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As this year is winding down, I thought I’d put the Stats tools that WordPress gives me to some use and see which posts written in 2011 got the most traffic.  Granted, those that got the most hits does not necessarily mean they’re the favorites, but the likelihood is good that they are worth another look.  So here are the Top 11 of 2011…

1. My 1-Year Smoke-Freedom!!
2. Over the Rainbow
3. Bella’s Stats
4. Cannot Wait: Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo
5. Bella Begins
6. Bella’s 2011 Goals
7. My Best Compliment Ever
8. Bella Cooks
9. Yesterday I got SMOOSHED!
10. Reebok RealFlex & Zumba
11. Summer Fun Starts Today!

Which post was your favorite?


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