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clipart_sickI’ve been home sick with a really bad cold yesterday and today.  This particular bug has been making the rounds through my school, and I’m actually surprised that I evaded it for as long as I did.  The usual winter cold – bad sore throat, stuffy head, runny nose, and a bit of trouble breathing.

In the past I would’ve found this to be the perfect excuse to skip my workouts and just sit on the couch all day and watch TV or read.  Well not this time.  This time I was determined to fit some form of workouts in anyway.  I’ve heard that if it’s above the chest, you can still workout, but if it’s below the chest (meaning a stomach virus, etc), you should take it easy.  So I decided to see what I was capable of.

Yesterday I started out on the stationary bike, figuring that it would be a lot less taxing that trying the elliptical.  I did it while watching The Bachelor (this season my deal with myself is that the only way I watch the show is while I’m working out), and made it through the first individual date, or 18 minutes. Not too shabby.  I followed it up with Tone It Up‘s Love Your Arms & Abs workout (15 min).  Later in the afternoon I took Sofi on a short walk (15 min) around the neighborhood, just to get some fresh air.

Today I again watched Juan Pablo entertain the girls on a group soccer date while I rode the stationary bike (18 minutes).  Then my mom came over to try Tone It Up’s Love Your Booty routine (30 minutes) with me.  I’m also planning on taking Sofi for another short walk later this afternoon (about 15 min).

I can’t tell you how proud of myself I am!  Sure, the cardio workouts weren’t that intense, but with this cold, I definitely felt like I was pushing myself.  And the toning exercises are challenging, cold or not.  Either way, I didn’t let being sick become an excuse to skip my workout as I surely would have in the past.  I mean, c’mon – I’m sick and feeling lousy – what better excuse not to workout?  But that’s not who I am anymore.

These days I actually miss my workouts when I don’t do them.  I used to hear people say that when I was heavier and think they were full of it, but I can honestly tell you now that it’s true for me.  How times have changed! I feel like a completely different person than I did when I weighed 315 pounds, so it was almost like I NEEDED to workout when I had this cold, just to show myself how much I have truly transformed.  Mind and body.

It’s little moments like this that add up to show me the new person I’m becoming.  Now excuse me while I go make another cup of David’s Tea.


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It has been far too long since I’ve made (and stuck to) a true workout plan.  Since I have these next two weeks off from work, I definitely wanted to get myself back on track in that area.  Plus, after two weeks of solid workouts, I’ll be in a nice routine.  That way, I can begin the new year (and go back to work) with a nice little system set up. More on this week’s workouts in a minute.

I have been writing about it a lot lately, but for some reason as soon as I get overwhelmed, the first thing to go is my workout plan.  And it shouldn’t.  If anything, I should hit the gym more.  Because nothing helps me de-stress like a good workout.  It helps me clear my mind, release any frustrations, and feel so much better about myself (and maybe even the stressful situation).

The main thing is to make it a priority, even in the midst of a busy schedule with lots of other responsibilities.  I was talking about this with my sister last night and with her help, I’ve decided that I have to change up my “plans” during the winter, when the days are so short.  The main issue is getting home from work in enough time to take Sofi for a walk while it’s still light outside (because it’s still dark when I leave for work).  I have to also factor in getting more daily grading done. Because this year has been really tough on me in that area.  Having 3 honors classes (and the workload associated with them) is killing me, and by the time I get home I’m so mentally exhausted from the day, that the last thing I want to do is grade essays.  Which gets me behind, which stresses me out, and so on.  So, here’s what I’ve come up with.  It’s a very realistic, workable plan that will allow me to get everything I need to done and not feel like I’m letting any one area of my life slip.

  • On my “early” days:
    • 12:10-2pm: grading/planning
    • 2:30-3:30 gym time – elliptical or the bike for 45 minutes
    • 3:45-4:15 (or so) – walk Sofi
  • On my “late” days:
    • 2:25-3:00 (or so) – grading/planning
    • 3:30-4pm: walk Sofi
    • 4pm-5pm: workout DVDs/Wii
  • Saturday:
    • 10am: Zumba
    • 11:30-1pm: Clean the house
    • 2pm: Walk Sofi
  • Sunday:
    • “Rest” day
    • Walk Sofi
    • Grocery shop
    • Meal plan

My sister made me put in a set rest day, because as she pointed out, if I don’t, it’s way too easy for me to fall into the bad habit of just saying, “oh, I’m tired, today will be my rest day.”  And then continuing to do that for 3-4 days.

You’ll notice that the plan doesn’t have any of the classes that I love taking.  That’s because the ones that I can go to are in the evenings, and when I’m tired from working all week, and it’s dark outside, I am more than likely not going to be motivated enough to go out into the cold night and go to them.  If I decide to hit a class every now and then,  great, but I wanted to make a plan that would be very realistic for the way that I know my life is.

Since I won’t be going to my favorite classes on a regular basis, I want to make sure to fit them in these next two weeks, so here’s what I’ve come up with:

Monday, 12/19: 5:30pm – Zumba
Tuesday, 12/20: 10am – Yoga
Wednesday, 12/21: 6:30pm – Aqua Aerobics
Thursday, 12/22: 9am – Workout DVD/Wii  at home
Friday, 12/23: 10am – Yoga
Saturday, 12/24: 10am – Zumba

Monday, 12/26: 5:30pm – Workout DVD/Wii  at home
Tuesday, 12/27: 10am – Yoga
Wednesday, 12/28: 6:30pm – Aqua Aerobics
Thursday, 12/29: 9am – Workout DVD/Wii  at home
Friday, 12/30: 10am – Yoga
Saturday, 12/31: 10am – Zumba (w/Kim!)

I haven’t taken yoga at the gym before, but the teacher at 10am on Tuesdays/Fridays is my favorite Zumba teacher, and I’m sure she’ll make yoga just as fun.  She’s really good at giving directions and showing the moves, and that will be helpful in yoga, too. I’ve really enjoyed the bikram and yin yoga class I’ve taken at the studio, and since 24 Hour Fitness offers this yoga class as part of my membership, I might as well take advantage of it.  Yoga is a great de-stressor, and after the last month, I need all the help I can get in that area.  Look for a post about my thoughts on this yoga class later in the week.

This schedule works around plans that I’ve already made with friend, and I’ll make sure to work any new plans around this schedule. It’s just that important, and I want to look at my exercise time as MY time; a way for me to treat myself well and take care of myself.

Getting intense workouts in consistently is the final piece (and what has proven to be the most difficult aspect) of what it will take for me to lose the weight toward my goal(s).

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