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Autumn has arrived! Which means that life is back to normal – school’s in, my schedule is busy, and obligations abound. But I won’t use those as excuses to slack on my goals. The great thing about fall is that the weather is cooler and there are no holidays or other social commitments to derail me from strictly adhering to my food and workout plan. I’m determined that fall 2012 will be when I achieve my pre-surgery weight loss goal. Since weekday mornings are hectic, I’m moving my weigh-in day to Sunday. Sundays are the perfect day to weigh in because I don’t have any other morning obligations and can focus on my weight loss. Plus, Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend. Throughout the fall, I’ll be giving Sunday progress updates called Fabulous Fall Weigh-Ins.

This week was fantastic!   I stuck to the plan all week, got some great (sometimes frosty) workouts in, and just felt really motivated and proud of myself.

That’s wonderful Bella, but what were the results on the scale?!!

This morning I weighed in at 303.6, which is a loss 2.8 lbs this week. Which means I now have 23 pounds to go to reach the pre-surgery requirement. Even though I didn’t lose all of the weight that I’d gained last week, I did lose more than half of it, and 2.8 is completely on track for my December goal.

All week I felt confident and happy about what I was doing to promote my weight loss.  I didn’t let the pain of the plantar fasciitis get the better of me, and I braved the freezing pool twice.  I also got in a dance party and a kickboxing workout.  I tracked my food, stayed on plan, and drank my water.  My goals were to get back to basics, and that’s exactly what I did.

This morning I went to the new JC center, and I love it!  The center itself is bright, clean, and very organized.  I felt happy just walking in the door.  My consultant, Sherri, was wonderful!  She’s energetic, knowledgeable, and so confident in the information that she’s giving.  As she was asking me questions about myself and my weight loss goals, her responses let me know that she really cares.  Their scale had me down almost 4 lbs today (I think the two scales must be weighing differently, which is another reason why I’m glad that I do my official weigh-ins at home), and Sherry was so enthusiastic and positive.  She high-fived me!  Talk about a turnaround compared to my old consultant – night and day!!  I am so happy that I made the change, because I know that I’m going to look forward to my Sunday morning JC weigh-ins now.

Sherri also gave me a really great tip that I thought I’d share:

Another great thing that happened this week was that I woke up pain free this morning – that hasn’t happened in more than a month!  I took two rest days in a row on Friday and Saturday where I didn’t even give Sofi a walk, and I think that did the trick.  I’ve also been good about doing the stretches and taking Aleve to help with the swelling.  Even though I know I might have lost more weight if I’d gotten two additional workouts in, I think it was more important to get some relief  from the pain.  I feel like a new woman, ready to get out there and tackle anything that comes my way.

My workout plan this week is to continue with swimming, but rather than fight the elements at the unheated, outdoor pool, I’m going to start swimming at 24 Hour Fitness.  I avoid swimming there because it is so heavily chlorinated, but with my foot being the way that it is, swimming is one of the best options I have.  I will also ride my bike (or the recumbent bike at the gym), and go to Saturday morning Zumba.  5 workouts equaling at least 225 minutes of exercise this week.

Until next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!


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 Before I left for my Thanksgiving trip, I wanted to make sure that my iPhone was filled with lots of good music and podcasts to listen to on the plane and in the car.  I was searching “weight loss” in the iTunes podcast section and it came up with Fat 2 Fit Radio. 

The podcast is hosted by Russ Turley and Jeff Ainslie, who have each gone on their own weight loss journey.  Jeff lost 50 pounds several years ago, and is now a personal trainer, PE teacher, and expert in the field; Russ is still in the process of losing weight, but has lost over 70 pounds in the past 2 years.  The main premise of the podcast is to promote  the idea that in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you have to make a lifestyle change, rather than going on some sort of short-term, fad diet program.  The dynamic of the show is that Jeff serves as the expert and Russ is going through the process of losing weight.  Russ checks in with his weight loss goals each week, and I like that they focus on a three-pronged approach: food, exercise, and motivation.  Each week, Jeff assigns Russ some sort of “homework” that he should work on for the upcoming week. (One of the recent assignments was so interesting that I’m planning an upcoming post around it).

The format of the show is really organized and interesting.  They begin with view emails, which they answer in depth.  Then they go to a “web” feature.  (On a recent show Jeff highlighted a website called Supercook, which offers lots of suggestions of recipes you can make based on the ingredients you have on hand at home.  It sounds like a great site, and from what I saw when I checked it out, it looked like a really simple user interface).  After that, they spend most of the 30-minute podcast on a topic of the week.  Recent weekly topics include: Travelers of Size, Your Ideal Weight, How to Stay Motivated, and Eat to Save Your Life

I have been listening to the podcast for about a week now, and find it a great way to get some interesting information, find out about new websites and products, and stay motivated.  I listen to it on the commute home each day, and it’s a great way to transition from work to home.  It’s nice to get the male perspective on weight loss, since so many of the weight loss experts seem to be women.  I also really like that one of hosts is actually trying to lose weight, so he shares many of the same experiences that we do. 

I really recommend checking it out.  If you do, please let me know what you think of it.

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