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This morning I woke up before my alarm because I was so excited about my 6-month post-op check-up.  Going into today’s appointment, I knew the doctor would be pleased with my weight loss, and I knew the nutritionist would be happy about my food logs, but beyond that, I wasn’t sure what my lab results would show.  I’ve been fairly consistent with my vitamins, but there have been several days or even whole weeks where I simply forgot to take the vitamins.  Which isn’t good, especially since I need to take them for life.

First up, I weighed in at just a pound over yesterday’s weigh-in, which is great, because I had clothes on at the Kaiser scale and I’d had a protein shake. My blood pressure was good, too.

I met with the nutritionist first who was very happy with my food logs on MyFitnessPal. She liked my protein-to-calorie ratio, and the fact that my carbs were low.  She did say that she’d like me to get more calories in.  My daily average is about 850-900 and she’d like it to be around 900-1000.  I’m not really sure how I can add more calories in, unless I add in a snack, because I can’t eat more than I do at each meal.  I don’t want to get overly stuffed and feel uncomfortable.  So, while I understand her goals for me, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s been working, and my weight loss has been very consistent.

Next up, I met with the doctor, and I was very interested to hear the results of my lab work.  I’d received the lab results from Kaiser via secure email two days after the blood was drawn, but I didn’t understand how to interpret it.  My main concern was with my iron levels, because for years I’ve been borderline anemic.  I’m really happy to report that I am not anemic, or anywhere near it!  This is fantastic news!!  The rest of my labs were all good – I’m not deficient in anything.  When I told the doctor that I’d been having some trouble remembering to take my vitamins, especially with the time that I need to allow between them, she said that I could take them just twice a day.  What a relief! For some reason, I thought that because my multivitamin has iron in it, I couldn’t take it with my calcium, and in fact had to wait two hours in between.  The doctor said the iron in the Multi is negligible, and that she’d much prefer me to take all the vitamins in two doses if it meant that I remembered them.  She also said that she really liked the Celebrate Vitamins that I’d been taking because it was a good quality brand.  So now I’m taking these vitamins, once in the morning before school and once in the evening before dinner:

Nightly before bed, I’m taking 1 Celebrate iron + C

And two times a week, I take 1 Nature’s Bounty sublingual B12

Because it has been a bit difficult for me to remember to take the vitamins consistently, I asked the doctor if we could add an extra set of labs at the 9-month mark, just to keep me accountable.  Now that I have this new system of taking the vitamins it will be easier to remember them, but knowing that I have the bloodwork in February, I know I’ll be more likely to remember them.  The doctor said that she’d absolutely do that for me, and that she was glad that I asked for what I needed.  She did say that she won’t be able to make an appt with me, but that she’d be in contact via email once she reviewed the labs.  Another great reminder to ask for what you need.

Weight Loss & Exercise
The doctor said I was “a rockstar” for my weight loss progress. She was impressed not just with how much I’ve lost in these 6 months, but how consistently I’m losing. She also really happy with my exercise routine.

I left the appointment feeling so good about myself and all that I’ve accomplished.  So good, in fact that I celebrated in a few ways:

2013-11-18 13.12.20 My water intake is always decent, but when I saw this cute tumbler, I thought, why not make it fashionable, too? It was an inexpensive gift to myself that helps me keep my H2O flowing.

Since I was home early today, Sofi and I went on a 50-minute walk through the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful, crisp, clear day, so I wanted to take advantage of it while I could.  (Rain’s in the forecast for the next 3 days).  We were having so much fun out there that I decided to try a bit of jogging toward the end of the walk.  Nothing major, but I did decide to start jogging at about 15-20 seconds at a time.  I started at one landmark and jogged until I hit the next one.  Sofi loved going faster, so maybe I’ll incorporate short bursts of light jogging more often when we walk.

2013-11-18 12.48.04The last celebratory item came out of necessity.  It was absolutely freezing today, and I have no long sweats/yoga pants that fit.  All the workout/loungewear that I have are cropped, and those are getting too big.  When I think of milestone-worthy sweats, one type come to mind – Victoria’s Secret.  I didn’t think they’d have any that I could fit into, but then I saw these boyfriend pants aka sweats, which go up to a size XL (16). I know they may be a tiny bit tight when I get them, but I am sure that before Christmas, they’ll fit great.

vsboyfriendI love these and can’t wait to wear them!!

Today’s been a really awesome day in every way.  I’m glad my health is great.  I’m thrilled that I can move more.  And I’m stunned that I can fit into (or soon will) clothes from VS!! 2013-11-17 18.27.56

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stethoscope1 Yesterday I had my 6-Week Post Op VSG appointment, and the news was all good.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my blood pressure was in the normal range, which felt great.  I used to worry about putting that cuff on, but now I’m confident that the numbers will be good from here on out.

First I met with the surgeon, who told me that I looked great.  He said my incisions are healing beautifully, that my workouts were really impressive, and that my weight loss was going at a good pace.  It was the last time I’d be meeting with him, which was bittersweet.  He pushed me, challenged me, and motivated me to reach the pre-op weight requirement.  He told it to me straight, and showed a bit of tough love, which I really appreciated. It’s going to be strange to head up to the Fremont Bariatric department and not see him.  But I guess it shows that I’m moving on into the rest of my life.

Then I met with the nutritionist, who was extremely impressed with my detailed food logs; I printed out the past two weeks of diaries from MyFitnessPal. She complimented my organization and meticulousness, and I told her that I actually really liked putting as much info as I could into my entries. I really recommend MFP to anyone who wants to keep track of what they’re eating and how they’re exercising. Plus, I love the support I get from all my friends on there. It’s really amazing.

She checked my vitamins, and recommended that I make a few changes.

  • Multivitamin: I bought a more complete multivitamin, which now includes iron. Because of the iron, I now need to take my calcium separately from now on.  (Iron blocks the body from fully absorbing calcium).
  • Calcium Citrate: The soft chews I’ve been taking are good, but I’m only getting in 1000mg of calcium, instead of the recommended 1500mg.  So I’ll still be taking 4 of those, but I also bought another chewable that will get me to my 1500mg goal. Since the soft chews are 15 calories each, I didn’t want to add in two more a day.  For me, “spending” 60 calories on the soft chews are worth it, especially with the workouts I get in, and they’ve been great to take as a treat because they satisfy my sweet craving.  The chewable is perfect because it’s only 7 calories.  Who knows, if I like it, I may just take 3 of them a day instead. All of these vitamins also include Vitamin D, since it helps the body absorb calcium better.
  • B1: I haven’t been taking B1, but the nutritionist recommended that I put it back in my daily routine, because among other things, it promotes a healthy metabolism.  No arguing with that.
  • B12: I’d been taking the sublingual B12 three times a week, but the nutritionist said that I could drop it down to twice a week.
  • Vitamin D: I’d been taking a daily does of 5000mg of D, in addition to the 1000mg I’m getting in the soft chews, and she told me it was too much.  She recommended buying a 1000mg to take daily.
  • Iron + C: The chewable I’d been taking wasn’t the correct form of iron, so I bought another one that will be correct.

In addition, I’m also taking a preventative gall bladder medication, and Pepcid for heartburn prevention.

When I complained that I didn’t feel like I was losing weight quickly enough, she took a close look at my logs, and said that while she thought my weight loss was steady, she did think that I might want to try cutting carbs a bit.  It’s been something I’ve been thinking of, too, so I’m glad that she recommended it.  She said she’d like to see me eating 600-800 calories/day (which I have been) and getting in 60-75g protein (which I have been).  She wants me to try to get the protein in with real food, rather than protein shakes, and now that I’m on Stage 4, which increases my protein portion from 2oz to 3oz, it should be easier.

Stage 4 is going to be wonderful! I really think it’s going to be where my weight loss thrives.

  • All sources of protein are now open to me.  The only thing they say to hold off on is steak, which they recommend trying after 6-9 months. I’m looking forward to turkey burgers, shrimp, chicken, and ground beef.  (Along with the tilapia, salmon, etc that I’ve been enjoying).
  • Raw veggies!!!! Hello, SALADS, I’ve missed you.  Along with cucumbers and bell peppers.  The crunch that raw veggies offer are going to be a perfect substitute for the carb-heavy crackers/wasa bread I’ve been having.

Since I want to take full advantage of the “sweet spot” the first 6-9 months offer me to lose the largest amount of weight, I’m going to keep the non-produce carbs very limited for now.  I’ll still have some carbs once in a while and on special occasions, but as a general rule my daily food plan won’t include them.

I’m happy that I’ve received a clean bill of health, and I’m looking forward to improving from here.


BTW, this is my 1400th blog post, which seems like cause for a bit of fanfare, so if you’ll indulge me…


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As you guys know, I’ve been taking vitamins (lots and lots of vitamins) every single day since June 8th. One of the vitamins that I take everyday is Biotin, which is supposed to help promote hair growth. This will become really important once I start losing weight quickly after surgery. I am not ashamed to admit that I’m pretty vain when it comes to my hair, and losing it really scares me. Needless to say, the Biotin is one that I never forget to take.

But the other thing that Biotin also promotes? Nail growth!

My natural nails have never been nice. They break and split on the side, so I’ve always just kept them really short. Until now. The Biotin is making my nails strong, and they’ve been growing. Having nice-looking, natural nails is a sign of good health.


My natural nails have NEVER looked better.

Not only are they growing, they’re all the same length, which is really something.

So today I found myself with a bit of time, and I decided to polish them.  Now I’m no Kenlie, who is an expert at doing her own nails, but I’m pretty proud of the way they turned out.  The accent nail, that pink camo one (which is called Booty Call – love!), is a Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strip.  Have you seen those?  They’re like stickers for your nails that go on really easily and are supposed to last up to 10 days.  I’d never tried them before, but they were simple to use, and I liked that they didn’t need to dry, unlike the polish.  I wanted to be really careful not to get any bubbles or other nail problems, so I let each coat dry in between.  But I think the finished product was worth the extra time and effort.


Not bad for an at-home mani by an amateur.

The thing that usually keeps me from polishing my nails is that they chip so easily.  Case in point:

Taken just a few hours after I polished them. Look at those nicks and chips. Ugh.

And what did I do to cause these chips?  I went grocery shopping.  Seriously?  I didn’t plant a garden, type a 10-page paper, or do the dishes.  I shopped.  This is why I hate nail polish – it never lasts on me.  And yes, I did use a base coat and a top coat.  If you have any tips for keeping polish from chipping, please let me know. 

I’m much too much of a perfectionist to have my nails looking like this, so I decided to put the Salon Effects on all the nails. I like the way the turquoise looks with the pink.  Very fun.


Who knows how long this will last, but as long as it lasts the week, I’ll be happy. I’m also happy to report that because my nails are fairly short, I can use one strip on two nails.  Which makes these more affordable.  $8 for 16 strips is sort of expensive, compared to polish.  Doubling that makes the expense a bit more tolerable.  But really, not having to wait for them to dry and the fact that chips will be less likely makes them worth the extra money.

This whole new world of at-home manicures is kind of fun, so I’m going to head to Target tomorrow to buy more Salon Effects and some Essie polishes.  OPI polishes are my favorite, but I’ve heard good things about Essie too, and I think they’re a bit more affordable. I don’t think I’ll be a nail artist or anything, but I do think keeping up with my nails is going to be a fun nighttime distraction.  Bonus – you can’t give in to cravings while your nails are wet.

What’s your favorite nail polish?  Brand and color name, please.

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Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! (Or was that just me?! :))

As part of this new lifestyle, I’m back on the vitamin bandwagon.  I’m going to be taking these supplements for the rest of my life, so I might as well get used to them, right?  Kaiser Bariatrics put together a list of vitamins that could be purchased at Costco, which really helps to cut down the cost.  So yesterday my wonderful dad took me along for his Costco run so I could get “a few things”:


Back L-R: sublingual b12, multivitamin, calcium citrate
Front L-R: Iron w/ Vitamin C, D3, B1, and Biotin

(The Biotin is supposed to promote healthy hair, nails, and skin.  This isn’t on the Kaiser list, but in all of the weight loss surgery forums and blogs, Biotin is recommended to prevent/diminish hair loss.  Losing that much weight so quickly seems to do a number on most people’s hair.  I’ve said many times that I have enough hair for 3 people, but even so, I want to do everything I can to make sure it stays that way!!)

The nice thing about buying these vitamins at Costco is that I won’t need to repurchase most of them for 3-6 months.  So while the initial output of cash is fairly high, the overall cost per month is really very low.

But with all these different vitamins that I take a different times, I needed a way to keep it all organized, especially when school is in.  I went on Amazon (where I find EVERYTHING!) and found this great pill organizer.  I really liked that it had room for lots of pills and that it had the separation of AM/PM as well as days of the week.  Plus, I can pull out each day’s compartment and slip it into my purse or lunchbag.


And just to give you an idea of exactly how many pills I have to swallow, here are today’s supplements all laid out.  Sixteen pills!  The small pink pill near the bottom of the photo is the sublingual B12, which I take twice a week, so on the days I don’t have that I “only” have to take 15 pills.


But if these pills keep me healthy, I’ll take them.  Once my diet consists of only consuming between 600-900 calories a day, it’s going to be vital that I take these in order to maintain healthy levels. It’s a lot better than the alternative of being on lots of different medications, right?

What’s your take on vitamins?  Do you take them?

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One of the things I’ve been really slacking on with this new meal plan set out for me by Kaiser is the vitamins.  They want me to take oodles of vitamins every day – 11 or 12, to be exact.

1 Centrum multivitamin
1 B1
1 sublingual (under the tongue) B12 every other day
6 Calcium Citrate
2 D3
1 Ferrous Gluconate (Iron)

That’s a lot of pills!  As you can see from the photo, I’ve taken half of them already today, but I still have 5 more to take.

This past week I was really bad about taking them; I was only diligent about it on Sunday and Monday.  I completely forgot to take any on Tuesday – Thursday, and Friday and Saturday, I only took 5 in the morning.  Not a great start to this new healthy habit for life.  Because once I have the Lap Band surgery, it will be extremely important that I take all of these vitamins to make sure I’m getting the proper nutrients everyday.  In fact, I may need to take some additional vitamin supplements to prevent hair loss.  Because even though my hair is super-thick, I definitely don’t want to lose ANY hair, and will take whatever is necessary to prevent it.

I think that once school starts and I pack this vitamin carrier with the rest of my food in my lunchbag, I’ll be a lot better.  If they’re right there, staring me the face, I know I’ll take them.

So for this week, my challenge to myself is to take these vitamins each day.  I’m going to carry them in my purse so that they’re with me no matter where I go. When I do my Wednesday weigh-in post, I’ll update you on how I’m doing this week.

Do you take YOUR vitamins?  What do you do to remember to take them?


Housing Update: Yesterday I got a call from Peter (my old landlord who owns the duplex that I used to live in that I’m trying to move into again) asking me to swing by the duplex to see it.  It was absolutely beautiful inside.  The bamboo flooring in the dining room, living, room, and down the hall way is absolutely gorgeous.

The tile flooring in the entry and kitchen is also very nice.  This photo is a little dark because the lights weren’t on, but I love the color of the floor because it will mean I won’t be a slave to the floor, like I am now.  (My current place has really light linoleum that shows every spec that Lulu brings in and I’m constantly hand-cleaning it  besides the bi-weekly mopping).

The granite in the main/guest bath is a nice, neutral palette.  The carpet in the bedrooms is a year old, and looks new.  The only room that hasn’t really been redone is the master bath, but that doesn’t bother me, since very few people will see that anyway.  He has put in all new fixtures (towel racks and lighting) that match the guest bath.  The kitchen also has a year-old refrigerator and dishwasher.  He installed an automatic garage door opener, which will be so much nicer than having to manually lift the garage door like I used to have to do.  The bedrooms, dining room, and living room all have nice-looking wood-and-brushed-silver ceiling fans, which will really cut down on the AC usage.  But the place does have central AC, which is nice on those days that get into the 90s (although we haven’t had ANY this summer).

The backyard is nice, although the grass could use a bit of fertilizer, but I know that once I’m in there, I’ll make sure to put the sprinklers on regularly so that it gets greener.  There are a few spots in the fence that Lulu might be able to slip out of, but Peter assured me that he’d repair those for me so that there would be no chance of her escaping.  He said he plans to put in a completely new fence in 2011.

Basically, the place is perfect, and all signs seem like I’ll be able to move into it!  He said he wants to give the other guy one more chance to respond, but if he doesn’t, and things go well with my info, I’ll have it.  He also said that he and his wife hope to be able to rent it to me, because they know what a great renter I am and that I take care of the place as if it was my own.  He said, “when you lived here before, I always wanted to take pictures of the way you decorated it, because it would show off so nicely if I ever had to rent it to someone else.”  That made me feel really good, especially since I think the way I have my current place decorated is 100 times nicer than the way we had that place decorated before.

The rent is cheaper than I expected, although still $600 more than I pay now, but I can’t even begin to compare how much nicer the new place is to this one.  Especially in terms of the area and the neighbors.  There’s a ton more room in the new place, and many more modern conveniences, like having more than 1 electrical outlet in a room.  The 40s-style charm of my current place can’t be replicated, but I can live without that, especially for all the other upgrades that the new place will bring.

So, the next step is to fill out the rental agreement, submit a credit report, and send it all in to him.  He said that he’ll be able to tell me for sure by Wednesday, which is exciting!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


Doggie Birthday Party: One of my old friends who used to work with me at Yahoo long ago is having a birthday party for his dog today, and Lulu and I are excited to go.  I haven’t seen this friend in a few years, because he moved to Santa Monica for a while when he was working at Google (yes, he cashed in on the stock!)  I’ve never seen his house here, and it’s NICE.  It’s in a very exclusive area, and he paid over 2 million dollars for it 10 years ago.  Now, in Northern California, 2 million doesn’t go that far, but this house is really nice, from the photos, and my friend has a great sense of decorating style.  He also has a huge backyard, so it will be fun for Lulu to play with some of the other pooches who will be there.  I bought Roxy (the birthday girl) a fun doggie treat that looks like a mini cake and a t-shirt that says “Happiness is Having a Furry Friend.”  I’m also bringing a Caprese salad with me (mozzarella, tomatoes from my dad’s garden, and basil).  It should be a fun afternoon, and I’m looking forward to it.


Smoke Free, Day 5: Today is day 5 of my quest to be smoke free.  I’m doing a lot better than I thought I’d be, and although the evenings after dinner are still really difficult for me, I’m making it.  I’m proving to myself that I’m stronger than I thought in terms of my need to smoke, and that’s been such a nice revelation.  I don’t necessarily feel any better…yet.  I’m sure that will come in the weeks to follow.  I am also happy to report that I haven’t gotten bitchy or short-tempered, which is nice.  I did have my bout with some depression earlier in the week, but I think I’m over that.

Tina suggested that I look at this as stopping for a while, rather than quitting.  I had the exact same thought the day she wrote that comment.  Rather than thinking about the daunting task in front of me (quitting forever), I’m just thinking about stopping for now.  It may seem like semantics to those who have never smoked, but it’s made a world of difference to my mindset.  It’s the same concept that we use with weight loss.  Rather than thinking of the reality of losing 150 pounds, I focus on these first 20 that I need to lose.  It makes it much more manageable.  The same thing is true of quitting smoking.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday.

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Wow, do I have a lot to tell you. So much so that I decided to make my life easier and make a YouTube video to get all of the information I learned today out. (And I only recorded a fraction of what I was told during the 2 1/2 hour meeting). The thing is, I’m verbose, as you know, and my videos are no exception. I ended up recording over 30 minutes worth of video, so I broke them down into 4 different sections so that YouTube would accept them. I also think I have different topics that I cover, so you can feel free to watch all or some of them, as you wish.

Overall, the meeting was really great. It was held by Dr. Larry Dennen of the Kaiser bariatric center that I’ll be attending for all of my appointments and surgery.  He was the nicest, funniest, most down-to-earth surgeon I think I’ll ever meet.  I really hope that he’s the one that will be doing my surgery, although my next appointment is with Dr. Eric Hahn.  (I’m sure he’s nice, too).

This first video goes over my overall reaction to the day, as well as outlining the Process that Kaiser will have me go through to get the surgery.


Step 1: Referral of Primary Care Physician (DONE!)
Step 2: Orientation (DONE!)
Step 3: Multi-Disciplinary Consult Appt. (Next!)
Step 4: Pre-Op Psychiatric Evaluation
Step 5: Pre-Op Appointment and Schedule Surgery
Step 6: Surgery!
Step 7: Follow-Up Appt. (2weeks, 6weeks, 12weeks, 6months, 1/year for life)


The second video goes into Kaiser’s Program Requirements, one of which is going to be CHALLENGING, and I’m going to need your support to be able to reach it.

Program Requirements:

  • Quit Smoking!
  • Avoid Pregnancy for 2 Years After Surgery
  • Regular Exercise Program (30-45 minutes, 3-4 times a week)
  • Attend a Support Group for Bariatric Surgery
  • Attain Pre-Op Weight Loss Goal
    • 5% – 10% of highest recorded total weight (15-30 lbs for me)
    • For an improved state of health
    • To remove fat from around the organs, especially the liver
    • Not about “qualifying”

“People who stay engaged with a program are 25% more successful in keeping the weight off and sustaining it long term.”


The third video is all about the Nutritional Plan that Kaiser wants me to follow in order to lose weight.  It’s eventually the way I’ll be eating for life, so it’s good to start practicing these principles now.  I didn’t mention in the video (although I mention EVERYTHING else) that they really stressed Protein first.  The nutritionist was so adamant about it that she said she wanted us to eat in stages: protein, then veggies, then starch.  I’m not sure I’ll do exactly that, because I like having a bite from each category, but the bottom line is, once the surgery hits, you get fuller fast, and you need to make sure you get your protein in first, so that point is well taken.

Pre-Op Meal Plan

1200 calories a day

  • 70-80 grams of protein
  • 130 grams of Carbs
  • 30 grams of fat
  • at least 64 oz of water (non-caffeinated fluid)

Broken down by meal, this means:

Breakfast: 2 protein, 1 fruit, 0-1 starch, 1 milk, 1 fat
Lunch: 2-3 protein, 2 veggie, 1 starch, 1 fruit, 1 fat
Dinner: 3 protein, 2 veggie, 1 starch, 1 milk, 1 fat

Not too difficult.  They offer several sample meal plans that look healthy, satisfying and very achievable.  Granted, in my “summer off” of counting and measuring I’ve been eating more than this everyday, but I really don’t think it will be too difficult for me to get used to this meal plan.

The thing that might be a bit tricky at first is the fact that they don’t want you to drink water with your meals.  After surgery, the water might help push the food down, making it easier to eat too much and negate the Lab Band.  So it’s good to get into this habit now.  I’m not allowed to drink anything 15 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after eating.  I always drink water (or coffee) along with my meals, so this is going to be tough!  But again, I’m going to need to be able to do it after the surgery, so I’d better get used to it, right?

I’m going to use the BodyBugg program to log my exercise (calories burned), my goal for which is 2700 calories burned per day.  I’m thinking I should probably go ahead and use the BB program to log my calories as well, so that it will be all in one system.  The last time I tried using it, it was very clunky, and had very few name brand foods that I was eating, which was annoying, because then I had to input them all by hand.  I suppose that’s how any online system is, though.  Once you take the time to put the food in, then it’s there and you won’t have to do it again.  Do any of you log your calories with the BB program?  What are your thoughts? The one thing I don’t like is that there isn’t an iPhone app (that I’ve found) for the BB, so I’ll need to log all of my calories in on the computer.  It’s not that big a deal, because I’m around a computer all day at work, and I obviously have a computer at home, too.  It would just be even that much more convenient if I could do it on the phone, too.  If I hate the BB program, I may use something like LoseIt or the equivalent, which does have an iPhone app.


Finally, the fourth video is all about the vitamin that I have to take now.  And I mean, I have to take a whole lotta vitamins!

I go into detail about each, but there are so many of them that I had to buy a pill organizer.  (No, I don’t feel geriatric, AT ALL).

I also wrap up about my thoughts, my excitement, and the fact that this Wednesday is going to be my first “official” at-home weigh in towards losing the 20 or so pounds (and more once I have the surgery).  Today when they weighed me I was at my highest recorded weight ever – 295.  Yikes!   But, there are a few caveats – I had on jeans (which I would never do if I were really weighing in, because they’re too heavy) and also I really had to pee.  I had just finished a large coffee and didn’t have time to get to the bathroom.  So, I think my weight is really lower than that, and since I’ll be weighing in at home for the majority of this while I’m trying to lose weight, I might as well start weighing on Wednesday, so you can look for that.

I’m really excited about the process continuing, but I’m also excited to get back to really being on a weight loss plan.  This summer has been nice in that I wasn’t obsessed at all with what I was eating since I wasn’t counting anything.  (I overindulged, but I never binged, which is saying something). I feel like now that I’ll be back to preparing my food at home and measuring everything, counting and tracking calories, working out and logging it with the BodyBugg, I’ll finally be back in the fight with all of you, and that will be nice.  I’ve definitely felt a bit like I’ve been on the outside looking in these past 2 months, and I’m definitely ready to get back in the ring.

See you all Tuesday, with an update on my eating.

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