurred gray areas, it’s much better for me in the short term to just stick to this strict diet, reach my goal of 266, get the surgery scheduled, and maintain that weight loss until surgery.

I hate predicting goal dates, but I’m feeling like I need to “put it out there” in order for me to manifest it. So I’m going to follow what’s been predicted by MyFitnessPal and say that I’d like to get to 266 by the beginning of November, which is 7-8 weeks. Which is a little more than 3 lbs a week. For someone my weight, this is absolutely do-able, especially following the type of diet I am.

A big thank you to all that commented on that choices post. Your feedback and honesty really helped me know what I needed to do.

My next weigh-in post will be at the beginning of October because I want to keep these posts consistent with when I call into Kaiser’s Bariatric dept. with my progress.  Even thought it won’t be too far from today, I’m hoping to show another drop on the scale and be solidly in the 280s by then.  No need to wish me luck because I have my mind set that it WILL happen.


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