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cartoon-sunIt seems odd that today is the official first day of summer, but I’ve been on summer vacation for a month already (if you count the time I was on medical leave for my surgery).  This summer has already been great, and I know it’s just going to continue.  I’ve been loving the pace and routine that I’ve developed: wake up around 6:30 or 7am, a cup of coffee and breakfast while watching Good Morning America, doing a bit of watering in the yard to keep the plants and flowers looking good, going swimming/workout out, lunch, reading/shopping/relaxing, walk Sofi, dinner, t.v., bed.

bilbl_superThis week I’ve started weight training again, and whew, are my muscles sore!  Monday I did chest/back at the gym on the traditional machine, and I have to say, I had no real idea what the heck I was doing.  The next day or two, I felt it on my sides, rather than the back or chest.  Wednesday I did legs with a more whole body approach, following an OnDemand workout, Robert Jones’ leg building.  I did the 8-minute workout twice, which included holding a 5-lb weight in my hands as I did lunges, side lunges, squats, side squats, and a few other moves. He kept me moving the entire time, and my heart was PUMPING. I literally cannot bend down this morning.  Today is my arm day, and I’m thinking of doing a kettlebell workout.  The only downside to building these muscles is that my body is already reacting on the scale.  I’m seeing almost no movement, and I know it’s my body holding on to water and wondering what’s going on.  I knew this was the risk, so I’m not panicking.  Plus I know how  important weight training is.

badge foundingHappy 2nd birthday, Fit Approach! I was honored asked to be a SweatPink Ambassador, and although I didn’t completely understand the scope of what I was joining at the time, I’m so thrilled to be included in this fast-growing group.  I have to admit that a lot of the time I feel like I’m out of my depth – my fellow SPAs are badasses! They compete in triathlons, marathons, Diva Dashes, CrossFit competitions, etc.  And while fitness is an important part of my life, and has given me aha moments, I’m nowhere near that level…yet.  I did sign up for a Color Run in September and plan on participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in SF in February, so maybe I have earned my #sweatpink stripes after all.

mos_glyph_hires My dad and I always go to see the big blockbuster/action movies together; it’s our thing.  This afternoon, he and I are heading to the theatre to see Man of Steel, and I’m looking forward to it because I’ve heard such good reviews. I always love paling around with my dad, and yes, I do know how lucky I am to have such a great man as my father.

summerthing2013-large2 Sunday I’m heading to an all-day, outdoor, free concert in Golden Gate Park.  Our local radio station, Alice 97.3 FM, hosts this event every summer, and I’ve always wanted to go, but there was always some sort of conflict.  This year, my plans were open, and I’m so looking forward to this day of music and fun.

How are you celebrating summer?

Summer on a beach

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For today’s Friday 5, I thought I’d include a few things that I’ve bought for myself as a special treat. With budget cutbacks and furlough days, I’ve had to cut back on lots of extras and fun things, but every May I get a bonus check for some of my extra activities. The bulk of the money is bookmarked for more practical purposes, but I do like to use a bit of it to treat myself to a few things I’ve been wanting.

IMG_4503 Last summer Ani told me about Erin Condren, and she opened up a whole new world of organization to me. I’ve coveted the Teacher Lesson Planner for a year, and finally, today, I bought it for myself. The one I ordered looks something like the one in the photo, only my cover design has black lace and hot pink dots. It will also be personalized with my name on the front. So cool! The reason I decided to splurge on it for myself is because I love staying organized, write EVERYTHING down on a calendar to plan the daily lessons for my classes, and because I’m going to be teaching a new class next year that will require even more organization than usual. I’ll definitely post a photo as soon as I receive my planner in a couple of weeks.

images You guys know how much I love makeup, and I’ve been loyal to Bare Minerals for several years, but I wanted to change up my everyday summer makeup a bit and try something new. I’d been hearing great things about the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, and decided to give it a try. My face routine is to use Garnier BB Cream as a base and then add the Mineralize Skinfinish on top to set it. I tried it out yesterday, and the coverage is light to medium, which is perfect for summer. I also like that it helps me feel “done,” but lets my skin show through. I love that it’s a pressed/baked powder. I use Bare Minerals Ready pressed foundation daily for work and I love it, but it does make me feel more “made up” than I want to be on a regular summer day. I’ll save it for special outings this summer.

pBBW1-14865695v275I love Bath & Body Works products because they help me start the day smelling great. It was time to stock up on shower gel and body cream for summer, and today’s order included a few new (to me) scents. Beautiful Day smells incredible – floral, fresh, and light – perfect for summer. Sweet Pea smells just like the flowers, floral, light, fresh (notice a trend). I also decided to try Capri Seaside Citrus, because Capri is one of my favorite places ever, and I thought the light scent would be nice. Of the three, Beautiful Day is definitely my favorite, and one that I’ll repurchase again and again.

So, those are my fun splurge-y purchases – nothing too over the top, but just enough to set a festive feel to the new season.

20130531-171302.jpgThe weather’s heating up this weekend, and I wish I was cleared to swim. (I’m hoping that at my 2-week post op appt on Monday, the surgeon will remove the surgical bandages and clear me for swimming, because my plan is to make it a daily activity). Instead, I’m planning on getting out and taking some nice walks, reading outside in the backyard, and enjoying plenty of water in Mason jars. There’s something so summery about Mason jars, isn’t there?

images-1 I’m going to see Before Midnight with Ani this afternoon. I’ve seen each of the movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and it just seems right to continue the series. It’s gotten great reviews, and there’s something so charming about the characters of Celine and Jesse.

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