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2014-08-08 08.22.42

(I used the Rhonna Designs app on my iPhone to make this pic. I used this picture I took from my recent visit to Santa Cruz Boardwalk).

1.  This is my last Friday of summer vacation. 😦  This time next Friday I’ll be at a “Welcome Back” meeting for the start of the new school year for our first teacher workday.  My plan for the day is to spend it the way I’ve spent the entire summer – a combo of fitness and fun.  Fitness: a session on my home elliptical, walking the dogs with my dad, and swimming some laps. Fun: a bit of shopping (just took advantage of Victoria Secret’s most recent email offer), reading poolside, and a possible date later tonight.

2. This week has been a very social one, getting together with lots of friends that I’ve known since high school, which I’ve loved.  That’s one of the huge distinctions between my life now and my life before I lost all the weight.  I was always a social, extroverted person, but I often felt a bit depressed about the way I looked. Not to mention the clothing issue – I always tried to look my best, but nothing ever fit the way it should’ve.  I can’t count the number of times I turned down an invitation or made some excuse just so that I wouldn’t have to deal with all of that.  Now, I have tons of clothes in the closet that look great and make me feel fantastic.  Now, I am happy and excited when someone suggests going out.  I’m actually getting teary-eyed thinking about what a huge switch this is.  Just one more thing to be so grateful for about this new life.

3. I’ve been getting into Instagram a lot this summer, as you can tell by my feed on the right.  I post daily check-ins for my workouts and lots of pics of other things that just strike my fancy.  While I’ve been off, it’s been easy and really fun. This month I’m participating in three different photo-a-day contests, and I’m hoping I can keep up with them once school starts. If you haven’t joined a photo-a-day contest, I righly recommend them…maybe not just three in one month.  Still, the contests are a great way for me to stay focused on fitness, get motivated, and inspire myself and others with all the photos.

2014-08-02 08.50.30One is for the TIU community,

2014-08-01 12.17.59 one is hosted by @MoxieFitchick,

photoand the third is the Active Living Challenge with Fit Approach and Lorna Jane Active.

4. In anticipation of the school year starting in about a week, I spent a good portion of the day yesterday mapping out my school year workout plans in my iCal.  Since I have a morning prep period on my B days (which means I can get to school a bit later than normal) I’m going to fit in early morning fitness classes at the gym several times a week.  The live Insanity class that I tried a few weeks ago is now offered Tuesday mornings at 5:45am, and I’ll be there whenever Tuesday is a B day.  I’m also going to spinning at least once a week at 5:45am.  I’m still undecided about what I’ll do on my A days, when I need to leave my house by 7am.  Towards the end of last year I was waking up at 4:30am to do a morning workout, but that is just SO early.  Although it’s not ideal, I think I may go back to afternoon workouts on A days, because I really did enjoy them and they’re a great way to relieve the stress of the day.

5. 2014-08-07 12.40.49 Kandis, one of the TIUgirls, mentioned a week or two ago that she had started reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles.  Who doesn’t want “subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness” right? The reviews and general internet buzz about the book was so positive that I thought I’d give it a try.  Have you read it?  What are your thoughts?  What book are you reading right now? Let me know in the comments.

That’s my Friday Five – I’m off to enjoy some pool time.

2014-04-25 05.54.55

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of fun and exciting adventures.

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This weekend was a mix of family, friends, and fun, and although some of the plans changed, it was a good time all the way around.

Friday DH and I went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and I felt very good about my order – Wasabi-crusted Tuna.  I seem to order some version of this tuna every time I go here because it’s relatively calorie friendly and I love tuna cooked this way.  Whenever I go out to eat, I always try to order things that I normally wouldn’t make at home, and tuna made this way is definitely one of those.  We did order a piece of carrot cheesecake to go so that we could sample it during the movie, but after two bites, I had had enough.  It was really tasty, but a bit too sweet for my taste. I was proud of myself for stopping after a couple of bites, saving myself lots of calories.  I know in the past I probably would’ve kept eating until my half was done, so this is progress.  We saw New Moon, and I enjoyed it.  I have to say, I guess I’m in the minority because I’m still an Edward girl.  Even though he is the antithesis of the type of guy I’m attracted to, as far as overall looks go, I like his mysterious, broody looks.  Plus, he’s gorgeous.  Jacob has a fantastic body, but there’s something about his teeth that just don’t do it for me.  Not to mention that his acting needs a bit of work.  There were some interesting chick-flick type movies that were shown in the previews that I’m looking forward to seeing, including Dear John with Channing Tatum:

Now, I really don’t enjoy Nicholas Sparks’ novels, because I think they’re banal and saccharine sweet, but did I mention Channing Tatum?!

Saturday I was supposed to go up to SF to go to dinner at the Carnelian Room with Favorite Cousin and her friends, but I was feeling very TOM and bloaty, and the idea of spending over $100 after spending so much for Christmas presents just left me wanting to stay home.  Which I did, and I’m glad.  I ended up getting all of my presents wrapped and watched Julie & Julia.  I really liked the movie, even after reading the book.  The book did delve more into Julie Powell’s life than the movie, but I liked how the movie infused more of Julia Child’s life into the story.  It was a very quiet night at home, but it was nice.

Sunday we got together to celebrate Christmas with LC, my nieces, and LC’s hubby.  It was a fairly nice time, but because no one really gets along with LC’s hubby (other than LC, that is), things are always a bit strained.  Everyone enjoyed the meal and opening the presents, but tensions ran high as the evening progressed.  I feel so badly for LC and wish that she could see how much denial she is in about certain things.  But then again, it’s her life, her marriage, and her decisions.  If only I controlled the world, then things would be perfect.  😉

This week the social events just keep on coming, which will be fun.

Today I’m getting together with Cynn to catch up (it’s been over a year!) and have some pomegranate martinis.  I bought the mix, the rimmer sugar, and the vodka the other day, so we’re all set.  I have a few appetizers that I’m planning on, which are a mixture of healthy and indulgent, just as a good cocktail party for two should be.

Tuesday I’m going to brave the mall early in the day so that I can see if I can use my new gift cards to Lane Bryant and Macy’s I got for Christmas.  Maybe a few nice tops  that I can wear for some upcoming social events.  Plus, I still have a ton of Real Woman dollars that I could use. I’m also going to buckle down and grade those essays that I have looming over me.  I’d rather just get them out of the way early so that I can enjoy the rest of my vacation worry free.

Wednesday Ish is coming over for coffee and conversation in the afternoon, which will be fun.  We try to get together every week or two, and we’re past due for our gabbing session.

Thursday – Christmas Eve at my parents’ house with our traditional Sicilian cioppino (fish stew, although it tastes so much better than the English makes it sound).  This year my mom’s cousin and his wife (who’s a great friend of my mom) will be joining us, so it will be a nice evening.

Friday – Christmas Day will be a small gathering at my parents’ house.  Just me, my mom, and my dad.  I’m actually looking forward to it.  I’m hoping we get another Wii Bowling competition going, because the last time we played, I definitely kicked ass.  Not that I’m competitive or anything.  🙂  Hey, I get it from my mom, what can I say?

Saturday I’m going to have my parents over for cocktails at my place because it’s been a while since I’ve had them over, and I want them to see the decorations I’ve put up for the holidays.  Plus, I think I’ll still have some of the fixings for the pom martinis left, so I might as well put them to good use. And…I have a Wii at my house, too, so depending on what happens on Christmas, we may have a rematch on my turf!

Whew, what a whirlwind!  For the homebody that I’ve become, this is quite a flurry of social activity.  Still, it’s fun to be able to share time with friends and family.

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