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Ok, so maybe I’m coming to this party a little late, but did you guys realize that there’s a whole weight loss community of vloggers on YouTube?

Now I pride myself on being very internet savvy.  Of staying on top of the trends, if you will. But somehow I was completely oblivious to this whole wave of people posting weight loss vlogs on YouTube.  There’s an entire community of people who all have the same goals, struggles, challenges, and ambitions that I (we) do.  Again, who knew? (Oh, YOU did.  Oh, ok, I guess I’m the only one who’s been living in a cave).

I found out about this on Sunday when I was looking for something else on YouTube and spent at least 2 hours watching all these videos by various people.  One group that I really like call themselves  WeightLossLosers and have designed a daily “channel” of vlogs that are all about weight loss.  Each of the 5 contributors are following different weight loss plans and are at different stages of their weight loss journey.  Still, the commonality they share is their commitment to living a healthier life.

I’m really enjoying watching all of their insights, ideas, and attitudes come through in their vlogs.  I thought you might, too, so I’m posting the introductory vlog that advertises the “channel.”

Go to YouTube today to get some good information and to be inspired.  (Be forewarned: These vlogs are so engaging that they can be a huge timesuck.  Only go if you have some time on your hands).


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