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bilbl_superI’m really excited about the workout week ahead for two reasons.  First and foremost, tomorrow the Tone It Up girls are beginning their #FriskyFall challenge.  Eight weeks of motivation and inspiration!  I’m also excited that this week I’m going to resume my 5K training so that I’m prepared to run the entire 5K for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.   Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday: PM: C25K, W4D1 + TIU Back to School Workout (x3)
Tuesday: PM: TIU Stair Routine + TIU: Sunkissed Abs + New Frisky Fall Routine (coming Tuesday)
Wednesday: PM: C25K, W4D2 + TIU: Holiday Arms (x3)
Thursday: AM: elliptical  + TIU: Love Your Legs (x3) + Inner&Outer Thighs
Friday: PM: C25K, W4D3 + TIU: Frisky Fall Full Body Routine (x4)
Saturday & Sunday: Body Combat (Saturday)/bike ride/ swim/walk Sofi

+ walk with Sofi every day

AM = early morning workout before work
PM = afternoon/evening workout after work

I’ve been doing pretty well with my PM workouts, and with the added excitement of the #FriskyFall  challenge, I’m really motivated to make sure I get each one in.

Keep me accountable!! I post my daily workouts on Instagram, so follow me (or look at the sidebar of this blog) to see what I’m doing!

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