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February – love is in the air, and this month is going to be all about loving myself enough to continue making 2014 my year to shine. I’m vowing here and now that I will reach my goal weight in 2014. What an amazing accomplishment it will be! To achieve my goals, I’m going to focus on the basics – eating well, drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins and getting in 5 cardio workouts a week. I’ve started strength training with #ToneItUp and their #LoveYourBody series is helping see just how strong I am as I change my body. Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend. This month is going to be all about loving all the little things that make life special. My Sunday progress updates will be called Fabulous February Weigh-Ins.

Week 39 was nothing short of amazing!  I had the entire week off, got to spend time with a few different friends, planned to try a bunch of new fitness classes at the gym, like Spin and Zumba Step, and it was also my 9-month surgiversary.

So, what did the scale show?!

When I weighed in this morning, I was 189.6, which is a loss of 4.2 pounds this week, and a loss of 87.4 lbs since surgery! I’ve lost a total of 125.4 pounds from my highest weight!! I have 39.6 pounds to go to my ultimate goal weight of 150 pounds. What an amazing week!!  I’m in the 180s!!!!!  I haven’t seen a loss this big in quite some time, and I can only attribute it to the fact that I didn’t have any stress, could spend the days working out and drinking plenty of water, and cooked delicious, healthy meals for myself.

This week someone told me I was lucky to have lost so much weight since surgery.  I responded that luck had nothing to do with it, that it was a lot of hard work.  And it has been.  I haven’t just sat back and let the weight loss happen.  I’ve put in the effort of planning, shopping, cooking, and logging each meal.  I’ve spent the time in the gym, on the track, and on the hybrid.  I’ve chosen to make the most out of these first 9 months after surgery because I know it’s when the maximum weight loss happens.  I’ve changed my life.  And that has made all the difference. That’s why I know I’ll reach every single goal I set for myself.

I had a lot of time this week off to celebrate my successes.  I was able to write lots of blog posts, and reflecting like that really helps me put things into perspective.  I am in completely new territory in terms of my weight, and I don’t want to forget any of these moments.  For so long I dreamed of arriving at this moment, and I don’t want to take a second of it for granted.


Until next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!

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Today marked three significant milestones that I wanted to share.

20130528-182925.jpg 1. Last night I was able to sleep in my bed! I’ve been on a couch since I left the hospital, because my stomach was too sore to lay flat. Last night I was feeling good, and decided to give it a try, and while it wasn’t the most comfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had because I couldn’t only sleep on one side (crick in the neck this morning), it sure felt great to stretch all the way out.

Pink-Fuzzy-Scale2. When I first got back to my house, about 5 days after surgery, it showed 284, which was up 7 pounds from where I was right before surgery, when I weighed in at Kaiser at 277. I wasn’t too freaked out because I knew the weight gain was all from fluids, gas, bloating, and constipation. This morning I felt less bloated than I have since surgery, and I decided to get on the scale. It was down a couple of pounds from the surgery weight! It showed 275.8, which is great. Now that I’m past the “hump,” I know that the scale is going to slide down, down, and down. I can’t wait for Sunday’s weigh in.

20130528-182931.jpg3. I got to move to Stage 2 foods today. These include things like cottage cheese, yogurt, and baby food. I’ve never in my life eaten baby food, but I’m intrigued by the variety of flavor that it will offer. My sister said that she tasted all the baby food before giving it to her girls, and that it was actually very good. To help celebrate this new stage, she kindly bought me a bunch of different “kiddie approved” baby food. Is it weird that I’m looking forward to having string beans and chicken tonight? LOL. One thing I learned this afternoon as I was eating 1/2 cup of cottage cheese was just how slowly I have to eat this more solid food. I was going slowly, chewing carefully, and putting my spoon down between bites. I thought I was doing well, but all of a sudden, I got super-full and a cold sweat came over me – a sure sign that I’d eaten too fast. So tonight I’m going to slow down even more. This stage lasts for the next week until Monday’s 2-week post op appt. Update: The baby food?  Definitely not something I’m going to repeat.  The taste wasn’t terrible, but the consistency and texture was pretty yucky. So, I’m going to donate the food to our local food bank and stick with the soups that I’ve been enjoying.

I’m feeling really good today; the best I’ve felt since surgery.  I still have pain, and need to take things slowly, but I don’t feel the terrible bloated/uncomfortable feeling that I was struggling with as recently as yesterday. I was able to vacuum my floors, walk 10 minutes on the treadmill, and do a bit in my backyard. This is what I’ve been waiting for.  I’m not trying to rush anything, but I’m so happy to be able to feel more normal again.

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