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Autumn has arrived! Which means that life is back to normal – school’s in, my schedule is busy, and obligations abound. But I won’t use those as excuses to slack on my goals. The great thing about fall is that the weather is cooler, which means that those wonderful fall fashions will keep me motivated. Plus, crisp temperatures mean that it’s never “too hot” to workout.  I’m going to relish my nightly cup of steaming hot tea as another way to keep my water intake up. I look forward to all those hearty, satisfying and wls-friendly soups, stews, and crockpot meals that I’ll create for myself. This year, the changing season will mark new milestones that I haven’t seen in 5, 7, 10+ years!  Bring on fall 2013 – it’s time to reach new heights! Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend, and will give me a positive goal to begin each new week. Throughout the fall, I’ll be giving Sunday progress updates called Fabulous Fall Weigh-Ins.

Week 14 flew by, and before I knew it, was over.  I’m still finding my way into this new school groove, and I think this long weekend will help me get a bit ahead so that I can really settle into it.

So, how’s the scale looking?

I weighed in this morning at 233.0, which is a loss of 1.6 pounds this week, and a loss of 44 lbs since surgery!!! I’ve lost a total of 82 pounds from my highest weight This loss is fine – not great, but not terrible either.  I’m happy that it’s a loss, but of  course I’d love to see 2 lbs or more a week.  But I’m not complaining one bit, because my overall loss is really fantastic!

My food has been going really well, and I’ve been really proud of myself for getting workouts in even though I come home tired after work.  Buying that hybrid elliptical/recumbent bike was the best decision, because it eliminates my excuses.  Some evenings I “trick” myself into working out by putting the laptop on and watching some shows I need to catch up on while I’m doing the bike or on the elliptical.  I tell myself that I can’t watch TV unless I do my workout.  It’s been working really well, which is great because those late afternoons after long days at school are the hardest for me.

Today begins the September 30-Day Plank Challenge, and I’m excited to see how it goes.  Planks have always been tough for me, so this will definitely be a true challenge. If you’d like to work on your planks, join in on the #plankaday.

I did a few fun things this week, all due to my weight loss. One of them was shopping for smaller sizes and fitting in a size 18!!! On Friday I also went to a scrapbooking crop with a friend, which was really fun and creative.  I’m making a progress photo scrapbook about my weight loss.  I’m going to include journals in the scrapbook, which I’m going to take from this blog.  It’s such a great way for me to me to celebrate my success and let my artistic side flourish.  I have a feeling that this scrapbook is going to be the first of many that I create. Yesterday Ani and I went to David’s Tea to pick up some of their fall teas. I’ve been really getting into having a cup of tea at night when I might normally start craving sweets.

I haven’t really been going to the gym much since I bought the elliptical/bike hybrid, but this week I want to get in at least two times.  I’m thinking I’ll get on the rowing machine once and go to Zumba another time.  This week is my sister’s birthday, so we’ll have a couple of fun family dinners to celebrate.  I’m looking forward to another great week chasing my dreams!

20130901-215056.jpgUntil next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!

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