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Even though it was absolutely no fun to have the flu because I felt so miserable, now that I’m past the worst of it, I can see a bit of the silver lining.

The main thing was that I’d been in a huge rut/pattern of overeating/making the wrong choices for a few weeks. Not being able to eat anything for a whole day and then being on Cream of Rice for a few days really helped me break that patten.  I’ve been eating normally for the past two days, and so far so good.

Along with eating so much less came weight loss, which I really needed because my 3-weeks of I don’t care led to a 5-lb gain.  I am proud to say that I’ve lost all of that weight between being sick and now being back on plan.  I was a bit worried that the initial 2.5 lbs were going to come back on as soon as I started back to my 1200 calorie diet, but they didn’t.  And this morning I lost another 2 lbs, which really put me in a great mood for the day.  Not that I live and die by the scale, but it just reinforced this “light” feeling I’ve been having lately.

I got a lot of rest while I was out sick this week and it seems to be just what I needed to recharge.  I’m feeling really good today, and I know it’s because I am finally caught up on my sleep.  I’m going to make a point to try to go to be about an hour earlier than I normally do, because even though I can “survive” on 5 hours of sleep on a daily basis, I know that it’s better for my body and mind to get more sleep.  Not necessarily 8 hours, but maybe 6.5 or 7.

So it’s Saturday and I’m in a great mood – down on the scale, feeling better, decorated the house a bit (more on this in my next blog post), and I’ve gotten a lot done today.  What’s not to like and feel grateful for?



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