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Fashion Files is a recurring, occasional segment on the blog where I write about a new fashion find, add items to my wishlist, or dream about the styles I’ll be able to wear at goal.  I’ve always tried to look my best, no matter my size, and fashion has a huge role in that.  Clothes create first impressions.  Clothes reflect my personality, and affect my confidence. Now that I’m losing weight, the fashion is getting more fun, so join me in my fashion files.

Today’s Fashion File is all about outerwear, which may seems strange since it’s July and I won’t be needing a coat for a couple of months.  Still, I know that this is the time of year when you can find the best deals, so when I got the brainstorm last night to hit up a few websites and see what kind of deals were out there, I went with it.

After perusing a few different sites, I ended up on QVC.  I love Isaac Mizrahi’s style, and so I immediately went to his collection. I found two great styles on clearance and easy pay (where you can spread the payments over several months), so buying these two coats was painless for my pocketbook.

The first coat will be my go-to for cold weather.  I adore the style, and plan to pop the collar.  I ordered it in a charcoal grey, which comes with a silver zipper and dark buttons.  I’m showing it to you in the red, because I think it shows the style easier:

wooltrench  The coat is a wool blend, but doesn’t have that traditional scratchy feel of wool, as they were quick to point out in the  video presenting the coat.  I love that it has the belt so that I can accentuate my waist. They also showed it unzipped, which is how Isaac said he’d style it most of the time and save the zipper for the coldest weather.  I think the charcoal grey color I ordered will go with EVERYthing.  I love the style because it goes as well with a dress as it does with jeans, and is just so sophisticated.  The clearance price was $49.86, plus $10.22 shipping.  QVC kills me with how much they charge for shipping, but a great coat like this for $60.08 is still a steal.

In the SF Bay Area, we do get “cold” winters, but more often than that, we’re dealing with rainy days.  I haven’t had a light, easy raincoat, so that was definitely on my shopping list last night, as well.  When I found this coat, I knew it was going to be mine, too.

darkoliveraincoatI love this raincoat because it’s light, making it perfect for rainy days. The anorak style is great, too, because I can synch in the waist.  I think this dark olive color works well throughout the year, and is very versatile.  This rain jacket isn’t as stylish as the other coat, but for is a lot more flattering than many I’ve seen. The price on this coat was what ultimately made me decide to get it – $35.78, plus $7.22, making it $43.  What a great deal.

The other difficult part was deciding what size to order, especially knowing that I’m going down in sizes as the days tick by.  But I figured that both coats have belts that will help accentuate my curves, and at these prices, if they only last half the season, I’ve still gotten great use out of them.  I ordered an 18 in the first coat and an XL in the raincoat, basing both choices on the reviews and the way people commented about their fit.  People who’d purchased the coats said they were both roomy, and since it will be about 2 months before I wear either, I think I’ve made the right choice.  Plus, outerwear should be worn larger than the tops/sweaters I’ll be wearing under it.

Do you need to go outerwear shopping?  What kind of styles are your favorites for keeping warm in cold weather?

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Wow, what a difference a year makes.  Last summer I was getting up the nerve to go into a public pool in a swimsuit and tonight I just bought two. I already have 2 swimsuits that I love, but because my plan is to go to the pool as often as I can this summer, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have another one.

To be honest, I didn’t intend to buy any suits tonight.  I was trying to find something to watch on t.v., and of course I landed on QVC.  (It’s so funny how often that happens, just ask my wallet).  They were doing an It Figures show, which has great swimsuits  that are made by real women.  Plus, they had models of all shapes and sizes modeling the suits, which really gave an accurate idea of how they would fit.  I’ve never bought this brand before, but the reviews were phenomenal, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  As I browsed through the inventory, I saw a great swimdress on clearance for $41 with only my size left (how lucky is that?):

I think it’s cute, and since I don’t have anything in these colors, I thought it would be a nice addition.

Then I was surfing around, which always gets me into trouble when it comes to online shopping, and I came across this swimsuit on another site, which had amazing prices on their suits.  Seriously, if you need a new suit, I’d check them out.  I have no idea what the quality is going to be like, but at those prices, if I get one season out of it, I’ll be happy.  I got this one for $38:

I love the hot pink and black together, and I think the style is going to be very flattering.

So you know what this means, don’t you?  I really need to start going to the aqua aerobics classes at the gym, otherwise I’m going to feel guilty that I own 4 swimsuits.  My new suits won’t arrive until next week or so, but I do still have the two other suits, and I really should start putting them to good use. One of the 24 Hour Fitness locations that I go to offers aqua classes all the time, and 3 evening classes that I have no excuse not to go to – 6:30 on Mon., Tues., and Wed.  This week I’m going to commit to going on Monday and Tuesday, and if I feel really into it, I’ll go on Wednesday too.

Tune in Tuesday to check up on me and see whether or not I made it to Monday night’s class.  Be sure to give me sh!t if I don’t go. 😛

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I’m not sure if you guys know this or not, but I became a bit of a QVC-aholic over the holidays.  I bought lots of my presents from QVC on Black Friday, and the nice thing was,  didn’t even have to leave my house and fight the crowds at the mall.  QVC can be dangerous, though – they make everything look so appealing.  So you have to know that you like the product before you buy it so that you don’t get suckered in.

Ok, so now I’m sure I’ve made myself sound like some sort of 80-year-old shut-in (not that there’s anything wrong with shut-ins or 80-year-olds, mind you).  I swear I’m not.  The whole thing with QVC started by accident.  I was flipping through menu on my t.v. when I saw “Philosophy Gifts.”  I love philosophy products, and use the Purity and Hope in a Jar every day.  I wondered what this show was, tuned to it, and then realized QVC was featuring Philosophy.  They also have Bare Escentuals, which I also use and love, and well… that’s how an obsession starts.  To be honest, I really only ordered some Christmas gifts and a few items for me (Amazing Grace shampoo, conditioner, perfume, body wash, and lotion, and a supersized Purity).  Hmmm, now that I see it listed out like that, that’s quite a bit, isn’t it?  Well, they’re all products that I use all the time.  The prices were so good that I just couldn’t pass it up.  And that’s how they suck you in.

Anyway… getting back to the point of this post (I do have a point, I promise), I was once again flipping through the channels the other night and saw “Biggest Loser Living” on at 7:30.  I wondered what it was (see, curiosity again), and tuned in.

It was QVC again, featuring Biggest Loser season 5 winner, Ali Vincent.

blog-biggest-loser-aliNow you know I just had to find out what this was all about.

It turns out QVC was selling all sorts of Bigges Loser products.  Everything from food scales, to juicers, to workout DVDs.  I ended up getting a Biggest Loser Boot Camp/Yoga DVD set.

For $35.40, it comes with the Boot Camp DVD, the Weight Loss Yoga DVD, a weighted water ball, a jump rope, and a measuring tape.


Each DVD is 55 minutes, and has 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).  If you go to the link above, you can watch a video that describes it.  Isn’t it fun when two of your obsessions, in this case Biggest Loser and QVC, come together so perfectly?  I’m excited and can’t wait to try it out.  I’ll definitely let you know how I like it when it arrives.

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