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Saturday+SmilesWhat a day it’s been!  I’ve gotten so much accomplished, and it isn’t even 3pm yet. Although my To Do list does have a few more items on it…but those can wait till tomorrow.

1374797_10151835540301234_1766305497_n I definitely did this, bright and early this morning.  I hit the neighborhood high school track again for Week 1, Day 2 of C25K. This time I brought my mom and my sister with me.  They’d been inspired by what I did yesterday, and figured they’d give it a whirl.  Both of them tried jogging for a bit, but decided they preferred walking, which is just fine.  The only downside to today’s jaunt was that we got there at 7:30am, and it was FREEZING.  I found it so much harder to jog when it’s really cold out – I was much more out of breath than I was yesterday.  But I still completed all the run/walk intervals, which makes me really proud – proud enough to smile.

Most of the day today was dedicated to a “photo shoot” for my Christmas card.  I knew what I wanted it to look like, but I needed to ply my sister with a P.F. Chang’s gift card in order for her to put up with my diva behavior.  We even had a “costume change” halfway through. Since I won’t be able to send most of you a card, here’s the result:


On the back I was able to write a bit about what this year has meant to me, and I also included a cute photo of Sofi & me:


A bit of backstory to this photo – I had to stand on a chair so that I’d be tall enough for the holly tree berries to show up in the photo.  This meant that my sis also had to get up on a step ladder to take the photo.  See why she totally earned that gift card?!

Since I was in the photo-taking mood (really, when am I NOT in the photo-taking mood?!), I decided it was time for a Santa hat before/during photo.  The left one is from 2 years ago and the one on the right is today.

2011 to 2013

Seeing the changes in all of these photos puts a huge smile on my face.  It’s one thing to see the numbers on the scale, and it’s an entirely different thing to see photo proof.  BTW, the lipstick I have on in all of these photos I took today is the Snow White from NYX that I bought a few weeks ago – I love it!

Yesterday I got all of my Christmas shopping done, except for a couple of stocking stuffer-type items that I have to pick up.  And I’m very proud to say I didn’t fight the crowds and risk life and limb to do it. (Did you read this story about the person who died at a Black Friday sale? Simply disgusting and ridiculous.  I’m all for capitalism, but people are acting like animals).  Anyway, without needing to change out of my pjs, I got presents for everyone on my list.  I found some excellent items that I think they’ll really love.  And if you know me, you know I also bought myself a few things in the process.


I’ve been spending the past two days inside, taking down the Thanksgiving decorations and getting all the Christmas ones organized.  Plus the aforementioned online shopping and Christmas card creation.  And while I have been a busy little bee, I’ve had the Hallmark Channel on in the background.  They’re playing all of their Christmas made-for-TV movies right now, and I am loving every cheesy scene.  So far the Mrs. Miracle ones are my favorites, but they’ve all been really cute.  They’re the type of movies that make you believe not only in the spirit of Christmas, but in happy endings.

the-book-thief Speaking of movies, tonight my parents, sister, and I are heading to dinner at Outback, followed by going to see The Book Thief.  I haven’t read the book, although I have it, but I didn’t want to miss the movie, because I think it looks really good.

The rest of the weekend should be just as fun as the week has been – I’m meeting up with a friend for coffee tomorrow morning, decorating the rest of the house for Christmas throughout the day, and of course catching my 49ers beating the Rams.

I hope you’ve had just as many smiles today as I have.


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One huge thing making me smile today is the fact that I have the entire week off next week! This is the first time my school district has given us the whole week off – we usually get Wednesday – Friday, but having these two extra days is really wonderful. I don’t have anything “amazing” planned, but I do think I’m going to do a few things:

  • clean and organize the closets
  • cheer for my 49ers as they win on Monday Night Football
  • start my Match.com profile – I recently bought a Groupon for $17 for one month on Match.com, so there soon may be some interesting tales to tell of my online dating exploits
  • get my hair blown out at Dry Bar Tuesday night with Tinkerbell
  • watch Hunger Games on Netflix and then go see Catching Fire at the theatre
  • start C25K on Monday
  • begin reading The Theory of Opposites (and hopefully finish it before the week is over)
  • buy some “after school”/casual clothes in smaller sizes
  • do the Turkey Trot Thursday morning w/ Ani
  • take Sofi on plenty of long walks

Yesterday I went to Sports Basement to pick up my bib for the Turkey Trot. Originally I was going to get a women’s XXL, since the race shirts are the technical tees that are slim fit, but they didn’t have any that size.  So I knew it was time to get a men’s tee.  I went over to the XLs, and one of the guys doling out the shirts told me, “there’s no way that shirt is going to fit you – it’s way too big.”  Too big!!! An XL! I mean, just a couple of months ago, an XL in men’s wouldn’t have fit me at all and I would’ve been hoping I could stretch out an XXL.  So, I picked up a large, and… it fits.  It not only fits, it looks good!


This morning I started bright and early on the hybrid and did the elliptical for 45 minutes! I haven’t done the elliptical for more than a month, favoring the recumbent bike, but this morning I wanted more of a burn. Plus, I wanted to push myself a bit more.  I told myself, “just do it for 30 minutes.” Then when it was getting closer to 30 minutes, I said, “go till 45 minutes, you can do it, no problem.” And I was right.  Pushing myself a bit more felt great, and I burned 646 calories! I’m going to do it again tomorrow morning, but I’m going to put in an hour.

Today I got to spend lots of time with my sister and my 6-year-niece (the older niece is on a Girl Scouts camping trip in Point Reyes, so she’s having fun, too).  This afternoon we went for a nice walk at the Rose Garden with the pups, and then after dinner we put on our dancin’ shoes and had a ton of fun playing Just Dance 4.  My little niece is quite the hip-hop dancer, and whenever a song with an upbeat tempo came on she’d say, “now THIS is my kinda song!”  Too cute.  It’s great having so much more energy to do all these fun activities with my family.

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It’s been a long time since I did a Saturday Smiles post, and because I’m so happy right now, I figured it was the perfect day to post.

1. One of the best things about this week was that I got to see one of my besties, CTLB.  She had come out to SF for a teaching conference, and we were able to steal a couple of hours to catch up on life.  The awesome thing about our friendship is that even though it can be months between phone calls or a year since we’ve seen each other in person, when we do get together again, it’s as if no time has passed.  I’m really hoping to get out to MA to visit her this summer, if she’s not too busy with family life or obligations to friends (SO many of her friends have gotten married over the past few summers that she was booked up almost every single weekend. I’m hoping that they’re all married now, so she’ll have a bit of free time).

2. Yesterday I had a lot of fun shopping at Target – for clothes!  Now I’m not saying that Target is the place where I’m going to fill my closet with fashions, it does mark a milestone. When I was morbidly obese, I longed for the day to be able to buy inexpensive clothes at Target. I know Target has plus-sized clothes, but they are all pretty awful, and when I was at my heaviest, even they didn’t fit.  So yesterday when I saw a few fun items, I knew I had to pick them up:

First up, pjs!  Now that it’s getting darker earlier, and the temps have turned chilly, I often get into my pjs when I get home from work.  I got this set (XXL), which have an alpine/fair isle patter on the pants.

2013-11-16 07.40.27

dotspjsI also got this fun grey and berry polka dot set (XXL).

14583156_201307011740I’ve been needing long-sleeved tshirts because all of my others have long since been donated. (Long-sleeved tees are a great way for me to extend my weekend/casual wardrobe, because I can wear them under short sleeves on cooler days. When I saw them for $12, I picked up some basics – a black and a white (XL).

This coming week I’m going to be teaching my AVID students how to annotate a text (mark notes onto an article or other reading), and to keep it interesting and grab their attention, I found a great article on the NY Times Learning Network about selfies.  I have a fun lesson planned, complete with a quick write and discussion questions, culminating in the students taking some selfies, which I’ll put into a class slideshow. (They’ll love seeing this goofy pics when they’re seniors). So when I saw this sweater, I knew I had to buy it to wear on Wednesday during the lesson:

2013-11-15 16.48.13 Too perfect, right? And I love that this is an XL in juniors!

14921788_201310292139Last Christmas I really wanted to be able to buy this shirt, but even the XXL wouldn’t fit.  This year, I’m hoping I can find one in the store, because I know the XL will work. What a long way I’ve come.

3. I’m hoping smile will be beautiful as I continued the shopping and bought some new lip treatment/lipsticks.

Fresh-Sugar-Berry-Lip-TreatmentI splurged on a new Fresh Sugar in Berry, and then saved money by picking up 3 new NYX lipsticks @ $4 each:


snowwhiteSnow White

b52 B52

We’ll see how they look on me, but from the swatches I found online, I think they’ll work.

4. And finally, the thing that I’m really smiling about today is the bike ride some of my friends and I are going on later this afternoon.  I appreciate that they’re taking time out of their busy schedules on a Saturday afternoon to join me in celebrating my 100+ pound weight loss. It’s a gorgeous, sunny, clear day, so it should be ideal for a long ride.  I’ll write a post, with pictures, later.

I hope today brings you plenty of things to smile about.

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There’s nothing like waking up really early on a Saturday morning and being outside in the backyard with Sofi. Today is going to be HOT, so I enjoyed the simple pleasure of watering my garden. It’s one of the most peaceful things I do: it gives me time to think, time to live in the moment, and time to nurture my green thumb. I love the way it smells in the backyard after everything is watered, when it’s still shady.

Speaking of the heat, in an effort to try to beat it, Sofi and I have been heading out really early (think 7:15am) to get in a good walk. Thursday I needed to mail a letter, so we hit the pavement and walked to the post office. And since my parents live near there, we decided to pay them an early morning visit and get a quick water break. Then we took the long way home. All told, we walked for 65 minutes and about 3 miles. Today we did another winding, early morning walk. This time it was just meandering around the neighborhood, walking for about 40 minutes, taking the long route around. It’s quiet so early in the morning, and I love being with Sofi as we’re exploring our little piece of the world.

Yesterday I had my post-op appointment (more on that later), and it felt good to hear such good news. One of the best parts was that my blood pressure continues to be normal. Yesterday it was 123/77. I know some charts would show this as above normal, but for me, it’s a great number. I love going to the doctor and not being worried about stepping on the scale or having my blood pressure read.

Dexter-final-season-key-artYou guys know what a TV junkie I am, and one of the things I’m most excited about for this weekend is the season premiere of Dexter. This is going to be the final season, and I can’t wait to see what kind of Big Bad they have in store for us this year.

Today my mom and I are hitting the mall to escape the heat, but also to go shopping. Nothing especially glamorous, but after 56+ lbs, I’m in desperate need of some new panties. And I wouldn’t say no to a couple of new sleeveless tops to take me through this part of the summer. Yesterday I bought a few new sports bras at Target, because I have to double up on my current ones just to get a little bit of support. Retail therapy is so much more fun when I’m finding myself with more options.

Finally, the thing that’s making me smile the most lately is that I’m fitting into tons of smaller clothes! As a girl who loves fashion, and always tried to look my best, no matter what my size, it is fantastic that I’m moving on down the rack. At my heaviest, I was wearing pants in size 28 and tops in size 26. Now I’m wearing size 22 pants and tops in size 18/20. The scale might not be moving quite as quickly as I would hope, but I’m thrilled with the way clothes are looking on me. And the inches are just as important. Here’s a sample of some photos I’ve been posting on IG lately:


Top: Size 3 from Torrid. I bought this and could never wear it because it was too tight around my hips. Now it flows over them nicely.
Pants: Size 22 Se7ens from Lane Bryant


I bought this tshirt from SkinnyEmmie.com over a year ago, and it was skin tight. Actually, past that. Now it fits really well, especially after a few alterations. (I had to cut it so it was shorter, I cut the neckline because I don’t really like crew necks, and I cut off the sleeves.


I bought that blinged-out Giants tank from Bling Circus (Etsy), and it was way too tight just a few months ago. Now it’s form-fitting, but nicely hugs my curves.

I hope you have a wonderful day, full of things that put a smile on your face.

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Saturday+SmilesAs I sit in my classroom and proctor the SAT for the last time this year, I’ve been thinking about all of the things that are making me smile.

promTonight is my high school’s prom, and it’s all the students have talked about for the past couple of weeks. Even the boys get in on the act, figuring out exactly how their going to ask their dates to the dance. Last week I helped my student ask his girlfriend by playing a video he made for her at the beginning of our study hall period. She was floored and so happy, and seeing them relish in their teenage love really made me happy for them. I can’t wait to see the photos of everyone’s dresses, makeup, and hair.

20130504-103943.jpgI haven’t been on the treadmill in the morning all week (the 90-degree weather we’ve been having has made me ultra-tired), but next week I’m going to get back to it, no matter what.  This photo is funny because I’m wearing my pjs, but it’s a good reminder that when you want to fit exercise in, you do whatever it takes, even if it means hitting the home treadmill in your jammies.  Hey, that’s why it’s convenient to have it at home, right?  One of the reasons I haven’t been on the treadmill in the morning is that I really dread it.  Not doing the work, but the fact that this treadmill my friend is letting me use isn’t high powered, so my obese body is too much for the belt.  I have to literally push it along with my feet and legs in order for it to move.  So, I’m getting a good workout, and my heart is pumping because of the force, but it’s in no way pleasant or enjoyable, especially first thing in the morning.  So I’ve decided to buy a used treadmill that I’m hoping to find on Craigslist (I’ve seen great deals on there) that will work the way it’s supposed to, even at this weight.


I’ve found a few new food items that are helping keep me on track.  The one above is Amazing Grass’ Green Superfood, and it was recommended to me by one of my friends on MyFitnessPal.  I tried it plain, in water, with a bit of fresh, raw ginger, and I really liked it.  But for those who don’t really like the taste of greens, you might want to mask it in a smoothie or buy their chocolate or vanilla chai flavors.  Right now I don’t have a problem getting my greens in, but post-op I know I will, especially at first.  After the initial healing is complete, I plan to use this to get my greens in.  When you can only fit 4oz, and you’re supposed to go to “protein first,” there’s not a whole lot of room, figuratively or literally, for greens.  Nor are they easily digestible in the beginning.  So this will be a really good solution.  Plus, it’s only 30 calories.

20130504-104016.jpg Have you guys tried kale chips?  I attempted making my own once, but the result was awful.  It sort of tasted like green ash.  Yuck!  I’d seen someone on Instagram or FB mentioning how delicious this brand was, so I gave it a try.  I love them!  The one problem is that they’re so expensive.  This 2.2 oz bag was $5.39 at Whole Foods.  I also tried the Trader Joe’s variety, and while they weren’t quite as good as the Kale Krunch, they were tasty.  And the $3.99 price is a bit more affordable. I’m going to the Triple-A Giants team game tomorrow (should be fun on Cinco de Mayo), and I’m planning to bring these with me so that I can have a snack, but still stay on track.

You guys know how much I love clothes, and recently I’ve been having a blast shopping in my closet! I’m able to fit into lots of the  clothes that I’d put away.  I’ve been wearing them to school, and getting tons of compliments.  The other day, a student I don’t even know told me how pretty she thought my dress was.  How cool is that?!  Tinkerbell also shared some clothes that one of her friends had given her in a recent closet purge.  I found some really cute things to tide me over and keep me from going to the store for new, smaller sizes.  Then on Thursday, I got a text from Amber letting me know that she’d just gone through her own closet, and had some clothes to share.  I was so touched by her generosity, because she and I live in two different states, and she’s paying the shipping costs.  She said it was a little surgery gift to me.  How sweet is she?  You guys will remember that I also have clothes from Meghann and Sylvia that I’m excited to wear soon. I definitely plan on paying it forward when the time comes and the clothes are too big for me.  I cannot wait for that to happen!!

The thing that’s making me smile the most right now is that there are 15 days until my surgery!!!!!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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