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I love trying new foods. I think part of it is the mystery of the unknown. Will I like the taste? Is it going to be a regular part of my menu from now on? And part of it is the “cool factor” of being groundbreaking.

Last night I tried a new type of fish called Swai.  It was on sale at Safeway and was something I had never heard of before. Maybe it’s not a new fish to most of you, but to me it was, and it made dinner a bit more exciting last night.


They were selling it frozen, in individual vacuum-packed bags. I love that, because it makes defrosting it so much easier.

Plus, I knew I HAD to try it with nutritional info like this:

I wanted to make the dinner quick and easy, so used one of my favorite “kitchen helpers” – Zip n’ Steam Bags. I usually only use them for steaming veggies, but they can steam meats, so I figured with a delicate white fish like this, it would be a great method to use. And because I wanted to keep the meal as lowcal as possible, I used one of my favorite sauces – Chaka’s MMM Sauce.


After 4 minutes in the micro, the fish looked like this. Definitely nothing to write home about, but very mild in smell and taste. The link above said that Swai is similar to catfish, but to me it’s closer to Tilapia. Very mild and versatile.

I knew the Chaka’s would help liven it up, and did it ever.  My meal was delicious!  Best of all, the entire spread you see before you was only 219 calories!


Dinner: fresh from the garden tomato, kale and onions, swai with Chaka's sauce. Yum!

Swai is going to become a regular part of the rotation in my kitchen.  I bought several different marinades  to add some flavor, including a mango spice one that I think will make fantastic fish tacos.

Are you adventurous in the kitchen?  What’s your newest food find?


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