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This past weekend was really quiet.  I wasn’t feeling very well – I’d gotten a bit of a back-to-school cold – so I took it easy.

I laid low most of the day on Saturday, but then when my friend called me at the last minute to ask if I was able to join her for a late matinee of The Help,  I jumped at the chance. No matter how badly I was feeling, I could definitely sit in an air-conditioned theatre and enjoy a movie I’d been wanting to see.  Plus, my friend and I don’t get to see each other too often because we both have busy schedules (especially her), so I always jump at the chance to see her when I can.  I hadn’t read the book (although it’s on my to-read list) but I did enjoy the movie.  There were several poignant moments that had me tearing up.  The acting was outstanding, and the characters were vividly drawn.  The movie did a fair job of addressing racism in America in the late 50s in Mississippi, but I did leave the theatre with a feeling that the glossed over the most important parts.  But maybe that’s just me.  Others who have seen this movie, what were your thoughts? 

The highlight of my Sunday was attending Sofi’s first Puppy Kindergarten class with her.  We had a great time, and I learned SO much.  The rest of my Sunday was spent at Costco and Safeway, gathering food for the week.  Oh, and I did watch the VMAs, which was the biggest waste of 2 hours in recent memory.  But maybe that’s just me showing my age.  I didn’t enjoy them at all and don’t plan to watch them again no matter who is performing.

In other news, I’ve decided to move up the date of my new food plan to today.  I like starting new diets/food plans on Monday, and there’s no reason to wait the extra couple of days, right?  Plus, I had quite a few “last meals” this weekend, and I just felt like I wanted to start eating more “cleanly” today.  It’s going really well so far, which is encouraging.

Resting up this weekend was nice because I’m feeling back to my old self.  I’ve learned my lesson – get enough sleep (go to bed earlier than midnight!!) and take my vitamins every day without fail.  🙂


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