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1. I’m thrilled that as I type this I’m getting my “sparklers” worked out. It’s been far too long, but I had to recover from Christmas before I could afford it again. I love the whole salon experience, and especially the feeling of being a “girly girl” and taking care of myself. Plus, it’s nice to get time to sit and read (or blog).

I saw these “Jane Eyre” shoes the other day on one of my bibliophile sites, and I love them. They seem pretty easy to make, so I just may have to make this my first 13 in 13 Goal #7 craft. I have the week of February 18th off, so look for a post about my “novel shoes” sometime around then. I think I’ll make Catcher in the Rye flats as my first project.

3. I’m excited for tomorrow because LC and I are going to spend a “sister day” together. We’re heading out to Half Moon Bay early so we can ride bikes along the beach. Then we have a pedi scheduled later in the afternoon, and we’re going to finish with a yummy sushi dinner. Can’t wait!!

4. I saw this on FB early this afternoon, and it couldn’t be more true!


5. What pre-Superbowl post would be complete without a little 9er love? I’m so looking forward to the game, and can’t wait to celebrate a SF victory!!!


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