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bilbl_scale.jpgI usually weigh myself every single morning.  I get up, use the restroom, take off my pjs, and jump on the scale.  I use it as a check-in for how I did the day before and what I may need to do that day.  I don’t let the number define my day either way, although when I see a drop I do get a smile on my face.  I only record my weight once a week, on Sundays, because I know how much the scale can fluctuate.

This daily weighing may seem obsessive to some.  And for some people, it can be unhealthy.  But for me, I have used daily weigh-ins as a tool throughout my weight loss journey.  Longtime readers will recall that I used to avoid the scale (and recording the numbers on this blog) at all costs.  I’d go weeks without weighing in, mostly because I wanted to live in denial.  I knew how badly I’d been eating, or how much I’d overindulged, or that I’d stopped at the drive-thru one too many times, and I didn’t want to face those effects in the digital number that would show up on the scale.  At one point I moved to monthly weigh-ins, but that didn’t help my progress at all, in fact, it had the opposite effect.  When I moved to daily weigh-ins, I started to notice the trends in my body and the weight loss.  That I always gain weight right before my period, and then drop a ton the day I get it.  That eating sweets doesn’t affect my body as much as eating salty foods does; too bad I crave salty a lot more than sweet. That getting in a good workout helps me shed pounds, but overdoing it can actually make me “gain” water weight.  All of this info has helped me understand my body and the way things affect it.  Daily weigh-ins have been priceless for me.

The scale offers me motivation on the days when the numbers move slightly up and inspiration on the days when I see the numbers drop down into new weight loss territory.  The digital display offers me an accountability partner like no other. The numbers, whether positive or negative, offer me a bit of daily encouragement.

So you can imagine how out of sorts I’m feeling after being on vacation for 3 days and not weighing myself.  It’s part of my morning ritual like taking a shower or having a cup of coffee.  Without it I can survive, but things just aren’t as in sync.  I missed my usual Sunday weigh-in because I was here.  Which is totally fine. I know I’ve been eating well, have been getting in exercise, and have been staying on track.  I can feel that my clothes are fitting fine, and in some cases, a few garments feel a bit looser.  So there’s no reason to worry, and even if I come back from Hawaii up a couple of pounds, I know I  can get those off quickly.

But this morning I awoke and just had to get on the scale in the second bathroom here at the house I’m staying on vacation.  I’d just gotten my period and I knew I would see a loss.  But how accurate was this non-digital scale?  Scales can vary wildly, and who knew how this one was calibrated.  Still, it lured me.

So I got on and saw a 3-lb loss!  I did a little Hawaiian happy dance right there in the bathroom, and I’m sure Harvey the cat thought I’d lost my mind.  I didn’t record the weightloss on MFP because as I said, I have no idea how accurate this scale is, but it did give me a little pick me up and a sense of normalcy. I’m such a creature of habit, and I really like my routines. While I’m having an amazing time here in Hawaii, one thing I’m really looking forward to about going home is resuming my daily weigh-ins.

What’s the lesson here?  The scale is still a really important tool for me since I’m still in weight loss mode.  More than anything, I like the reassurance I get from it.  It’s like a trusted friend that I like checking in with everyday.

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This week, I’m announcing some changes to the way that I’m going to report my weight, for the time being. For the longest time I’ve been reporting my weight every week, on Wednesdays.  And lately there really hasn’t been too much to write about, beyond what the number is on the scale. I feel like I often say the same things: either, “I had a great week because I followed my program and exercised” or “this week was difficult and I didn’t do what I was supposed to because of _______.”  And that just gets boring and repetitive, doesn’t it?

Right now a new focus with my weight loss journey is figuring out why I do some of the things I do and (hopefully)  changing those behaviors or ideas so that I don’t continuously repeat them.  I know how to eat right and exercise, and when I’m on track, I’m ON TRACK, but when I get thrown off I go WAY off.  So I want to try to determine why I get thrown off and then stop myself from falling.  I hope that makes sense.  Sometimes I can’t seem to prevent myself from doing something to derail my progress, so I’m hoping that in meeting with a therapist on a regular basis, I can begin to cope better or uncover just why it happens in the first place.

With that said, I’m not going to stop weighing myself, because I’ve found that I really need that measure to check in with myself and see how I’m doing.  Being in the dark about my progress (or lack thereof) isn’t good for me.  I tend to weigh myself every few days, which really helps me stay on track or adjust my behaviors and actions if I don’t like what I see on the scale.

What I am going to change is the way that I report my weigh-ins.  I’m not going to write weekly posts on Wednesdays.  Instead, I’m going to log my weight in LoseIt every time I weigh myself.  Which means lots of tiny fluctuations, but for me, I need that sort of record and feedback.  (I’ve been weighing every few days and recording my weight in the Notepad feature of my iPhone, and then only recording my weight into LoseIt (and on this blog) weekly, but that just seems like double work).  So if you’d like to follow along with every step I take on the scale, you can become my friend on LoseIt or you can follow me on  Twitter because my LoseIt feed gets broadcast there, too.  Or, if you’d rather not join either of those (which is completely understandable), you can follow my Twitter feed in the sidebar of this blog.

OR…(lots of options for you) you can just come back here every month. Every first Wednesday of the month I’ll write a post about how my month went and what my overall weight loss is.  I’ll include a photo, graphs, and what the previous month has been like, in terms of the scale.  Since that’s the way I have to report in to the Kaiser Bariatric Dept., it makes sense for me to write it all up here first.  I think looking at my weight loss in a “bigger picture” sort of way on this blog will help me gain perspective and may prevent repetitiveness.

I feel really good about this change and the fact that the focus on the blog will become even more about the journey toward weight loss and overall health.

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Yesterday I got on the scale, and even though I said I wasn’t going to post that weigh-in on the blog, I felt the need to write.

The number that I saw Wednesday morning was SCARY!  It’s the highest number I’ve ever seen displayed on the scale, and it’s not a number I ever want to see again.  I was really disappointed to see that the 4lbs I’ve lost so far are gone and I’ve gained more.

I really don’t have a great explanation for it.  My eating has been hit or miss.  Either I’m really on point and tracking everything and eating healthy or I’m not.  I haven’t really been working out, but I have been taking Lulu on fairly long walks and I was busting my butt moving/lifting/unpacking heavy boxes, cleaning and organizing, and I figured that had to count for something.  Not enough,  I guess.

Besides that, my feet have been incredibly swollen lately, so I am retaining water, although I’m sure that’s only a small portion of the scary number on the scale.  The swelling began the weekend I moved and has stayed with me ever since.  Soaking my feet helps, but other than drinking a bunch of water, I really don’t know what I can do to make the swelling subside. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Seeing that number was eye-opening.  It’s an indication that unless I check myself and really start taking this weight loss seriously again, I’m going to gain and gain and gain.

I also watched Biggest Loser last night, and say what you will about the show, I  get so much inspiration from it.  Seeing those people struggle to reach 500 steps or run the 1 mile really hit home.  That could so easily be me, and I wonder if I’d be the one that didn’t make it onto the show because I couldn’t push through the pain.  (I have a feeling that my competitive nature would take over and I’d do whatever it took to win, but who knows).  Hearing the desperation in some of the contestants’ voices was like hearing myself talk about LapBand surgery.  The thing is, that feeling of urgency (or desperation) also brings with it a sense of hope.  Hope for a better (thinner/healthier) future.  Hope to finally become the person I know I’m meant to be.

So forgive me if this seems a bit rambling or philosophical.  I have the flu and I’m feeling sort of loopy and out of it.

P.S. – Over 6 weeks smoke free!!!

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This week I really felt like it was a guessing game how things would end up on the scale.  I did complete my 3 RLR workouts, but I didn’t do a whole lot of other activity.  I ate well, and tracked all my points, but I didn’t necessarily feel that much lighter.  I did have a couple of “thin” days this week, but I also had some “fat” days, too.

Now let’s get to that scale shot:

Which means that this week I lost exactly 1 lb, for a total of  0.7 lb gained in 2010. Which isn’t great.  I mean, I’m happy with the loss, even if it is more modest than I’d like, but I do not like that my overall “balance” for 2010 is a gain.  Next week it will show an overall loss, even if it kills me.  😉  There are a few factors as to why the loss was so meager; TOM is coming, and I have the pimple to prove it, but I know I can be more diligent in a couple of areas.

What can I do to improve for next week?

  • Drink more water. I had this on my goals for last week too, and while I did better, I can still get more water in.  I’m finding it difficult to get all of my water in, so I am going to really have to make more of a concerted effort in this area.
  • Get in more activity. I can definitely do better here.  I took the weekend off last week, which was a mistake. I really need to use those days off from work to get in more exercise, even if it’s just going on the Wii for 30 minutes.  Or one of the many workout DVDs I have.  Maybe it’s time to pull out a bit of Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred.  I have the time on the weekends, so it’s just a matter of not being lazy or coming up with other things to do.

Other than those two things, I have been doing well.  I stayed within my points, and even had some flex points left over this week.  I’ve been tracking everything, and sending Scale Warfare my nightly emails with my food journal for accountability.  I’ve been good about eating at home and planning and preparing my meals ahead of time, so all good things there.

It is what it is.  I know I have some things to work on, and I need to get on those right away, otherwise, I won’t see any movement on the scale.  I’ll fall into a slippery slope of losing a slight amount one week and gaining it back the next, and so on as I did for most of 2009, and I really, REALLY do not want to repeat that cycle in 2010.

I’m also going to use all of you as inspiration.  My competitive nature wants me to do as well (if not better!) on the scale as all of you are, so I do get a ton of inspiration when I see you putting up great numbers on the scale. I know I can do better than this, and next week I’ll prove it.   Just watch me.


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