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This past week was a struggle for me.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had some issues around keeping things in perspective in terms of getting off track of this healthy lifestyle.  The post really resonated with so many of you, and the comments were truly insightful.  For anyone who’s been struggling in any way regarding weight loss, I highly recommend that you go back and read them.  You’ll definitely come away with a heightened awareness about your own journey.

The thing I realized after reading everyone’s comments and spending some time really thinking about it was that often I make an insignificant slip-up seem like a much bigger issue.  It’s that perfectionist side of myself that I’m trying to combat.  In reality, I probably wasn’t over my Points by much this weekend, and I did get in some good exercise.  No one feels like they’re on track in all aspects of weight loss (or life, for that matter) 100% of the time, and I am working on reframing my thinking so that I’m able to bounce back from setbacks much more quickly than I have in the past. 

After all of that worry and strife, let’s see what the scale showed this morning:

 which means I gained 1.3 lbs this week, for a total loss of 5.1 pounds overall. This is actually a fantastic result, considering I just got TOM.  I usually gain between 2-5 lbs, so this is actually a smaller gain than I have had in the past 3-4 months.  I’m attributing that to my increased water consumption (minimizing bloating), and increased exercise over the past few weeks. 

Which really shows me that I need to get a grip on myself sometimes.  I’ll never be a calm, mellow person – that’s just not in my nature.  But I can probably be a bit more zen about this weight loss journey.  Every speed bump is not a cause for alarm. 


Did you guys see Biggest Loser last night?  I won’t ruin anything for those that haven’t seen it yet, but I will say that I was overwhelmed, inspired, and just so moved by the entire episode.  It was exactly what I needed to help put things into perspective.  Even though I’m a very positive person overall, sometimes I focus so much on the pounds and what’s not going well, when I should also focus on is how much I’ve grown in terms of my abilities.  BL reminded me of that.  Also, can I just confess that I have had the biggest crush on Michael since the beginning of the season, but it has solidified even more last night.  He really seems to be coming into his own now, and I find him very inspiring.  Even if you’re not a regular view of the show, I really recommend going to the website and watching the episode, because it’s worth it.


Lots of us are in the middle of 21-day challenges.  I’m working on water consumption, Scale Warfare‘s wearing her GoWearFit, and Seattle Runner Girl is getting up early every day. 

Well, the girls at The Sisterhood are in on the fun too, and have started their own version of  the 21-day challenge for everyone to join in on.  They just ask you to commit to starting or changing 1-3 habits for the next 21 days and then reporting back weekly to them on how you’re progressing.  I’m going to join in, because I can use the extra accountability.  How about you?  Do you have something you’d like to work on (I’m sure you do).  Why not join in on this challenge and make (or break) a new habit?!

Sisterhood 21-Days ChallengeMy new habit: drinking 8 glasses of water per day.


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When I left the doctor’s office on Friday, I really didn’t know how to feel.  Part of me was relieved that I wouldn’t have to attempt the 10-mile walk on Saturday, because I was feeling very unprepared to try to walk that distance.  Especially considering the numbness was occurring at the 1 1/2 to 2 mile mark.

I realized that I really had to stop pushing myself so hard and I needed to really listen to my body.  The thing is, I always push myself to accomplish anything I attempt, and I’m usually successful.  I put a ton of pressure on myself in everything I do, and it usually pays off.

This time, though, pushing myself isn’t working.  And to be honest, I’m not really pushing myself physically.  At least, not with the OYO trainings.  I’m not doing them.  But the reason I’m not doing them is because the Wednesday track practices and the Saturday Coach and Mentor-led walks are so painful.  If they weren’t so difficult for me to complete, I think I’d be in a better place mentally.  Mentally, I am really being hard on myself.  I still hate the fact that I’m so slow and not seeing any progress.  That I feel so weak when I feel the pain.  I feel like I should be able to push through it, but I simply can’t.  Plus, the numbness is really scary.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to put the TNT trainings on hold until I find out exactly what’s going on.  On Friday evening, I still thought that I would somehow be able to participate in the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.  I don’t want to say anymore, because I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I will say that I am feeling really frustrated, discouraged, and unhappy.  It sucks to set a goal for yourself and feel like you can’t accomplish it.

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