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Happy Monday! The weather outside is glorious – it should get into the mid 80’s – very sunny, clear skies. Sunny days like this make me smile. That, and the fact that there are only 31 more school days. Gotta love this time of year!

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FMM: Inside My Head

I like…sunny spring days

I don’t like…mean people – they suck.

I love…my friends and family – they stand by me and support me through everything.

I dream of…a time when I’ve retired from teaching and every day is like summer vacation.

I wonder…what I will look like at goal. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I know…that I need to buckle down and get lots of grading done over the next few weeks so that if when I am called for surgery, I’ll be prepared to leave.

I went…to my alma mater high school’s 50th anniversary celebration on Sunday. I had expectations of seeing lots of former classmates, but no one from my graduating year attended. The best part of the day was spending time with my sister and nieces. Oh, and the outfit.

I think…a positive attitude makes all the difference.

I plan…everything! Lol.

I regret…very few things. I don’t think it’s healthy or productive. Learn from mistakes and keep moving forward.

I do…the best I can everyday.

I drink…at least 8 (but usually more like 10) glasses of water a day. Along with several cups of coffee and some tea, I always have a drink going.

I wish…for my surgery date to be set for the beginning of May.

I am…heading to the grocery store later this afternoon and I need to think of some good meal plans.

I am not…sure what I’ll do for my birthday this year, but it’s in July so there’s time to decide. (Stole this one directly from Kenlie, because it fits).

I need…to do laundry and a few other household chores.  I had a whirlwind weekend and left too many things on my To Do list.

I hope…I am able to pursue my ambition to become a health educator in the future.

I want…to organize my weekdays for the next few weeks so that I can fit everything (grading, housework, workouts, fun, leisure) in.

I sometimes…like to imagine an unlimited bank account balance.

I always…tell it like it is.

I can…fit into clothes that were too small a month ago.

I cannot…wait to get a surgery date. (Sorry, it’s the MAIN thing on my mind).

I avoid…negative people.  The world has way too much ugliness in it already.

I will…continue to appreciate all the little ways that my life is getting better day by day.

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