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Autumn has arrived! Which means that life is back to normal – school’s in, my schedule is busy, and obligations abound. But I won’t use those as excuses to slack on my goals. The great thing about fall is that the weather is cooler, which means that those wonderful fall fashions will keep me motivated. Plus, crisp temperatures mean that it’s never “too hot” to workout. I’m going to relish my nightly cup of steaming hot tea as another way to keep my water intake up. I look forward to all those hearty, satisfying and wls-friendly soups, stews, and crockpot meals that I’ll create for myself. This year, the changing season will mark new milestones that I haven’t seen in 5, 7, 10+ years! Bring on fall 2013 – it’s time to reach new heights! Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend, and will give me a positive goal to begin each new week. Throughout the fall, I’ll be giving Sunday progress updates called Fabulous Fall Weigh-Ins.

Week 21 was another great one.  Life continues to be busy, as evidenced by the fact that I’m writing my weigh-in post on Tuesday, when I normally write it on Sunday.  Craziness!

So, how’s the scale looking?

When I weighed in Sunday morning, I was 219.0, which is a loss of 1 pound and a loss of 58 lbs since surgery! I’ve lost a total of 96 pounds from my highest weight!!  Even though this is a small loss, it’s significant because it marks a new weight “decade” that I find myself in.  The TEENS!!  I haven’t weighed this little in…well, I really can’t remember.  My 100 lbs lost is just around the corner, and right after that milestone is Onederland.  Whoohoo!  So much to look forward to.  🙂

One issue that’s come up lately for me is a lack of fiber in my diet.  Ahem.  So, I’ve been adding Amazing Grass to my morning protein shake, as well as taking Miralax nightly.  It’s definitely better than the alternative, which I experienced to an alarming degree on Sunday.  Not fun.

What has been really fun is shopping for new clothes.  I know I mentioned a bit of shopping last week, but as my closet continues to dwindle down to almost-nothing, I’ve been replenishing it.  It’s so cool that I can now buy tops in the normal sizes at stores.  This week I spent a bit of money at Dress Barn, which is a place that I love finding unique sweaters.  Although I hate the name, I really do like the store because it carries both plus and regular sizes.  Another place I’m about to hit is Macy’s.  If I can walk into their Misses department and buy an XL off the rack, I know I’ll be pinching myself in the dressing room.  All these small changes add up to being something that is really amazing.

Today’s quote is one that I really take to heart.  Over the last several years I’ve spent most of my efforts chasing this goal, sometimes spinning my wheels in the process.  So now that I’ve completely transformed my lifestyle (and my body) so that I can build the life I’ve always wanted, it feels fantastic to see my goal in action.


Until next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!


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