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As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I get to find out about a lot of really cool and interesting things related to health and fitness, but this is, by far, one of the coolest things I’ve seen.

Bia: A GPS Sports Watch for Women that Men Want, Too

Before I go into why I think Bia is so great, watch this quick video. (WordPress isn’t letting me embed the video directly on my page, but PLEASE watch it, because it shows all the functionality, plus you get to meet the women behind the watch).

Pretty cool, right?  (You DID watch the video, didn’t you?)

I have been hesitant to buy a heart rate monitor/sports watch since I lost my BodyBugg a couple of years ago.  They either seemed too bulky, not totally functional for what I wanted, and just too expensive.  But the Bia is a whole different thing.


Yes it is smaller… and it does come in pink. But true athletic beauty is about so much more than looks. We built pretty packaging around robust multisport functionality and ANT+ connectivity, and then we made it so smart it’s simple.


  • Safety alert for peace of mind on solo workouts
  • Quick-connect GPS; no more time wasted “finding satellites” 
  • Data to your online training log; no more time wasted “sync’ing”
  • iPod-like ease of use; just one button and a touchscreen
  • Water resistance to 100M; full GPS tracking when you swim

And don’t forget full triathlon race mode and unlimited Galloway-style walk-run intervals. Plus with Bia, you become part of a community just as amazing as you, both at the starting line and online through www.bia-sport.com.

Bia is the sports training watch the “big boys” won’t make. It’s built for the 99% of us who love to sweat, but don’t have time for technology that gets in the way of our workout.”

I love that it was conceived of and designed by two women from the Bay Area.  Two women who are into fitness and saw a need in the market and took it upon themselves to fill it. That entrepreneurial spirit is something that inspires me to go after my own dreams and make them a reality.

Now, moving on to practical purposes, I really like that this watch is smaller than a Garmin.

Garmin vs Bia = no contest

Not only is the size of this watch made for a woman’s wrist, but it can also go in the water!  Perfect for swimming enthusiasts (like me) or those who are participating in a triathlon (like me, someday!).

But I think the feature that really sold me is that it has an emergency button that you can push if you need it.  It has an audible alarm and can send your location to a loved one or emergency services. That’s peace of mind.

Pretty  cool, right?  Are you wondering how you can get one?  Well BiaSport is still in need of backers, like us, to help them make sure that the dream becomes a reality.  I pledged money to help them bring this amazing gadget to fruition, will you?

Go to the Bia Kickstarter page and make a donation.  Every bit helps, even a dollar.  Isn’t it worth the cost of a coffee drink to see something like this come to market?  Please pass this on, because they only have until July 14th to raise enough to fund this project.


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I have some AMAZING news to share with you! I’ve been bursting at the seams to let you know that I was contacted by Fit Approach, a San Francisco-based health and fitness company that holds bootcamps, fitness events, and so much more. As they say on their website:

Fit Approach: a healthy community we’re building, one pair of pink shoelaces at a time.”

I have long-admired the philosophy of healthy living that Fit Approach subscribes to, and have been showing the link love on my blog for a year. I also follow them on Twitter (@fitapproach), liked them on Facebook, and am pining away for their pins on Pinterest. The thing that really drew me in was the girl-power attitude that they show in everything they do – down to their pink shoelaces.

Anyway, back to my excitement. Out of the blue last week when I was having a rather tough day, I got an email from Fit Approach telling me how much they loved my blog and that they would love for me to become a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I can’t tell you how much that email made my day. Not just because of their compliments about my perseverance and never give up attitude, but because they saw something in me that they thought would add to their community. That I, a plus-sized, morbidly obese woman, could offer something that their active, fitness-enthusiast readers would want to read. I saw limits falling away and boundaries being broken. I was (and am!!) thrilled!

Who are Sweat Pink™ ambassadors?

  • Enthusiastic health nuts who love sweating and eating well, but can also appreciate the finer things in life (chocolate, cheese, wine…)
  • Natural leaders. They motivate those around them to achieve their best, and set an example of healthy, positive living. They set up running clubs for their friends, and organize gym dates early in the morning or after work. They get their co-workers to try yoga, and to order fruit instead of donuts for meetings.
  • Passionate. Whether they go gaga for green smoothies or tear up the floor every day at Zumba, there’s something about living well that really gets them going, and their enthusiasm is infectious.
  • Curious. Always looking out for the latest fitness or foodie craze, eager to learn, connect, share, and discover.

~from Fitapproach.com

That sounds like me, doesn’t it? At least the me that I try each day to be! As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I get to make an impact on a community that strives to show how much fun fitness can be. Not only am I going to be a contributor to their site, with all of the exposure that that offers, but they also provide tons of swag.

Pink shoelaces for EVERYONE!!!

Seriously, I have tons of pink shoelaces to giveaway. I’ll happily pay to send them to you, as long as you commit to take one photo of yourself out and about, being active and wearing the pink laces (shoe shots are fine for those who want to remain anonymous). I’ll collect a bunch of photos and add them to a bi-monthly blog post I’ll call #SweatPink Saturday. If you’d like a pair of pink laces, just email me your mailing address and I’ll send them out to you before the end of the week.

I took this photo on Sunday as Sofi and I took a walk in our neighborhood while I got my #sweatpink on.

You know you want some pink laces so that your shoes can look as snazzy as mine do in this shot. 🙂

So, who’s going to show their #sweatpink love?

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