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After some prompting from Carina, and agreement from a few other commentators, I’ve decided it’s time to show some progress photos.  I’m happy to celebrate my success, but the problem is, I have very few shots of myself showing my entire body from my life “before.”  But I did find a few.

So here’s what 70 pounds lost looks like!

I chose this first photo because I just so happened to be wearing the same shirt today.

i'm so street

The before was taken June 5, 2010 right before my sister and I competed in the See Jane Run 5K. In the “during” photo that I snapped today, I tried to pose the same way I was in the first photo.  I weighed about 285 in the before, so today I’m down about 40 pounds in the pic at right.

In this next set, the Before was taken on December 30, 2012 right after my sister and I had attended Sunday morning yoga at Lululemon. I weighed 305, so in the “during,” which I took today, I’m down 60 lbs.


I wish the lighting was better in the “during,” because I’m not sure if you can tell that the shirt doesn’t hug my stomach anymore. And the pants were skin tight before, and now they’re loose.  (Yes I “cropped” them; I’m handy with some scissors).


So, these should give you some idea of how much different I look now. I can see it in my face and neck, but also in my stomach, arms, and thighs.  I’m so glad Carina suggested these photos – writing this post brightened my day!

(I’m going to ask my sister to take some pictures of me this weekend so I can include them.  We took a series of progress shots in her back yard in late January, and I want to put the same outfit on and have her take new ones in the same place).


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