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2014 – a new year, a fresh start full of new beginnings. 2014 is going to be MY year to shine. I’m vowing here and now that I will reach my goal weight in 2014. What an amazing accomplishment it will be! To achieve my goals, I’m going to focus on the basics – eating well, drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins and getting in 5 workouts a week. Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend. My resolution throughout the year is to keep focused while enjoying all the “newness” in my life. My Sunday progress updates will be called New Year, New ME Weigh-Ins.

(I won’t be able to weigh in tomorrow morning because I’m staying overnight at my cousin’s house in SF so that we can do the Hot Chocolate 5K EARLY in the morning. The race starts at 7:30am, but we have to be down at Golden Gate Park by 6:15am. Ugh! Still, it’s going to be really fun, and I’m looking forward to it).

Week 33 was back to work for me, and boy, was it a crazy one. Meetings, lesson planning, quiz creating, former student visits (which I love!), chaperoning two basketball games, and of course teaching. I get tired just thinking about it. I’m proud to say that through it all, I got in all of my planned workouts, ate great, and even fit in time to read & comment on blogs, read books, and keep up with some of my favorite tv shows.

So, what did the scale show?!

When I weighed in this morning, I was 196.2, which is a loss of 3 pounds this week, and a loss of 80.8 lbs since surgery! I’ve lost a total of 118.8 pounds from my highest weight!! I have 46 pounds to go to my ultimate goal weight 0f 150 pounds.

This week was as busy as a week can be, yet I kept to my workout schedule, which I’m really proud of. Something has definitely changed for me – I used to force myself to get my workouts in, and now I actually look forward to them. One thing that helps me make sure I stay on track with my workouts is that I continue to take Carina’s advice and plan my two rest days on weekdays. It works perfectly because I can fit workouts in much more easily on the weekends. I’ve been enjoying the combination of going to the gym to do my run/walk intervals on the treadmill and using my hybrid at home to do either elliptical or recumbent bike. Now it’s time for me to really incorporate strength training. I’ve begun researching on sites like Blogilates and Tone It Up (have you seen their goofy show on Bravo?) to figure out a plan that will work for me. I’m giving myself the goal of doing 3 days of strength training a week, beginning this upcoming week.

My food was really outstanding this week, and I think that made a huge impact on this week’s weight loss. I stuck to my protein shakes for breakfast, made gorgeous salads for lunch each day (more on that in a minute), and had rice + protein for dinner most nights. Snacks were Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt and IPS Chips. If you’d like to see my food diary, ask to be my pal on MyFitnessPal.

I wish I’d taken a picture of my salads, because they really were that nice looking, but just try to imagine, if you can. I started all the salads with a bed of 1.5 cups of baby spinach and then I varied the toppings:

  • tuna w/ pickles and light mayo
  • chicken salad w/ hard-boiled egg, 1/8 cup chopped nuts, light mayo
  • 2 oz chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, corn, & light ranch dressing
  • hard-boiled egg, garbanzo beans, beets, and light ranch dressing

Not only were these salads full of protein and low on carbs, but they were also really filling. I’m going to continue the salads this coming week because they worked so well and were so easy for me to put together ahead of time.

For dinner next week, I’m planning on making a batch of my delicious HG 10-Alarm Turkey Crockpot Chili tomorrow because I’ve been craving it. I love that it’s a spicy bowl of comfort food that is really low in calories and high in protein. I won’t eat that every single night, so I’ll vary it with a shrimp stir fry and probably bacon-wrapped scallops.

I’m feeling really great about my progress, and continue to find small moments of pride throughout this journey. They help keep me motivated, focused, and excited to see where I go from here.


Until next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!


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onederlandTalk about a NYE miracle! This morning when I weighed myself, as I do every morning, I saw the number that I’ve been yearning to see for years.  Gosh, I can’t really remember when I was last under 200 pounds – at least 20 years ago.

You guys know I was close on Sunday, but even though I really wanted to see 199 or less by the end of 2013, I wasn’t sure if I was going to.  Then yesterday I just so happened to drink a ton of water (11 glasses!) and this morning Mother Nature paid me a visit, which always helps me drop a decent amount of weight.  When I got on the scale this morning, I had hope in my heart that I would see good news.

So without further ado…

2013-12-31 08.48.33

I really couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  I actually had to get on and off the scale a few times just to be sure.  And of course I had to document it for this blog (and Instagram).

The first thing I did was write a post on MyFitnessPal, and then I texted a bunch of my friends and family.  Then I stood there without any clothes on, crying.  Crying happy tears, but crying.  I was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed. I’d dreamt of this moment for so long, and it was here.  On December 31, 2013.  On New Year’s Eve.  What a way to end this year!

This marks so much more than just a number on a scale for me.  This is a HUGE accomplishment.  To think that I started 2013 at 302.0, and I’m ending it at 199.8 is amazing and incredible.  That’s 102.2 pounds that I’ve lost over the course of one year (115 pounds, total)!  In January, I was wearing tight size 28 pants and now I’m wearing 16s.  I was shopping exclusively in plus size stores, and now I can buy tops in any “normal” store out there.  I was dealing with such terrible plantar fasciitis pain that I couldn’t even take Sofi for a walk around the block, and now I’m running for 5 minutes at a time. What a transformation I’ve had in 2013!

I’m so proud of myself!

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reverb13-blog-button Throughout the month of December, I’ll be participating in #reverb13: Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.  December is the perfect time to reflect on 2013 and start to create intentions for 2014.

Day 10: Inspiration
What inspired you this year?  How do you think this will impact the year to come?

I don’t mean to sound conceited or self-important, but I can honestly say that this year I have inspired myself.

For so many years, weight loss was this elusive dream, this faraway goal that was just beyond my grasp. For every positive step forward, I’d do something that would take me 3 steps back.  This cycle went on for years. Yet through all the struggle and frustration I never gave up.  Perseverance was my mantra.

So this year, when everything finally clicked in my head and I stopped allowing myself to make excuses, I started to achieve what had been unattainable for so long.  My actions brought on positive momentum, and I started to motivate myself.  My new body meant that my outside finally started to match my inside. With each success on the scale, I gained strength.  I’ve always been a strong woman who believed in herself, but now I was unstoppable.

I have been inspired by my weight loss, and my greatest hope is that through this blog, through my photo status updates on FB, through my TBT pics on Instagram I will inspire someone else who is feeling as desperate as I have.

My story makes me proud. My journey fills me with joy.


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bilbl_super This morning it was time for me to start C25K Week 2, Day 1.  Since it has been cold outside (in the 40s, which is FREEZING in the SF Bay Area), I knew I was taking this walk/run to the gym.  I was sort of anxious about two things:

  1. I had skipped Week 1, Day 3 and wasn’t sure if I was ready to move up to today’s longer intervals.
  2. I hadn’t done C25K on the treadmill and wasn’t sure how it would go.

I started off the walk at a good clip – 3.5mph.  In the past, I have never been able to go faster than 3.3mph without really feeling it in my shins/calves, but today I had no problem keeping up this brisk pace.  The entire 5 minutes of the warm up, I was nervous about how the running portion would go.

  • Would I be able to keep up the running for 90 seconds?
  • How fast should I pace myself for the runs?

One thing I wasn’t worried about was how I was going to look while I was running.  I’d recently bought some Old Navy Max Compression capris that fit me really well, and didn’t show much jiggle in my at-home-full-length-mirror-bounce-up-and-down test. Plus, I’d found a treadmill in the back, so the only people behind me were the ones in the Group X room.

I had a great RockMyRun playlist on (today’s was Wogging My World, which is funky and upbeat), and was as ready as I could be to start the running portion.  I bumped my pace up to 4.2mph, which I was able to maintain for the entire 90 seconds.  It wasn’t easy, but it was smooth.  I noticed that a lady on a treadmill in front of me was walking at a 4.0 pace, but I didn’t let that get in my head.  I’m starting out, I’m short, and I wanted to give myself a pace I could maintain the entire time.  Which I did.

I finished the walk/run intervals and felt strong.  I was definitely ready for the running portions to end when the 90 seconds elapsed, but I was able to complete each of them in a really solid way.

Running on the treadmill was so much easier than running outside on the track!  First, my lungs weren’t affected by cold air, as they would’ve been outside. And I really liked the way I could set the pace and know exactly how fast/how far I was going.  I’m planning to push myself a bit more on Day 2 and see how 4.5mph goes.  Based on today’s workout, I think I’ll be just fine at that pace.  I know most runners prefer to be outside, and maybe when I get to be a better runner, and the weather warms up, I’ll feel the same way.  But for now, I am so glad that the treadmill went so well.  (I do plan to do at least one C25K session out on the track, just to keep in practice because my 5Ks will all be outside).

The entire time I was on the treadmill, I felt so proud of myself.  I wasn’t thinking about how I looked on the treadmill.  Or, I should say, I wasn’t thinking anything negative or self-conscious.  In fact, I felt like I fit right in, which is a first.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never really felt too far out of place at the gym, because I’ve always given it my all (insofar as whatever that meant for my fitness level at the time). But today I almost wanted other people to notice me and to see how great I was doing.  THAT is a first!

That smile really says it all (I snapped this at the end of my workout).

That smile really says it all (I snapped this at the end of my workout).

What do you prefer – treadmill or outdoor?  Any advice for this newbie runner?

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These are exactly like the roller skates that I had when I was young.

I remember being in 1st grade and going to the roller rink on a field trip. I didn’t know how to skate, and I hugged the edge the entire time while watching classmates skate around and have fun. I was determined to learn how to skate. I went home and asked my parents for skates, which they got me. My dad taught me how to balance and soon enough I was practicing in our long driveway, falling but never stopping. Then I “graduated” to the sidewalk, and got so good that I could skate backwards. When my class went back to the rink in May, I was out there having a great time. I remember how proud I was of myself. It’s my first memory of feeling that kind of accomplishment, and since then I’ve gone after every single goal with the same determination.

I’ve done lots of great things in my life since then – experienced first love, graduated college with a BA, been engaged, survived devastating heartbreak, received a teaching credential, worked at a startup (now a major Internet company), taught for 13 years, earned Masters degree, travelled a bit, etc. Lots to be proud of. Yet the main goal that has eluded me since my mid-20s is weight loss. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight (no longer being obese or even overweight) is the penultimate challenge that I’m long overdue to put a check mark next to.

After remembering how much fun I used to have roller skating I started thinking about the fact that I should buy myself a pair of skates so that I can start it up again. One of my ultimate “that would be awesome” fantasies is to join a roller derby league. Of course, I’m getting older and I’m not sure I could Whip It like those ladies do, but it’s fun to dream. Plus, I don’t get any broken bones or bloody noses in Dreamland (on the rink things might be different).

Since roller skating symbolizes such pride and accomplishment for me, I decided to buy a little something to remind myself of how that little first grader felt. I went on Etsy and found a cute little roller skate charm bracelet that will be here soon. I’ll wear it as a reminder of my first major fitness accomplishment to encourage myself to continue on with this one.

My 6-year-old self is tickled pink!


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Before I get into today’s blog post, I wanted to let you all know that Sofi is doing wonderfully well, and is back to her adorable self (if you want to see the cutest puppy photo ever, click that link).  And in keeping with dog health, I wanted to say that I hope Scale Junkie‘s Sadie is doing well.  SJ recently found out that Sadie is diabetic, news that will change both of their lives forever.  If you get a chance, please go over to SJ’s blog and wish her and Sadie well.

Sunday night I wrote about my Back-to-School Plan (BtS for short).  I am happy to report that on Monday afternoon I went straight to the gym, even a few excuses had popped up.  Monday afternoon after my first day of school I was tired and had a bit of a headache.  It was also very humid (for the Bay Area) and hot.  And I forgot my earphones at home, thus not enabling me to have music during my workout.  In the past, any one of these excuses would have helped me say, “no gym today.”

But guess what?  My resolve is stronger than that.  My will to make this BtS plan work is more solid.  I told myself to get over being a bit tired, and that I was about to sweat on the elliptical machine anyway, so it didn’t matter if it was sort of hot.  And as far as the headphones, that is a problem, but luckily 24 Hour Fitness has a wide array of headphones to buy.  Better yet, the ones I chose were on sale.

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, a 5 minute cool down, and then 3 sets of 20 crunches.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I burned 809 calories in the hour or so I was there, which is a great payoff.

I left the gym feeling invigorated and had a that certain pep to my step that only comes after working out.   I was so proud of myself for sticking to my workout plan.  Plus I proved to myself that it really is easy to fit workouts into a busy schedule.  I really feel like I was more organized because my mind was clearer after the gym.

Food is going great, too.  I had breakfast, a terrific lunch, a colorful snack filled with tons of veggies, and a great dinner.  I drank lots of water, thanks to the workout and the heat.  AND I have already packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  I love how on top of things I am right now, and I want to keep this up throughout the entire school year.

Do you follow a workout schedule?  What’s it look like?  How about food?  Do you plan out menus, or are you more spontaneous with your meals? 

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Today was the first time in six weeks that I wasn’t too confident getting on the scale.  I’ve been faithful in following Medifast, but I’ve been up all week in my peeks at the scale.  So as much as I wanted to hit the 20 lb milestone today, I was just hoping for any loss.

20110323-062730.jpg Which means I lost 0.4 lbs this week, for a total loss of 19.6 pounds in 6 weeks. Ugh.  That 20-pound milestone is illusive!  But, I’m still really proud of my progress.  Especially considering how much I’ve struggled with weight loss in the past 2 years.  I’m encouraged that this time it’s been fairly straightforward and predictable.

Now, what is my plan so that I don’t fall into a long plateau as I have so many times before?  I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, with some slight modifications.

The traditional Medifast 5 and1 plan is just that – eat 5 Medifast meal replacements and then have 1 Lean & Green meal, consisting of 6-7 oz of lean protein and 2 cups of veggies, with a bit of healthy oil.  All of which I do.  Except that I have been eating 3-4 oz of protein with my meal and then having Greek yogurt and string cheese during the day as snacks. Other times I’ll have a hard-boiled egg.  Sometimes I’ll have nuts, which is an acceptable Medifast snack, but which I may have done too often in this past week.  Because even though nuts are good for you, they are still fattening and salty. Snacks in themselves aren’t bad, but I need to make sure that I’m not going overboard with them.

The other thing I can look at is the richness of the Lean & Green meals I’ve been making. I always try to make sure that the dinners are under 350 calories, but the stews I’ve been eating have been somewhat higher in sodium, so I may be retaining some water that way.

And I can definitely drink more water.  I’ve been good about getting in 64 oz or so, but it wouldn’t hurt to get in an extra few glasses each day.

Even though this week’s progress was limited to say the least, I still feel very good about all that I’ve accomplished in these last 6 weeks, and I know that with a slight modification I’ll be right back to it.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy  Tuesday, everyone!! It’s a thrill to know that I’ve almost (like 0.6 lbs away) earned this new badge.  🙂  My official weigh-in day is tomorrow, so check back then to see exactly how much I’ve lost in 6 weeks.

As I mentioned on Sunday, it’s now officially the spring season, yet the weather forecast for my area is rain, rain, and more rain all week.  And not just a little drizzle, but huge downpours.  It  can be depressing, especially when we’re all ready for the sunny, warmer weather.

But just as “all clouds have a silver lining,” all rainy days eventually lead to sun, and that was true yesterday when I look Lulu on a walk during a break in the weather.  It was actually a really long break, and the sun shone brightly.  It was so nice to feel the warmth after a cold, rainy day that I took a few photos.  Walking along and noticing all the beauty around me made me feel so lucky to be in that moment.  I wasn’t worried about what the weather would be like later, I just wanted to enjoy the sunshine and the walk.

A sure sign of spring if I've ever seen one.

Cala Lillies are one of my favorite flowers, and they're so prolific this time of year.

And sometimes all you need in order to lift your spirits is to simply look up.

Living in the moment and enjoying the here and now has never come easily to me.  I’m a planner, as you may have guessed.  I like having a goal to strive towards, and I’m always looking at how I can improve my life/myself.  The risk in looking too far ahead is that I miss all the joy that I have NOW.  So this has been something I have been working on for a couple of years now.  And I have written before about how much better I’ve become at enjoying today once Lulu came into my life.  Dogs just force you to enjoy the moment, because that’s how they live.  And it’s been great.

Lately I’ve been trying to apply this “live in the moment” philosophy to my weight loss journey.  Of course I have an overall goal – losing over 150 pounds.  And I also have a short term goal – losing the 45 pounds necessary to qualify for surgery (less than 25 lbs to go!).  In between those two, I have all the weight loss milestones that will come my way.

But today, right now, I want to appreciate all that I’ve done up to this point.

  • I’ve lost over 20 lbs in 6 weeks.
  • I’m feeling lighter in my own  skin.
  • I’m on Day 22 of my #30daychip challenge.
  • My clothes are fitting looser.
  • I can notice my face getting thinner.

And because of all of this, I’m taking more time to put outfits together.  I’m having fun exploring my closet and pulling out garments that have been too tight for too long.  It’s fun to figure out each day’s “look” now that I have a little less of me to work with.  😉

Today’s Outfit:

Sorry for the bad lighting, it was early in the morning when I took this.

A closer shot, to show the colors.

This pride in TODAY isn’t going unnoticed by others; many people are commenting on my outfits, happiness, and my overall attitude.  I’m usually positive, but they’re picking up on what I’m feeling – pride in this moment.  Pride that I am accomplishing what I set out to do.  Pride that I can stick to a goal and not become distracted by temptations.

I’m trying not to concern myself with how long it will take to lose the remaining weight.  Or how soon I’ll be able to get the Lap Band surgery.  I’m focusing my efforts on today, Day 22.  And before I know it, I’ll have accomplished each and every goal I intended.  I know this just as assuredly as I know my own name.

I have a clarity that I haven’t felt for so long, and that’s amazing!

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