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Today I had the privilege of meeting one of my newest blogging buddies, Kim from Forty is the New Fabulous.  If  you haven’t checked out her blog, go now.  Really, go.  I’ll wait.  GO!!

See what I mean?

Our friendship started off as many do online.  A nice comment left here.  A cool blog post read there.  And soon, we were commenting on each others’ blogs every day (or every time we had a new post up).  And then we figured out that we live in the same city, only 15 minutes or so apart. And since we had so many things in common, we knew we had to meet.

So this morning we met up and shared some complicated coffee drinks at Starbucks.  (It’s our little joke.  I’d offered to get Kim’s drink, but she said it was complicated, and then I realized that mine was, too.  (I get a venti nonfat misto with sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup, in case you’re wondering)).

We were there for what seemed like 20 minutes, but the clock said it was nearly 3 hours.  That’s when you know you’ve just met someone that you’re connecting with – the time passes and you feel comfortable talking about everything.  Seriously, Kim and I delved into lots of little parts of our lives – it was fun getting to know her, and I hope vice versa.

Kim is such an inspiration to me for many reasons, but specifically –  her weight loss success.  She underwent gastric bypass about a year ago, and she looks phenomenal.  She’s put in lots of hard work and effort, and has completely transformed her lifestyle, and it shows!  She’ll be at her weight goal really soon, and it’s great to have someone who has done what I long to do.  Someone who has done it, and lived to tell the tale from the other side!  She gave me a great tip to start taking monthly photos and measurements now.  She said that she didn’t, and she wishes she had, but she can’t go back and do it now.  So I’m going to begin that in January (with my sister’s help, I hope).

We’ve made plans to Zumba together the week between Christmas and New Years and I can’t wait.  I love Zumba, and I hope it becomes something we can do together every now and then.  Kim will definitely be one of the friends whom I can meet to get some exercise while being more social.  Since we’ve each made resolutions to do both, we’re definitely going have a good time getting to know each other better as we accomplish them.

I’ve known the weight loss blogging community was awesome for years now, and meeting someone like Kim (who practically lives in my backyard) is proof of the power of what happens when people who share a common experience come together.

Have you met any of your blogging buddies in person? 


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Ok, so maybe I’m coming to this party a little late, but did you guys realize that there’s a whole weight loss community of vloggers on YouTube?

Now I pride myself on being very internet savvy.  Of staying on top of the trends, if you will. But somehow I was completely oblivious to this whole wave of people posting weight loss vlogs on YouTube.  There’s an entire community of people who all have the same goals, struggles, challenges, and ambitions that I (we) do.  Again, who knew? (Oh, YOU did.  Oh, ok, I guess I’m the only one who’s been living in a cave).

I found out about this on Sunday when I was looking for something else on YouTube and spent at least 2 hours watching all these videos by various people.  One group that I really like call themselves  WeightLossLosers and have designed a daily “channel” of vlogs that are all about weight loss.  Each of the 5 contributors are following different weight loss plans and are at different stages of their weight loss journey.  Still, the commonality they share is their commitment to living a healthier life.

I’m really enjoying watching all of their insights, ideas, and attitudes come through in their vlogs.  I thought you might, too, so I’m posting the introductory vlog that advertises the “channel.”

Go to YouTube today to get some good information and to be inspired.  (Be forewarned: These vlogs are so engaging that they can be a huge timesuck.  Only go if you have some time on your hands).

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