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Before I get into the fun of today’s post, get in the mood by pressing play…

Last Friday I was catching up on my blog reading, when I came across this post from Amber @ Hungry4aHealthyLife. (The post itself is so inspiring – Amber spent over 3 hours at the gym one Saturday doing her own sprint tri (she swam 750 meters, biked 12 miles, and ran/walked 5K! Go read the whole post, it’s a great one). In the post, Amber mentions that to help keep herself motivated during the swimming she was using a Speedo AquaBeat – an mp3 player made to wear in the water! How cool is that?

I literally left her blog and headed straight to Amazon to buy one. Amazon is usually my go-to for this sort of thing, but the prices were more than I wanted to pay – $140 for just the player, no headphones (those were another $20-40). So I headed to eBay, and found one that was brand new and included the Aquabeat player, headphones, and a bag (plus charger and USB cord) for $75. The seller was excellent (which is why I’m including the link to his store), and I received the Aquabeat yesterday. Fast!


It’s really light as a feather, and the size of a pager (remember those?).



My attempt to show you the headphones. I thought the cord was in the shot. 😛

The headphones are earbud-style with wraparound earpieces and the cord is nice and short.  It comes with an extension cord, although I couldn’t imagine swimming with a long cord dangling. The packaging says that it slips over the strap of goggles or a swimsuit, but I couldn’t figure out how that would work. I don’t use goggles when I swim, and the strap of my swimsuit didn’t seem to fit. But it didn’t matter, I just tucked the Aquabeat into the top of my suit.

Before I go into what it was like to swim with the Aquabeat, I want to go on a mini tangent to show you the new swimsuit that I got today (perfect timing!). I had to buy a new suit because one of my older ones got a rip in it last week when I went swimming with my nieces (not sure how that even happened). I headed to QVC because I’ve had good luck with their swimsuits in the past, and found this one from Isaac Mizrahi. I was drawn to it because it was sophisticated, yet modest. I was so thrilled that it was on my doorstep as I got back from the dentist this morning. I immediately put it on, and really liked what I saw in the mirror:


This is the first swimsuit I can say that I actually love the way it looks on me. (Yes, I love the swimsuit with the cherries, but I don’t love the way that I look in it). I adore the length of the skirt, since that’s my trouble area. The cut of the suit accentuates the positives and definitely minimizes the negatives. It’s light and comfortable; so many swimsuits with Lycra are really heavy, but this one isn’t. I also liked that it was mostly black, with just the edging of leopard print. Cute!

I liked the suit enough that when I arrived at the pool and saw 4-5 preteens/teens, I didn’t even think twice about taking my coverup off and getting in the pool. I was utterly confident with how I looked – I love that! It’s rare when I’m wearing a bathing suit, let me tell you.

The reason I wanted to get the Aquabeat was that although swimming is really peaceful and tranquil, after 20 or so minutes, it can also get a bit monotonous. I’m left with my thoughts, but there’s only so much thinking a girl can do, you know? I’ve been striving for those big calorie burns, and the way to do that is to keep swimming for 30+ minutes.

So I got to the pool and started listening to the Rock My Run mixes I’d loaded onto the Aquabeats. (Side note: in order to use songs from iTunes there’s a whole process that you have to go through to convert the songs to mp3 format which I didn’t feel like doing today (though I will eventually), so I just used the mixes that I knew were mp3s already). I love Rock My Run because of the mix of music they offer. I started off with some Latin/Miami beats aka PitBull.

I swam/water-danced to the songs, and before I knew it, I’d done 45 minutes! It was so fun to hit my strokes in time to the music, and when I type “water dance” it’s because I felt like I was really grooving through the water. It was so much fun!

I got out, took in some rays, and was going to call it a day until I realized that the teens had left and I had the entire pool area to myself. That hasn’t happened yet this summer, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I also wanted to listen to the Madonna Madness mix (I’m obsessed, okay?). The mix was 30 minutes, so the plan was to keep swimming until it was over. I kept vogue-ing/swimming and pushed myself to go farther. Madonna is a great workout inspiration because she kills it; whether it’s 3 hours on the Stairmaster in the late 80s, yoga/running in the 90s, or Barre3 today, she’s a machine. She’s got the body to prove it – can you believe she’ 54?! (Someday I’ll write an entire post about my love of Madonna, but that’s enough of the Material Girl for tonight). Anyway, I kept going and going and finally had to get out of the pool because my fingers were getting pruney.

When I checked out the length of the Madonna Madness mix, it was 60 minutes, not 30! I’d been swimming for another 35+ minutes. 80 minutes of swimming in one afternoon = 1290 calories burned. Wooohooooo!

I had the BEST time today, and I have to give a lot of credit to the Aquabeat. It’s going to be a staple in my pool bag, for sure!!

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This week I only have two outfits to share. I’ve been having a great time this week at home – organizing, working out, relaxing, and just hanging out. No fancy fashion required.

Tuesday, December 27th – I was going to a movie with a friend, and I wanted something that would look nice, but would be comfortable to sit in a movie theatre seat for 2+ hours. Before I get to the outfit, I wanted to focus on the hair/makeup. I usually use a quick, cat’s eye swoop of black liquid liner. It’s easy, and it’s my signature. But since I had the time on Tuesday, evening, I broke out my Ready Eyeshadows Palette in Playlist from Bare Escentuals and mixed a few browns together. And then I did something I never do – I put eyeliner on the bottom lid. I usually avoid this because the cat’s eye looks better without anything on the bottom and somewhere along the way someone told me that it made my eyes look smaller. But I kind of like the change. Using shadows and pencil liner took WAY more time than I am used to, but it was fun to try.


I had to show the little afro puff I was rocking that night as well.

And now for the outfit:


Earrings: Kohls; Necklace: Macy's; Top: Roaman's; Dark Rinse Jeans: Style & Co (Macy's); Shoes: Uggs

Wednesday, December 28th – Right before aqua aerobics class. Normally I would never capture my aqua class clothes on film, but I wanted to show the gloves and shoes off. Mind you, I don’t wear terrycloth capri sweats in the pool but there was simply no way in hell I was going to take a photo of me in the bathing suit. It’s under there, believe you me. You can see the top of the bathing suit, which I covered with a cardigan when I was in public, for modesty’s sake and because it is wintertime, even in the Bay Area.


Gloves: Speedo (Amazon); Halter bathing suit top: Torrid; Bathing suit bottoms (not pictured): Woman Within; Terrycloth sweats: LB; Aqua Shoes: Speedo (Amazon)

I won’t even ask which outfit is your favorite this week.

From here on out, I think I’m going to scale back the OOTW posts, because I am running out of new looks. I mean, I can go a couple of months without repeating tops, but now it’s getting to the point that I’ll be repeating outfits. And no one wants to see the same old thing, I’m sure. So if I happen to put together a fun, new look, I’ll share it, but other than that I won’t be resuming these posts regularly until I go down in sizes and need to buy new clothes!

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I woke up this morning and decided that since it was the day after Christmas AND a Monday, it was definitely time to jump on that scale and face the music. For the past several weeks I’ve been “sort of” biding my time until after Christmas by “sort of” staying on my program and “sort of” exercising and “sort of” sampling lots of Christmas goodies. And the past two days were a full-blown food fest. I wasn’t concerned with how many glasses of wine I drank or the fact that I ate way over my calories. And then when I got home last night and I was looking at the photos that we took, I saw this photo of myself and died a bit inside:


Granted, the angle is terrible, but this is really shocking. It’s a definite “before photo,” and it’s the catalyst I needed to get my ass really going. Couple that with the fact that my jeans have been fitting much tighter and I knew the scale wasn’t going to be pretty.

And I was so right.

20111226-094706.jpgWhich means that I gained 12 lbs since the last time I weighed in, which was November 27th. Wow. It means I have 35 lbs to go to reach my pre-op weight, 30lbs before I can call and tell them “I’m almost there.” And it really sucks because it means that I am now over 300 again.

I know that some of this is my body’s reaction to all the wine I drank these past two days – 4 glasses each night, at least. Plus all the carbs I consumed. And some of it is water retention because of an increase in sodium. But really, it’s because I have been too lax in following the things that I know I need to do in order to lose weight.

But don’t think this means that I’m getting down on myself or that I’m depressed. Because I’m not. If anything, this has lit a fire under me that will carry me for quite some time.

20111226-111347.jpg I bought these magnets from Artsyville a couple of weeks ago, and the messages couldn’t be more perfect for me.  They’re hanging on my refrigerator as a constant reminder of what I need to do.

“I know what I need to do.  Now I just need to get out of my own way so I can do it.”

“Get up. Get going. Get moving. Get grooving.  Right now.”

If you haven’t been to Arstyville’s Etsy Store, you should really check it out.  She’s got so many encouraging, motivational “doodles.” To me, they’re decorative and cheery, but they’re also the impetus I need to keep my focus laser-sharp on my goals.

All the motivation in the world is only as good as the actions that it inspires.  I’m happy to say that I received a few things for Christmas that are going to help me with the “action” part of that statement.

I didn’t make it to aqua aerobics last week, but you can bet that I’ll be going this week and every week from here on out.  I’d put these items on my Amazon Wishlist, and I’m so glad that my mom bought them.  I’d actually forgotten that I’d put them there, but I am so thankful that she got them for me.


Aqua gloves and aqua shoes, both by Speedo

The gloves are cool because they add resistance to the aerobic workout, increasing the heart rate, but they’re not as clunky as the Styrofoam dumbbells that the gym offers.  Have you guys ever used those types of dumbbells – they’re not easy to maneuver.  These will just glide through the water, and since they’re gloves, they won’t come off.  They’re easy to put on and take off, even one-handed, which is great.

The shoes are a must-have for anyone doing aqua aerobics, so that your feet don’t get torn up from the bottom of the gym pool. Plus they make running, jumping, and kicking a lot easier in the water.  I had a pair that someone had given me, but they were green/clear and too big.  These are maryjane-style and they match all of my bathing suits. Because why not add a bit of fashion sense to a workout if you can?  I can’t wait to use these on Wednesday evening, which will become my regular, weekly class.

Another fitness-related gift that I got was this Biggest Loser DVD that I had on my Amazon Wishlist:


I like the tagline: "From beginner to winner in 4 weeks."

20111226-094738.jpgSo I started this morning, before I even made the coffee.

I was in my pjs and sneakers and I completed Week 1 – Monday: Warm-Up, Cardio #1, and Cool Down.

It was 20 minutes of good cardio (my heart rate was elevated even during the warm up and cool down).

And because 20 minutes isn’t enough to burn the calories that I need to, I added in another of my Biggest Loser DVDs – the 30-Day Jump Start.  That one is 10 solid minutes of cardio (with a slight warm-up).

I had even thought that I would add in the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD, but after 5 minutes of that one, I decided that it was a bit too much for me on Day 1. I don’t want to burn out  before I even begin


I burned 518 calories in 35 minutes with these two DVDs, all before 9am!

I felt good when I was done, as I always do with a solid workout.  I’ll also take Sofi on a 30-40 minute walk a bit later today, which will help me get to my 60 minutes/day of cardio.

The other great thing about the exercise?  By the time I was done, I’d completely forgotten about how bad I felt on that scale this morning.  Because I was actually doing something about it.

Maybe that’s enough to get me back on the “Nice” list.

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