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Last night I want to my Friday evening Zumba class, and I wanted to give my thoughts about how the Reebok RealFlex sneakers worked for that type of exercise.

At first it was a bit difficult getting used to not having a shoe keeping me confined, like my other sneakers used to.  I sort of felt like my foot was going to fall out of the shoe, at first.  But once I tightened the laces to give myself the mental confidence that the shoes were staying put, I actually really enjoyed wearing these sneakers for Zumba.  Not only was it easier to keep up with the fast footwork because the shoes are lighter, but it felt more like the type of shoes I would dance in.  Ok, so not really.  Normally I would dance in a cute sandal, but these shoes were much, much closer to that in terms of being light and airy feeling. Overall, it took a bit of getting used to, but I ended up really liking the RealFlex for Zumba.

And for walking?  I LOVE these shoes.  They are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn.  I feel like I’m walking on little clouds.  No numbness at all.  Today will be a bit more of a test, since my mom and I are going walking – probably about 2 miles or so.  But I am very confident that the shoes will be as great at a longer distance (not that 2 miles is a long distance, but longer than I’ve walked in them so far).


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