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I’m always on the lookout for new shows, blogs, etc. that can offer me motivation in my weight loss journey.  I’ve recently found a few that I’m really enjoying and I thought you might, too.

For me it all starts with food.  The best defense against insane cravings taking me off track is to stockpile some quick and delicious recipes that I’ll enjoy making as much as I’ll enjoy eating.

I love a good cookbook and this one from South Beach Diet is a keeper.  The recipes are clearly marked “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” and the directions are easy to follow.  It has tons of photographs throughout, which is really important for a visual person like me.  The recipes themselves look delicious, and I plan to make a few of them in the coming weeks, so look for posts.  Even if you’re not following SBD, these recipes are healthy, flavorful, and easy – perfect for summer.

Once you’ve got a cadre of great-for-you recipes the next element is working out.

Have you guys seen this new show on ABC?  I really like it because it’s not a competition show – it’s just one person working hard and losing weight.  Yes, the weight loss is extreme, but so are the starting weights.  The trainer/life coach Chris Powell’s approach is kind and effective.  He doesn’t need to scream and yell at his clients like Jillian Michaels in order to get them to comply with his plan.  He treats them with respect, understanding, and honesty.  They trust him with their lives and they get results.  I’ve watched three shows and found all of them to be so motivational.  If people who are much bigger than me can workout hard and stick to a diet plan then so can I.  Yes, they’re in the gym for 5 hours a day, which is unrealistic for most of us, but the concept is the same.  And since I’m off of work this summer and have nothing but time on my hands, there is nothing stopping me from working out to my full potential, too.

And since this is a lifestyle and not a diet with an end date, what better way to stay motivated than with a new site that offers tips on weight loss, fitness, fashion and fun?

Remember the purple team from the last season of The Biggest Loser?  Olivia and Hannah have come up with their very own blog called My Fitspiration.  I loved these girls on the show, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with on this blog.  It’s going to include videos as well as written posts and will have a little bit of everything – Q&A, motivation, fun finds.  It’s already in my blogroll, and I think it should be in yours, too.

What new weightloss or fitness finds have you come across?  Please share in the comments!


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