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Even though Sofi has her own blog, where I write all about our experiences together, I thought that since today she’s moving into a whole new stage of her life, I’d highlight a few things on this blog.  Just in case you needed a cute puppy fix for today.  🙂

Today Sofi is 4 months old, which is exciting for so many reasons. Now she can go on walks, visit the dog park, get groomed, and do pretty much anything we decide we’d like to.  It’s opened up a whole new world for her, which is great for me, too.  Now we an really have fun and we’re not limited to only staying around the house or the backyard.  I can bring her out and about, and I think she’s going to enjoy being a social puppy.

Yesterday Sofi also took her first car ride, which she loved.  Then when we got home and I thought she was just going to chill out for a while, she decided it was frolickin’ Friday.  If you do nothing else, please watch that video – I guarantee it will make you giggle.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend – I have some fun plans of my own that I’ll catch you up on in a post tomorrow.  Let’s just say that I plan to make the most of each day of the weekend!!!  I hope you do, too.

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Not  following the plan seems to be the theme of this weekend.  In some cases it worked out great, but in others, not so much.


I started off the weekend well.  I made it to my training appointment as planned, and had a good workout with Robbie.  I used kettlebells for the first time, and I really liked them.  They definitely take cardio endurance as well as strength!  I have decided that I really, really like Friday afternoon workouts, because it puts me in such a positive mood for the rest of the weekend.  It’s the ideal way to put and end to the workweek (and let go of any stress) and begin the weekend.

Friday night I didn’t have anything planned, and I was looking forward to a quiet night at home with Lulu, doing laundry,  and catching up with my DVR. It’s all a blur to me, really.  I know I did a tiny bit of laundry, and I had “snacks” instead of a true dinner, but that’s all.  I think I was so tired from the week and the workout that I just fell asleep on the couch.


I got sooooo much done on Saturday.  I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom: swept and mopped all the floors, cleaned the kitchen, dusted, vacuumed my bedroom, changed the sheets, cleaned both bathrooms, did 3 loads of laundry (and put it away!  That’s always the part I struggle with).  I felt so good about all that I’d done, and it really didn’t take me too long.  It was the first morning/afternoon that I’ve spent really deep cleaning the new house, and it needed it.  I’ve dusted or swept or done laundry here and there, but this was the first major cleaning, which is probably on target, since I’ve been there a little over a month now.

Saturday afternoon/evening I had plans to go to Howling Halloween with my sister, my nieces, Minnie (their dog), and Lulu.  We had it all planned, costumes purchased (for the pups), and were really looking forward to it.  My sister lives 45 minutes away, so making the trek down to where I live is always a bit of an ordeal for her.  Because it doesn’t happen all the time, I really value the times that we are able to spend together.  The problem was, I somehow read the times wrong on the event, so we got there an hour and a half early.  And it was raining.  And my nieces weren’t in the mood to look around at all the cool shops.  And we all got cranky.  So, we ended up leaving before the trick or treating (or the parade) ever began. 😦  Still, we did get some cute pictures :

Yes, I am THAT puppy owner.  I bought the matching t-shirt so that we were both Ladybugs.  😛  I love how our eyes look creepy in this shot.

Lulu is less than thrilled with taking this photo.  Maybe because she knows she needs to get groomed?

Lulu, the ladybug and Minnie, the French maid.  These two puppy cousins had the best time playing, wrestling, and hanging out with each other.

After the miscue with the Halloween celebration, it was time to eat.  My sis and I wanted Indian food, but we knew the girls wouldn’t, so we got them a rare treat – corndogs!  Everyone was happy once they ate.  Isn’t it interesting how being hungry puts us in a bad mood, but eating together solves lots of problems.  Hmm….

It was nice to see my sister and nieces, although their behavior wasn’t great, and it was one of the first times that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them.  We all have off days, though. I got a peek into what my sister has to deal with on a daily basis, and it can’t be easy for her.  She’s amazing.

After they left I saw that the SF Giants game was still on, and I was incredibly thrilled to watch the 9th inning.  The Giants won the Pennant and are going to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!


I had plans to get up, read the paper, go to belly dancing class, and then spend the day doing whatever tickled my fancy.  But remember the title of this blog.

I soon realized that I had left my wallet in my sister’s car the night before.  And she lives 45 minutes away.  Argh!  So, instead of a leisurely morning, I spent mine driving back and forth to get my wallet.  And I missed belly dancing.

As I was driving home, I had the craving/idea that I wanted In & Out Burger.  I have no idea why I wanted it; I think maybe I had seen the sign along the freeway on my way to my sister’s house.  I haven’t had In & Out in years, so it was weird for me to crave it.  I was *this close* to stopping for it, but Walmart saved me.

Walmart?  Saved me?  Yes.  You see, instead of eating the burger, I stopped at Walmart to see what I could buy that might satisfy the craving without too many calories.  I never shop at Walmart for a variety of reasons (they’re non-union, have differing political views than I do, and they aren’t conveniently located to my house), but since Walmart was in the same huge shopping center that In & Out was in, I figured I’d go there instead.  I picked up some items that didn’t have a ton of nutrition (chicken hotdogs, white bread), but that were healthier alternatives to the burger.  Plus, my wallet is pretty empty until I get paid on Friday, so Walmart’s prices were really attractive.  (I hate, hate, hate it that junky food is so much cheaper than good food!).

Once I got home I decided to make the most of the day, so I took Lulu for a longish walk, did a ton of laundry, made a good dinner, and organized my lunch for today and tomorrow.  I also figured out my dinners for the rest of the week.  I have to eat out of the cupboards/fridge/freezer, which should be no problem, because I always have so much.

Wrap it Up

So, although the weekend didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, I did get a lot done.  I made good choices (for the most part), spent some quality time with family, cleaned and organized the house, and got ready for the week ahead.  Really, I can’t ask more from a weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

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If you’ve been reading the blog for the past month or so or following any of my tweets lately, you know that I’m about to get a new puppy.  I’ve named her Lulu, and she’s a yorkie-bichon mix (yorchon).  I’ve only seen her in photos and a quick, 5-second video, but I already love her.  Isn’t it funny how that can happen? Well the day that I’ve been waiting for is finally here, and I can hardly believe it.

I’m nervous – I hope she likes it here and is able to adapt to this city environment, compared to the sprawling backyard of her puppyhood.  Up to this point, she’s had a huge yard to play in with lots of brothers and sisters.  Here she’ll have a small yard with a tiny bit of grass, but since it’s in the front on a busy, busy street, she’ll have to be on leash.  In the back she’ll have a bit more room to run around, but it’s mostly concrete.  The nice thing is that there are tons of local parks I can take her to, once she’s cleared to go.  I’m hoping she’ll adapt quickly and learn to love it here.

I am definitely a dominant person, but I’m hoping that little Lulu doesn’t wrap me around her finger (so to speak).  I know I need to establish myself as the alpha in the house, and while anyone who knows me knows that that is never a problem for me in my human relationships, I’m hoping it’ll work with this puppy.  I’ve read lots of articles, watched the Cesar Milan videos, gotten tons of advice and tips, so I think I’m ready.  Plus, I’m going to sign us up for puppy classes in July, which should help a lot.  Just breathe, Bella, just breathe.

In preparing for her arrival, I went overboard in that new puppy mom way.  You guys know how I am – go big or go home.  She has TONS of toys waiting for her, although I will only introduce a few at a time.  Since I have a lot of nervous energy right now (can’t wait until 12:35, when her flight is landing), I figured I’d show you some of the goodies I got for this soon-to-be-very-spoiled pooch.

First and foremost, she just turned 4 months old and will be at the stage when chewing everything in sight seems natural to her.  I wanted to make sure to get her plenty of chew toys, so I got a Puppy Kong (which I just filled with peanut butter this morning), as well as some treats that can fit inside the Kong.

Speaking of Kongs, I found this little tug-o-war toy and thought it would be great because my friend Alice has a yorkie and he loves to play tug-o-war.  I guess all dogs do, actually.

I also got her this cool star chew toy that’s meant to be for puppies.  It’s fairly hard plastic, so this should keep her occupied for quite some time.

Since she’s also going to be teething, I was thrilled when I found this ChillyBone.  You run it under the tap water, freeze it, and then it becomes a soothing chew toy for the puppy.  Genius!

Next up are a bunch of plush squeeky toys that will most likely drive me crazy, but should provide Lulu with a lot of entertainment, especially for when I’m not playing with her.

I mean, really, how could I resist this little Tiffany-esque box that stays “Sniffany & Co” on it?  We’ve got to get Miss Lulu trained early on the finer things in life.  (Although it should be pointed out that Lulu’s mommy doesn’t have anything that came in this little blue box (yet!).

It’s summer, so why not throw a little beachy vibe into the toys, right?  My sister got her new dog the hula dog toy on the right, and when I saw it, I knew I had to get it for Lulu too.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing.  The plush flip-flop was purchased in the hopes that she’ll chew on that toy, rather than use one of my real shoes for a teething ring.

This little pink elephant was an impulse purchase because it was so cute and soft. And squeeky.

Next we have the treats.  Her breeders have started crate training her, and they always give her a little treat when she gets in easily.  All of the treats I have for her are good for her teeth and contain no corn or other fillers, so they’re healthy, too.

The owner of the local pet food store that I went to to get her food gave me the rainbow colored treats free for being a “new mom,” and I thought they looked great mixed in with the other treats I bought.

My mom found these somewhere, and I mean, c’mon, are they perfect, or what?

Speaking of food, everyone needs a fine dining experience, and when I saw these bowls, I knew I had to have them.  The cute thing is, the cream and black match the tile in my kitchen.

I also got her a different placemat that says “woof!” all along the edges, but I’ll save that for another post.

You guys know how much I love driving in my convertible, so I wanted to make sure that Lulu could be my co-pilot.  (Although I’m not sure if I’ll actually drive with the top down with her in the car.  Again my friend Alice had one of these, and I thought it was awesome, so I got one too.

It’s hard to see from the photo, but it’s a puppy car seat.  It attaches to the seat in your car, but allows the pup to sit at window-height.  It also holds them in place (I bought a red harness just for this), so the dog is much more secure.  I think it’s so much safer than having her flying all around the car. Once I put it in the car, I’ll definitely take a photo with her in it.

Lest you think this girlie dog is going to be donning pink, I decided that with her coloring, red would be the way to go.  I bought her red bows, a red heart dog tag (which should be ready later today), and a red and white polka dot collar and leash:

Last but not least, I know that it’s going to be a major adjustment for Lulu in terms of the first few nights.  She’s used to sleeping with a few other dogs, and I’m sure she relies on their body heat to comfort her. When I saw this cuddle pal, I knew I had to get it for her.  The nice thing is that it’s filled with buckwheat and can be microwaved, so it’ll be a warm snuggly buddy for her to cuddle up to at bedtime.

That’s about it folks.  She’s coming in a mauve crate, so that’s where she’ll be sleeping right now.  Eventually I’ll get her a doggie bed, but until she’s totally crate trained, I think it’s better to keep her in the crate at night, like she’s used to.

I’ve been getting flight updates, and it looks like it’s going to arrive a bit later – at 12:45.  I really cannot wait for Lulu to arrive!  You know that I’ll be posting tons of photos of her, although I know she’s going to be in need of a major day of beauty (already have the grooming appt. booked), so we’ll definitely be showing some before and after photos.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Lots of fun stuff to discuss today.

I had a  great weekend!
My mom, sister, and I went up to San Francisco to go on our long-awaited birthday celebration for my mom.  (Her birthday was in February, but with the lousy weather this winter and then our busy schedules, this was the first weekend we could do it).  It was a perfect day!  We took BART to avoid the traffic and parking nightmare, and it was a really relaxing way to get up there.  Plus, my sister met us along the route, so we spent half the trip up there catching up and laughing.  A great way to start the day.  The weather in SF was absolutely gorgeous, which was amazing.  We’ve been having unseasonably cold and rainy weather here, and SF is usually even cooler, but on Saturday it was in the high 70s in the City, so it was a stellar day.  We went to the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market and shops and had so much fun.  I’d been to the shops at the Ferry Building before, but never to the farmers’ market, and my sister and mom had never been to either before, so it was a really fun experience.  It was packed, which is to be expected considering that it was Memorial Day Weekend, as well as a beautiful day in SF.  The farmers’ market was HUGE, but also really expensive.  I’m glad we went just to see the offerings, but we really didn’t buy that much.  I picked up a nice syrah from the French Mediterranean and some Rancho Gordo heirloom beans.  LC commented that I bought the beans more for the packaging than for anything else, and she is 100% right on that.  I mean, how could I not:

You guys know me, I love anything with that 50s retro feel, and these beans were absolutely beautiful (as much as beans can be 🙂  They’re a pretty brownish-purple and while color.  The vendor was trying to explain how to cook them, but I finally came clean and told him that I really just wanted to display them in my kitchen, and he laughed at me.  Other than that, though, the prices were too expensive.  For example, the cherries were selling for $7/lb, which is outrageous.  I went to my local grocery store and got some delicious cherries from central CA for $3.99/lb.  Farmers’ markets are great, but you do have to be careful about the prices sometimes.  Next time, I’d skip the farmers’ market and just hit the shops, which are a lot of fun to browse.  Plus, I have some really great, much more reasonable, farmers’ markets right in my own neighborhood, so why make the drive?

Sunday I caught up on housework, finished reading My Fair Lazy (which I highly recommend), did a Wii workout, and just lazed around a bit.  I was hoping to make it to the pool, but never got around to it.  Next weekend, for sure.

Today I woke up late, read the newspaper, did a bit of laundry and other household chores, got in another Wii workout,  and then went to my parents’ house for a bbq.  I’m so thankful that I have such a great family that I get along with so well, because they really make me feel so special.

All in all, it was a fantastic 3-day weekend.

Short Week

Because of the Memorial Day weekend, this work-week is going to be really short, which is wonderful.  These past two weeks at work have been really hectic and stressful, so I’m looking forward to having a somewhat lighter week ahead.  I have a few fun nights planned which also helps make the week more bearable: I’m taking my yearbook class out to dinner to celebrate a wonderful publication, I’m meeting a friend for a much-needed coffee catch-up, and then I’m going to see Sex & the City 2 with some girlfriends from work.  I also plan to continue on with the Scale Warfare’s EA Sports Active More Workouts Challenge, as well get back into some of my other workout DVDs.

I’m still avoiding the gym for my workouts for some reason.  I don’t really know why.  I like the gym, but if I have a choice, I much prefer taking my workout outside (walking, biking, or swimming) or doing the Wii or DVDs.  Once summer hits I want to make it a point to get to the gym more often, because I’ll be able to go during off hours when it will be less crowded.  Plus, I do need to use those personal training sessions that I bought.  I have enough to take me throughout the summer, so I might as well put them to good use.

2 More Weeks!

The countdown to summer vacation has officially begun.  That’s one of the great things about teaching – I get to have a long summer vacation, just like students do.  Although I’m not going on any big vacations, I still cannot wait for summer to get here.  I have lots of fun plans, including:

  • Lulu!  My new puppy is set to arrive around June 18 and I am so excited for her to get here.  I’ve got all the goodies I’ll need for her (water and food bowls, food, treats, blanket for her crate, toys, etc).  I also found a vet that is literally 3 blocks from my house, as well as a great groomer that’s only 2 blocks away.  Now all I need is her!
  • Going along with Lulu, I am going to enroll us in puppy training classes as soon as she arrives.  Well, I’ll give us a week to get to know each other first, but then it’s going to be twice a week training for both of us.  I think it will be a great way for us to bond, a good way for me to establish myself as the alpha of the house, and (I hope) a nice way to meet new people.
  • Working out:  I cannot wait to get into Bella Bootcamp mode again.  Last summer I was able to spend hours working out in various ways, and I really liked it.  Swimming, biking, working out at the gym – I enjoyed moving my body and seeing my progression as I did.  Now I get to add two daily walks with Lulu into the mix, which is even better.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies.  I love produce, and I really can’t wait to hit the farmers’ markets in my area on a weekly basis.  It’s going to be fun to keep my meal planning fluid so I can cook things that I find at the markets.  Improvisational cooking will be a fun experiment.
  • Reading – the one item I’m asking for for my birthday (July 2) is a Kindle, and I cannot wait to get it and start reading books this way.  I’m sure you’d expect an English teacher to like the old-school paper books, which I do, but I’ve also realized in recent years that I have a limited amount of bookshelf space left.  I’ll still buy the books  that I really want to cherish, but for fun reads and books that I’m not so sure of, I’ll be able to download them much more inexpensively and bring them with me wherever I go.
  • Netflix marathons – I love getting DVDs of tv shows from Netflix because it’s great being able to watch consecutive episodes without having to wait a week in between shows.  I know I’m going to watch West Wing (I somehow missed it when it was on), but I’d love to hear some suggestions of other shows you think are must-see.

There’s so much more I could write about what I plan to do this summer, but instead of dreaming about what I might do, I think I’m going to wait and see what I actually do and then write about that.

This week’s weight loss goals

I’ve been doing really well on my water and on the EA Sports Active Challenge, but what I’ve been slacking on is journaling my food.  I think that with the blood pressure scare I just needed to give myself a week or so off of it.  Not that I’ve been eating out of control, because I haven’t, but I haven’t been thinking as much about what I am going to eat.  I still plan my meals and eat a well-balanced diet, but I haven’t been counting points for a week or so.  I will get back to the journaling this week, for sure.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to go in for weekly blood pressure checks until my doctor returns from vacation.  I just want to make sure to record my blood pressure, to make sure that it’s not high.  I’m still getting those terrible headaches on an almost daily basis, and if they’re not caused by bp, I want to find out what the source is.

Another goal for this week is to catch up on my blog reading.  I’ve been really bad about it for the last couple of weeks because I haven’t had much spare time, but I’m going to try to make at least an hour a day so that I can offer as much support to all of you as you have been giving to me.  Plus, I always feel so much better after reading through your blogs.

Wow, this post ended up being a lot longer and I expected, but I hope it was worth reading.  Thanks for hanging in there through all 1600+ words, and I hope you have a great week.

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Today really could not have been any better!  Ok, well, I could’ve done without waking up at 3am,tossing and turning for an hour, and then finally rousing myself out of bed at 4am.  But still, what a day!

I read the paper and had some coffee, catching up on the news, and of course, the comics. Nice way to ease into the day.

I did some tidying up around the house, and then got ready to go to bikram yoga.  By the time I was done with the 90 minute session, I had a sweatyface, for sure.  I was really proud of myself for going even though Nicey had to cancel on me.  The class was really tough today.  I know it’s called “hot yoga,” but it felt especially warm in the studio.  I’m happy to say I made it though, and I’ll give more details about the class on Friday, in my fitness update.

When I got home I relaxed for a bit and dove into the pages of  My Fair Lazy, the newest book from the glorious Ms. Jen Lancaster.  I’ve had the book for quite some time, but I was “saving” it because I usually go through her books really quickly.  While I like to think that I’m a fairly cultured person, I do completely relate to Jen Lancaster’s reality tv obsession, because I love me some Real Housewives of New Jersey.

My parents were coming over to help me hang some additional artwork that I recently bought to complete my living room.  I absolute love the way it turned out:

Two new artwork pieces

I love the saying on this one from Margaret Shepherd: “Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”

This one is so gorgeous, especially in person.  It has a Chinese Proverb that says, “If you keep a green bough in your heart, then the singing bird will come.”  To me, it means that you will find true happiness as long as you have hope.

You can’t tell from the photos, but both pictures have a little bit of sparkle to them, and they are really vivid.  I love the colors.

I also added some silk flowers to my vases, since the protea I got at the farmers market a few weeks ago were finally spent:

I love these colors, and they tie in all the other colors in the room.

As my parents were leaving, I gave them my leftover chicken curry, and later they called to tell me how much the loved it.  What a compliment.  My mom even asked me to give her the recipe so that she can make it again.  I’m telling you, you should try it, because it was a HIT!

For dinner, I made a good beef stirfry, which was really filling and just looked beautiful (if I do say so myself):

I always feel so good when I have a fridge full of food, have a ton of leftovers, and know that I won’t be scrambling for healthy dinners all week.

But the most exciting thing happened in bits and pieces throughout the day.  Get a glass of water or a cup of coffee, cuz this is going to take a while to explain.

As you know, I’ve been thinking seriously about getting a dog this summer.  I’ve wanted one for quite a few years, and I really feel like I’m finally ready to take on all that having a puppy entails.  I’ve been looking online for lots of different dogs, and when I went to a colleague’s house and she had this adorable yorkie, I asked her where she got him.  She said that she had found him from a breeder in another state, and got him sent to her.  Which made me very intrigued with that idea.

Then today LC posted on Facebook saying that she was at my niece’s Tae Kwon Do practice and a woman there had a little dog that she needed to give to someone.  Long story short, LC is getting this great dog (and all the accompanying accessories like a bed, food bowl, leash, etc) for free next week.  Which just made me want to get a puppy all the more.  I know that sounds like I just want one because my sister is getting one, but that’s not the case.  It just spurred me on to fulfill this dream of mine.  So I went back online and found a reputable breeder in Missouri who had a few adorable puppies available.

One in particular caught my eye, and the price was really good.  $375, including shipping her to my local airport (from MO to CA) on American Airlines.  They are including all of the vet paperwork, including shot history, the crate, a health certificate, a health guarantee, and even some puppy food and a care package.  I emailed the woman and found out that she’s a middle school math teacher – a great sign.  I asked if I could wait until after school gets out (June 11) before I get the puppy, and the breeder said that would be fine, as long as I sent a deposit (via Paypal).  So the timing is perfect.

Here’s the thing.  My mom is really opposed to me getting a dog.  She said she thinks it’s a huge mistake, and thinks that the fact that the dog would be alone while I’m at work (usually from 7am until 3 or 3:30 pm) is a terrible life for a young dog. My dad said that he thinks it would be fine, as long as I verify that this woman is on the up and up, which I have. I looked her up online, researched their website, etc.  I really feel in my heart like this is the right thing to do.  The one hesitation I have is that I usually listen closely to my mom’s advice.  The fact that she thinks it’s a bad idea is throwing me.  You’re probably thinking, “Bella, you’re in your late 30s, why are you so concerned with what your parents think?”  Well the answer is twofold – one: in my family, you’re always “the child” as long as your parents are alive; and two: I really value my parents’ opinion, because I know they have more life experience than I do and have my best interests at heart.

But I really have thought this through.  My lifestyle is such that I’m home most nights of the week.  I have friends and social engagements, of course, but most of the time I stay close to home.  I don’t have to travel for business, and I am not a world traveler (yet!).  I know I’ll have to walk the dog to go potty in the morning, which means getting up earlier than I do now.  While I’m at school, I’m planning on closing the door to my kitchen, pantry, and dining area, so the dog would only be in the part of the house that has linoleum.  When I get home from school I will definitely take the dog on a long walk, and then later in the night we can go on potty breaks in either the front yard (on a leash – I live on a really busy street) or in the backyard with the gate closed. (I really don’t have a backyard to speak of.  It’s mostly concrete, where we park our cars, but there are some patches of dirt/tanbark where the dog could go to the bathroom (and I could clean up). On the days when I have to be at work later (which are rare) or if I’m going out after work, I can have her go to the doggie daycare that is literally down the street from my house.  (They have a webcam and everything).  There’s another really highly acclaimed day care that isn’t too far from my house which is also an option, and I’m planning on going to puppy classes there this summer. The point is, I feel like I have a handle on what it will take to make the commitment to the dog.

The nice thing about having the summer off is that I’ll have two solid months to bond with the dog, take puppy socialization classes, get into a routine, and make sure we both understand the new “house rules.”  I figure I can slowly wean her off of being around me all day long as the summer comes to a close, so that she’s used to being by herself for 6 hours or so.

The dog is a bichon-yorkie mix.  I’m thinking her name might be Lulu, but I’m still considering.  (Her current name is Bridgett, which I hate). Or I may go with a literary character’s name, like Zelda.  Or something Italian.  But I have time to figure that out. So without futher ado, here she is:

This is the photo from the online ad. How adorable is she?

These are the photos that the breeder sent me, which were taken tonight:

She looks a tiny bit scruffy, like she needs a little haircut (believe me, this dog is going to be spoiled and no doubt she’ll be a regular at the groomers),but she is still such a doll, isn’t she?

My question is, what do you guys think?  My heart and head are telling me to do it, because this dog seems like the perfect fit, but the fact that I don’t have my mom on board is making me think twice.  Any thoughts? What questions should I ask the breeder when I call her tomorrow?

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