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<;br />;It’s summertime! Which means that life is a lot easier – my schedule is free, healthy fruits and veggies are plentiful, and I have nothing but time to work on this goal. Success is practically guaranteed – all I need to do is follow through with my actions. My re-assessment meeting with my surgeon was on Friday, June 8th, which just so happened to also be my last day of school before summer vacation, making Fridays the perfect day to weigh-in. So throughout the summer, I’ll be giving Friday progress updates called Successful Summer Weigh-Ins.

I’m just popping on here to do a quick recap. I had to be at school early today for a teacher workday, and I decided today’s post would forgo the scale and focus on the summer as a whole.

In the past 10 weeks, I showed myself how much I enjoy exercise when it becomes part of my daily routine. I burned an average of 500 calories a day this summer, and some days it was well over 1000. If the activities are fun, fitness becomes a hobby and not a commitment. I know that as the seasons change and swimming is not an option once the pool closes, I will have to find the fun in machines/classes at the gym. And sometimes just seeing how much faster or farther I can push myself will have to be reward enough. But for now, the pool is open, and I am lucky enough to have that 3rd period prep again this year, so I’m planning on hitting the pool 2-3 times a week until it closes. Also, the weather will remain nice through mid November, meaning that outdoor bike rides are available for months. In fact, I haven’t ridden my bike in weeks, so that’s on the agenda this weekend.

The main concern I have going into this school year is not giving in to being tired. My plan to insure that I don’t skip workouts is to head to the pool/gym directly after school on my early days and put in the time then. On the late days I’ll come home and walk Sofi immediately and then go on a bike ride or do a DVD/OnDemand workout before I do anything else. And then if I want to go to an evening class in addition to the first workout, I will. But if I need to focus on school work or something else, I won’t feel guilty, because I’ve already burned calories. I do want to try to meet up with people for those evening classes, because if I have a “date,” I’m much more likely to go. Plus, several colleagues belong to my gym, so finding someone to meet shouldn’t be hard.

This summer I’ve enjoyed fresh fruit and veggies at every meal, and overeating became almost nonexistent. I kept my calories around 1200/meal, going over that only when I’d put in serious exercise. Eating three 400-calorie meals with no snacks kept me satisfied and curbed cravings. I had moments of giving in to tempting treats, but those were few and far between.

In terms of the changing season, I mentioned in my other post that being on more of a routine should actually come in handy. Preparation and organization come naturally to me, so a school schedule will actually help me in that eating out of boredom won’t be an issue during the day. Nighttime will be something to prepare for, but I just have to keep my mind strong and my actions will follow.

My focus was on my goal throughout the summer, and will remain so as school begins. I lost 15 pounds, and although I had grandiose plans to have shed double that amount, I’m proud of what I’ve done.

This fall I WILL be under 300 lbs, and before 2012 comes to a close, I’ll have achieved my goal. Period.

Since weekday mornings are hectic, I’m moving my weigh-ins to Sunday, so I’ll see you next week with a new tale from the scale.


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