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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

There is so much to update you all on, but I did want to mention how fun it’s been to see so many new bloggers join in on our HYC.  Welcome everyone!

Can you believe it’s already January 11?  Today marks several milestones and mini reasons to celebrate for me.  On the 11th day of 2011…:

  • …Lulu is 11 months old!  Her 1st birthday is on February 11, and I want to throw her a little puppy party.  My sister thinks the idea is very “chi chi,”  and sort of scoffs at me, but I told her that I really don’t need an excuse to celebrate Lulu any day of the week, so we might as well have a party when she’s a year old.  I wish more of my friends had puppies of their own; that way we could make it a real party.  I don’t know enough people at the dog park or the doggie daycare to feel comfortable having them in my home.  So I  guess it’ll just be my family and close friends and Lulu will have to soak up the spotlight by herself.  Actually, I think she’d prefer that option .
  • …I’ve been a non-smoker for 5 months!  153 days, to be exact.  And I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t miss it.  And the cravings have pretty well subsided too.  And when I calculate the money I’ve saved – 22 weeks X $24/week = $528.  Wow!!!  That’s a lot of money.
  • I’ve been doing the MeYouHealth Challenge for a few weeks now, and I’m loving it.  Each daily challenge is something that’s easy to do, but makes a significant impact on my well-being.  Plus it’s #2 on my 2011 Goals.This past week I’ve:
    • turned a negative into a positive
    • shared a healthy breakfast idea
    • acknowledged two things I’m really good at (two positive traits of mine)
    • went credit-card free for a day
    • bought a first-aid kit for my home and an emergency first aid kit for my car from the Red Cross Store
    • cleaned out a kitchen cabinet
    • created a sleep plan for the week
  • My HealthyLoserGal Be True to You Challenge isn’t going quite as well as I would’ve hoped.  Ever since this back pain became a more serious issue, I’ve been hesitant to attend any group exercise classes.  My plan was to go to aqua aerobics last night, but my sister got home later than expected from work, so I missed it.  This week is her first week back to work so the normal routine is going to be a bit off.  Plus, I really want to hold off and see what the doctor says in terms of exercising. But, I have been walking for at least 30 minutes each day, so that’s a positive.  And I have my doctor’s appointment today, so at least I’ll begin getting some answers/solutions to the back pain and arm numbness.
  • I also want to brag about 2011 Goal #1 – writing a comment a day on at least one of the blogs in my blogroll.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve been averaging 4-5 comments a day.  I’m enjoying completing this goal because reading those blogs helps me feel so connected to everyone.  Plus, I figure that the adage of “doing unto others” will work and I’ll start getting more comments on my blog in 2011.  I love reading comments and always appreciate the time it takes for you to leave your thoughts.

So there you have it.  What seems like a regular Tuesday to some is filled with NSVs and milestones for me.

What’s one thing you’d like to celebrate today?


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I love this image because it represents exactly how I’m thinking of my 2011 Goals.  They’re more than just resolutions that I’ll make one day and break the next.  They’re more than just ideas that are difficult to achieve in reality.  They’re aspirations, intentions, objectives.  Things that give me hope, focus my energy, and a target to meet.

I believe in them so much that I’m going to post this on a page and put it on the top of my blog.  Then every month on the 3rd (since I’m a little late with this post, due to unforeseen circumstances), I’ll check back in with them and see where I stand.  I’m sure there will be some tweaking along the way, but these are the things I want to accomplish in 2011.

I’ve given these goals a lot of thought, and I want them to be realistic for my lifestyle, my level of ability, and my priorities.

  1. Write at least one comment per day on one of the blogs in my blogroll (and hopefully many more than that).  I get so busy sometimes that I lose sight of the best part about being a weight loss/health blogger – the community.  And that community is a give and take.  I can’t expect to get support unless I give it.  And the fact of the matter is I get SO MUCH from reading these blogs.  I owe it to myself to take some time to do it everyday.
  2. Complete the TheDailyChallenge from MeYouHealth.(I hope you’ll join me in this one).  Join other challenges to keep myself motivated, remembering that I’m one busy lady and I don’t want to get overwhelmed.
  3. Keep my closets organized and snap a monthly check-in photo to post on this blog for accountability.
  4. Walk in a 5K by the end of summer.
  5. Make my 40th birthday a time to remember!
  6. Revisit C25K once I feel strong/light enough.
  7. Travel more.  Visit at least one friend whom I have to get on a plane to see.
  8. Be more social.  Have more people over.  Go out more.  Live a little.
  9. Curb unnecessary spending without sacrificing my lifestyle.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.
  10. See more movies.  I absolutely love movies, yet I never seem to find/make the time to go out and see them.  Even if it means I’m just watching Netflix, I want to make sure I see more movies in 2011.
  11. Above all, I want to lose weight. Plain and simple.  That’s what this entire blog has been about for years, and I want it to FINALLY happen in 2011. Most of the other goals on this list revolve around this one.
    • Lose the 36 lbs needed to qualify for the next step in the lap band process.
    • Keep my calories within 1400 per day most days (rare, truly special occasions allowed, because this is real life).
    • Log my calories with LoseIt daily – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    • Email my food journals to daily to ScaleWarfare.
    • Drink more water.
    • Move my body daily. This includes walking the dog, playing the Wii, doing a workout DVD, going to the gym for resistance training, riding my bike, swimming, taking a class (yoga, belly dance, zumba, spin, etc).
    • Weigh myself often (daily) to notice trends, stay on track, and keep motivation high. Record my “official” weight weekly.
    • Film bi-weekly YouTube videos about my journey so that I can have a visual record of myself and my progress.

I’m really looking forward to these goals, because they’re going to make me a happier person by the end of 2011, which is what life is really all about, isn’t it?  See you on February 3 with my first check-in.

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 21 – Future Self
Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?) (Author: Jenny Blake)

I like this prompt a lot!  In fact, I already wrote a note to my 16-year-old self in the form of a bunch of tweets.  As far as my 44-year-old self writing to me next year (sort of awkwardly worded, no?), here’s what I think I’d say:


You are about to enter one of the most exciting years of your life.  There are so many changes ahead for you and your family, and you’ll handle them all with grace and ease.  Some of them might seem daunting at first, but you’ll use your indomitable spirit to conquer/accomplish each one as they unfold.

Your sister and the girls moved in next door in late December 2010, but you all really began to get into a wonderful routine in January.  The girls loved their new school/daycare, Lulu and Minnie loved spending all day together, and you and kids had fun after school.  You and your sister saw each other every day, and you guys became closer than ever.  You often shared meals together, and it felt like old times.  LC knew that leaving her ex and moving back home (and in next to you) was the right decision to make.

It took an extreme amount of dedication and hard work on your part (you were never one to shy away from hard work), and you were able to lose the 30 pounds you needed to for the lap band surgery and it was scheduled by late March.

In late March/early April, you had the lap band surgery, and it changed your life, in terms of eating and your weight.  You were able to get used to the new way of eating, and smaller portions, and you lost a lot of weight.

Even though the lap band was helping you lose weight, you realized that it alone wasn’t going to do the trick, plus you wanted to avoid as much loose skin as you could, so you started working out in earnest even before you had the surgery.  From January 2011, you regularly attended spin, aqua aerobics, Zumba, and belly dancing classes.  You also did strength training – either on your own or in the Les Mills classes they offer at the gym.  You also incorporated bikram yoga into your exercise routine on a regular basis.  The nice thing was that LC joined the gym, too, so you and your sister were able to go together a lot, which made it so much more fun. You also began C25K training again, and were able to complete it this time, because you had lost enough weight that the jogging didn’t affect your knees as much.

The rest of the school year flew by and you enjoyed a long, peaceful summer.  You, LC, and your nieces went on bike rides, walked the dogs, went swimming, and enjoyed each other to the fullest.  You guys were very active, and the girls acclimated to their new house quickly and easily.  LC is so much happier now that she’s free of her ex.  She is more relaxed, and is able to take time out for herself.  Moving in next to you was the best decision she ever made, and you and your parents really helped her and the girls with the transition.

The summer of 2011 was also the first time you ran your first 5K!  Actually, you jogged/walked it, but you still finished it, and you crossed the finish line running, which was a phenomenal feeling.  You love participating in 5Ks, and think you’ll do lots of them throughout the remainder of the year.

July 2011 was your 40th birthday, and you did it up in style in Vegas.  You were so surprised when ScaleWarfare and CTLB were able to join in on the fun, and you guys all had the best time.  You even got to go skydiving and ziplining, which were two of your “Life List” things to accomplish by 40.  Vegas was scorching hot, but you were hotter, and enjoyed plenty of male attention as you and the girls went out on the town to all of the posh clubs in Vegas.

The fall of the year brought the beginning of school, which you enjoyed more than you ever have.  The students, staff, and teachers couldn’t believe how much weight you’d lost, and you relished in the compliments.  Not only that, but you had fabulous classes, all of whom were respectful and eager to learn.  Once again, you were able to maintain a nice balance of work and life.

Winter 2011 came quickly, but you enjoyed it as if it was your first, because you got to wear tons of new styles that you would have never worn before losing all the weight.  Your bank account suffered a bit, but it was worth it in the name of fashion, and you were happy to know that this year, these clothes would fit you for more than one season.

As you finished out the year, you counted all of your many blessings that 2011 brought.  You had the best year of your life, and you knew that it would only continue (and it has!).

Enjoy each and every moment, this is going to be a year to relish heartily!!

Your 44-year-old self

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 20 – Beyond Avoidance
What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?) (Author: Jake Nickell)

As much as I try new things all the time, I’m also an avoider, sometimes.  And it seems to have gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, although I’m really not sure why.  Maybe there are too many other things that I can use as excuses to distract me from the task at hand?

The whole idea of avoidance goes against who I am because I like to tackle things head on.  I’m not one to shy away from a situation, even if it might get “ugly,” confrontational, or intense.  I think one of my best attributes is that I’m never afraid to get in there and say what’s on my mind.

But maybe that’s the difference – I never avoid saying anything, but sometimes the doing is the hard part (mini ah-ha moment).

Some of the things I’ve avoided in 2010 are:

  • weekly weigh-ins
  • the scale
  • grading essays until the very last possible minute
  • organizing my closets

I do have to say that I’ve done each of these things sometimes, and some of them quite often.  It’s just the consistency that’s the problem.  So maybe what I really avoid is consistently following a healthy routine (minus the grading of essays,that’s just the bane of my existence no matter how you slice it).  So moving into 2011, I will stop avoiding and just do it.  Because I know I should.  Because I know I’ll feel better.  Because it’s time!

What will you stop avoiding in 2011?

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 18 – Try
What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? (Author: Kaileen Elise)

There are always so many things that I want to try, because I like keeping it fresh and finding out new things that might interest me.  So, with that in mind, here are a few things that I’m going to see if I like in 2011:

  • spin class (this is actually going to happen next week, but hopefully it will continue into 2011)
  • walk a 5K (I’d put walking in races on hold because I would get terrible cramps in my legs, but I think the daily walking with Lulu has helped me get past that).
  • give C25K another try (once I’m around 250 or so)
  • jog/run a 5K
  • boot camp class (at the gym)
  • scrapbooking
  • find another blog writing group like Reverb 10, because I’ve loved doing it
  • improve my video editing skills
  • make weekly YouTube videos once I get closer to surgery/have surgery
  • act revolutionary every day

As far as trying things in 2010, I tried everything I wanted to.  That’s one thing about me – I’m not usually afraid to try new things, so I’m able to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  I hope to add more to the list above as I discover new things that I’d like to try.

What are some things you’d like to try in 2011?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Can you believe that Christmas is in 4 days and that we only have a week and a half left of 2010?! This year really has flown by, especially the second half.

Originally this post was going to be my weekend update (I started writing it on Monday morning), but the day got away from me yesterday and I wasn’t able to finish it. So I’m going to multitask and have it serve as a combo update post – my weekend update and a HYC update. (I’m behind in my Reverb 10 posts, and I’ll write those as I have time, but I wanted to do a quick update about what’s been going on lately).

I’m officially on Winter Break (off of work until Jan. 3) and it feels great! I don’t have a ton of things planned each day, and that’s exactly the way I like it. It leaves me open to do whatever comes up, and it’s fun not having to stick to such a regimented schedule. You guys know what a planner I am, but every now and then it’s nice to be able to just see where the day takes you, rather than planning it all out.

Ok, so as far as a weekend update, I didn’t do a ton on Friday – I had a hair appointment, which was the ideal way to begin my vacation.  I always feel so pampered and pretty when I leave the salon, even if I don’t have anywhere to go but home.  Saturday I started tackling my 2nd bedroom.  The poor thing has been neglected all these months, and I still had all my boxes of books just waiting to be put up on the bookshelf.  The task is more daunting that it sounds, though, because I’m so anal about my books.  They’re like my little treasures, my personal collections, and I like to display them just so on the shelves.  And even though I packed them in roughly the same order that I stored them on the shelves, I’ve decided to go through the books one by one and decide which ones I’m keeping and which I’m donating.  Because some of these books, while meaningful to me when I bought them, no longer have the same appeal to me, and I’d rather donate them so that someone else can appreciate them.  My main impetus for getting the books on the shelves (besides the fact that I moved in September and it’s been 3 months) is that my sister needed the boxes that they were stored in.  I always do better when I have a goal to meet, so I was progressing well with the task at hand, until my nieces arrived and we spent the rest of the afternoon (while my sister went on the walk-through at her place with our landlord) playing, watching iCarly, etc.

T (my 8-year-old niece) is so excited about moving and seems like she wants to skip over everything, including Christmas, and just get to the moving day.  She really doesn’t seem to want to be at home (at the old house), and I really can’t blame her – it has to be filled with tension since my sister’s soon-to-be-ex husband refuses to leave.  She’s stuck there trying to pack up the house, with him watching over her, “making sure she doesn’t take anything that he wants.”  The guy is such a louse, but I digress.  I’m sure it’s less than comfortable at home despite my sister’s efforts, and since he’s never been especially patient or nice to her, T would rather not spend much time with her dad.  I’m sure she’ll miss him at  first, because he is her father, but I think after a few months in the new house, she’ll really flourish since she won’t have to seek attention or approval from someone who isn’t capable of giving it to her.

Anyway, before I knew it, T was asking, “Zia, can I stay with you tonight?” and my sister had this look on her face like it would be so much easier if she only had one child to deal with while trying to pack and avoid her ex, so of course I said yes.

So unplanned and unexpectedly, my 8-year-old niece and I had a pajama party, and we had the best time ever. We got Chinese food, watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alakazam (T’s reading all of the Harry Potter books, and she just finished that one).  At bedtime, even though I made up the bed in the second room and T was excited to sleep in a big bed to herself, she soon said, “Zia, I’m lonely over here,” and we all ended up sleeping in my bed together.  Who knew a little girl and a puppy could  take up 3/4 of a queen sized bed!  The next morning we  finished watch the movie and had breakfast before we headed back up to the old house for one of the (thankfully) last times.  I had a good time with T, who is growing into such a fun little girl.  Although I have to admit, I was TIRED on Sunday.  Good thing I have two weeks off!!

Most of Sunday was spent driving T back to her house and then returning and doing the rest of the last-minute shopping.  I’d purchased all the presents, but I had to head to Target to get the rest of the wrapping paper I needed, and man oh man was that place a zoo.

Yesterday the day just got away from me, but in a great way.  I woke up fairly early (6:3o) and read the paper with coffee – my usual morning routine.  Lulu had been wheezing/having trouble breathing quite a bit in the morning, and I made a quick call to the vet to check on it.  I knew that small breed dogs tend to have breathing problems, but the vet tech explained that because they take in so much dust and dirt into their nasal passages, they sometimes have to do a “reverse sneeze” where they’re trying to blow the dirt out of the nose.  It ends up sounding like they’re gasping for breath or having an asthma attack, but they’re just trying to clear their nasal passages.  It’s fascinating what I’m learning about puppies!  Anyway, she recommended some Benedryl to help with the inflammation of the nasal passage, and Lulu was good to go.

We’ve had a ton of rain lately, and while Lulu and I took a really long walk on Saturday and braved the rainstorm we got caught in, Sunday it was ridiculously windy and the rain was torrential, so we stayed in all day. Other than a few games of catch, she didn’t get much exercise, so I knew that Monday I had to take advantage of the break in the rain.  We headed to the dog park, and Lulu had one of the best times ever.  She palled around with this hilarious cocker spaniel mix who just so happened to love lying in the muddy puddles around the dog park.  Luckily for me Lulu had a bit more sense then to join in the mud baths, but she ended up a muddy mess nonetheless.  Good thing she was due for a bath anyway!  We headed over to Pet Food Express to give her a bath (I love this service they provide), and she came out looking like herself again.

The rest of the day yesterday was spent catching up on the phone with a few people, and just lounging around reading and watching t.v..

So far, I’ve had a very relaxing and fairly restful break.  I’m planning on continuing this pattern, although some days will have more on the agenda than others.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the events, in roughly the order in which they’ll occur:

  • making a dreaded trip to Costco with my dad, stocking up on some “supplies” (today)
  • spending time with a friend going to see Black Swan and out to dinner (today)
  • catching up on my #reverb 10 posts, which I’m dreadfully behind on (today)
  • wrapping Christmas gifts
  • finishing the bookcase
  • helping my sister pack
  • grading 44 essays (I’m planning on doing this a bit at a time so that it’s less painful)
  • preparing the appetizers for Christmas Eve (pea pesto crositini) and Christmas Day (WW cheese balls).  This also involves the obvious shopping, prepping, cooking, plating, etc.
  • spending time with family and relishing all of our blessings this holiday season
  • helping my sister move into the new house!
  • spending time with my nieces: maybe taking them down to Christmas in the Park, or just around our neighborhood, where the homeowners really make their homes glitter at this time of year.
  • taking a few new exercise classes at the gym
  • the annual after-Christmas-clean-out-the-closets fun where I donate anything I haven’t worn lately and neatly organize the rest
  • spend intermittent down time writing blog posts, reading, and just relaxing
  • enjoying New Year’s Eve looking forward to all the positive changes that 2011 has in store

What are your plans this week (or two)?

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 15 – 5 Minutes
Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)

I like this prompt because it makes me take stock of the year in a really short amount of time, so the most important things will bubble up to the surface first.  Here goes, setting the timer on my iPhone for 5 minutes and typing furiously:

  1. Lulu!
  2. I moved into this great new duplex.
  3. I decided to have lap band surgery.
  4. I was accepted into Kaiser’s Bariatric Surgery program.
  5. I finally gave up on WW and started counting calories, and it seems to have made all the difference. For me.  I’m not knocking WW, because it’s a great program for most.  Just not for me.
  6. I learned how to breathe properly when I swim, and find swimming to be one of the best “almost spiritual” activities I can do.
  7. I explored new exercises: Zumba & belly dancing, and realized how much I enjoy exercise classes.
  8. I discovered how much I love taking daily walks with Lulu.
  9. I have a knack for decorating, and I started showing that off more in 2010 by redoing my living room and decorating for the fall and winter seasons.
  10. I have the best support system in the world: my family, friends, and most of all, all of the online friends I’ve made on this blog and on Twitter.

I did that list with 1:07 to spare.  Because really, those are the most important things that happened to me or that I want to remember.  Sometimes less is more.  It’s kind of fun to drill down the year into 5 minutes, into 10 things, and realize that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it.

What would you capture in your 5 minutes?

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 14Appreciate
What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

There are so many things that I’ve come to appreciate in this past year, but probably the most striking is how much my life has changed for the better now that I have Lulu. She’s brought so much joy into my life, and has taught me so much about myself.

Because of her I:

  • practice patience.
  • live in the moment when we’re together.
  • play.
  • don’t take everything so seriously.
  • wake up early, but don’t mind.
  • get into conversations with complete strangers.
  • am so much more active!
  • walk every single day, rain or shine.
  • go to Pet Food Express more often than I go to Sephora.
  • know what it’s like to have someone rely on me completely.
  • moved to a much better house where I feel safe and at home in my surroundings.
  • am a better person.

Lulu came into my life at the perfect time. A few years ago, I wasn’t ready for her. My life was completely consumed with work, and then grad school. I didn’t have time to take care of myself, see anyone, or do anything. I lived to work, and it was completely unhealthy. And in the last few years I changed that, I found balance and created a life for myself where work was just a part of the puzzle. And then I was ready for Lulu.

I think Lulu has helped prepare me for the next phase I’m about to enter – taking on a much larger role in my nieces lives. I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes that take place in my life as I take on this new challenge in 2011.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

You how sometimes life just seems like it just can’t get any better?  Ya, well this is one of those times for me.  Here’s a quick sampling of what’s been going on:

  • I only have 3 more days of school before I’m off for 2 weeks on Winter Break. I am really looking forward to waking up when my body wants to, and not when the 5am alarm rings.
  • My sister signed her lease on the duplex, and so we’re now officially going to be neighbors.
  • While my nieces were sad to hear about the divorce and moving, they were ecstatic once they heard that they were going to be living next door to Zia and 5 minutes away from Nonni & Papa.  I’m so glad that they’re looking on the bright side of this huge change.  I credit my sister for knowing exactly how to break this news to the girls.
  • I’ve completed my Christmas shopping, and now all I need to do is wrap up all the presents into pretty packages.  I’m looking forward to playing some Christmas music and making it a fun few hours.
  • I’ve been enjoying the Reverb 10 prompts.  They’ve been a great way to reflect & manifest, just as the project intended.  I’m so glad that I saw this on SkinnyEmmie’s FB post and found out about it.
  • I lost 7 lbs last week.  Yes, 7 pounds in one week!  And that was without a real workout – just walking Lulu.  It feels like 1400-1500 calories a day is the perfect range for me.  I’m thrilled and hope the pounds keep dropping.
  • I committed to my plan of working out 5/7 days this week. I’m off to a good start, as I completed the core/elliptical machine workout last night.  My idea of choosing various classes is making me look forward to working out for the rest of the week.
  • I’m excited about all the ways that my life is going to change (improve) when my sister and my nieces move in.  I know we’re going to influence each other in countless ways that we can’t even imagine.  (I’m sure there will be times of annoyance, too, but those will no doubt be fewer and farther between).
  • Lulu continues to be a joy, and I consider myself lucky that I get to watch her grow each day.
  • My weight loss is on point – I’ve had the food down pretty well, and by incorporating workouts, I’m hoping to continue to see great results.
  • My friend CTLB sent me a card “just because.”  She told me that she was thinking of me a lot lately and wanted to let me know how special I was to her.  How amazing is that?  She really touched me by doing that, and it reminds me that it’s nice to send unexpected surprises to people, because a simple card can really make someone’s day.

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I’m writing this a couple of days early because I have a really busy day ahead of me on Friday, and I want to make sure to get this post written.

Let me remind you that it’s not too late for you to join in on the challenge – make these last few weeks of 2010 really count in whatever way you think is most important for you:

  1. Choose a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve by December 31st.
  2. Post weekly updates (you choose the day) about your progress.
  3. Decide on a gift (reward) that you’ll give yourself when you meet your goal.
  4. Post the Countdown Badge above on your blog when you post your weekly update, and link back to either ScaleWarfare or me, if possible!

My NEW Countdown to Christmas/NYE Challenge Goals Are:

  1. My goal is to eat 1400-1500 calories a day, tracking everything in LoseIt. I’ll also continue to email Scale Warfare with daily food journals.
  2. On days when I have special holiday events, make sure to make up the difference in calories by putting in extra time at the gym.
  3. Speaking of the gym, I’m committing to go for a strenuous/formal workout 4 times/week. At least 3 days of which will include a strength training portion.
  4. I’m still posting on Fridays.
  5. My gift is going to be a new pair of sneakers.

This week has been strange, in a good way.  I’ve been excellent on #1.  I’ll speak more about it in a bit, but I’ve done perfectly on it.  #2 hasn’t come up yet, although I am attending a holiday party for work tomorrow afternoon.  As for #3, I haven’t gone to the gym in a week, although I’ve been really active with housecleaning, walking Lulu, etc.  I know those things don’t count as strenuous, but with everything else that I have going on right now in my personal life, I’m not upset that I haven’t gone to the gym.  Here’s why:

Even though I haven’t been writing weekly weigh-in posts, I have been weighing myself regularly.  In fact, I weigh myself every day, and today is my “official” weigh-in day.  I had fantastic results on the scale:

I lost 7 lbs this week!!!

So you tell me.  I upped my calorie intake, didn’t workout, but had the best week of weight loss since I tried the South Beach Diet two years ago.  Go figure.

Actually I know that one has to eat a certain number of calories in order to lose weight, so I guess for me that number is around 1400.  So while I was trying to be a good little lab band patient and follow Kaiser’s 1200 calories/day plan, I think I’m going to stick with this, because it’s working.

But how I lost this much weight without working out, I don’t know.

Before you write me a ton of comments, I know I need to get to the gym.  I understand the importance of cardio, resistance training, and muscle building.  I’m definitely going on Saturday, and until then, I’m going to increase the smaller activities I can do around the house.  There is just so much going on for my family right now (see yesterday’s post for more details), and I can only do what I can do.

But I do feel like I’ve hit that “sweet spot” in terms of calories and it makes me confident that I can continue this momentum.  I know I won’t lose another 7 lbs next week, but I think 2 is realistic, especially if I hit the gym.

I’m looking forward to these last 3 weeks of 2010!

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