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bilbl_mainLast week a friend of my on MyFitnessPal wrote about how she had just purchased a great new machine for her home gym.  It was a ProForm Elliptical/Recumbent Bike Hybrid that HSN was selling for $399.  The thing that got me to look at it was that they were offering it for 5 payments of $80, which is much more manageable on my budget.  Plus, free shipping!

I was SO tempted, but could I justify buying it? I already have a great membership to 24 Hour Fitness that I have at such a great deal ($99/year) that I will never give it up.  Plus, I really like the classes (Zumba, Aqua, among others that I want to try) and the interaction with people that the gym offers.  But the thought of being able to roll out of bed, put on my sneakers, and just hit this machine was really too much.  And those two machines are my favorite cardio machines at the gym.

I  checked out all of the reviews I could find online, and the only negative people found was the time it takes to put it together.  All the other reviews were positive, mentioning how solid the machine was, how smooth, how much they enjoyed it.

I’m sure you can guess where this is heading.  I’m not one to deny myself much if I can help it. And after all the factors mentioned above, I was sold.   So I ordered it, and as of today, I am the proud owner of a great new piece of workout equipment.


I can concur that it is a b!tch to put this thing together.  My dad is a master at stuff like this and it took us about 2 1/2 – 3 hours to put it together.  It wasn’t difficult to follow the directions because everything was outlined and organized so perfectly, but it just had SO MANY STEPS.  Luckily for me, my dad is a patient man who will do anything for his daughters, so we got it done and all it cost me was a 49ers sweatshirt.  (Yesterday as I was purging and organizing my closets I found a sweatshirt that I’d purchased for myself long ago but never worn.  Now it’s too big for me (:)!!) and so I gave it to my dad).  Yes, I know just how special my dad is.

After recovering from putting it together, grabbing some lunch, and answering some school emails, it was finally time to give it a go!

I loved it!  It’s not as easy as the machines at the gym, but it does work really well.  The elliptical mode especially got my heart rate up in no time.  The bike was great, too.  This machine is really built solid, and is worth much more than the $399 price tag.  I’ve seen ellipticals on Craigslist selling for $400 – used.  This is a MUCH better option. All told, I was on the elliptical for 15 minutes and the bike for 25 and I burned 570 calories, which is great!  I can definitely see myself using it in the morning before school.  That way, my after school workouts can be more focused on strength training/C25K (more on that in another post).

I love that I was able to reward all of my hard work and success on the scale with a piece of equipment that will spur me on to even greater success.

What’s a reward you’ve given yourself recently to celebrate a success or to motivate you?


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toolsforlivingwinning_216One of the things I love about WW is that they have the concept of  “Tools for Living” that help members achieve weight loss success through behavior/attitude (in addition to food, exercise, and support).  The Tools for Living strategy that I’ve been using this week is called Winning Outcomes.  The idea is basically to look at what you want to achieve and then positively state what you need to do to achieve that outcome.  (This same technique is used in business all the time).  My winning outcome for the week was to see a loss on the scale on Saturday.  In order to achieve that, I realized I needed to get organized. 

Since Saturday, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time getting organized. I’ve learned that the weeks that I’m more organized, my weight loss is much better. Something about having my life in order makes it easier for me to stay On Program. I think it’s because it makes the distractions that come up in every day life easier to deal with when the basics are covered.

For me, being organized means:

  • Going grocery shopping for the week and filling my fridge with fresh produce, lean meats, and side dishes that are low in points.
  • Preparing meals ahead of time on Saturday or Sunday.  This week I made crockpot oatmeal for my week’s breakfasts and 3 “C” soup for lunches. 
  • Making sure I have easy-to-prepare dinners that are simple to put together in the evenings.
  • Getting my lunch bag ready the night before.  Each night before bed, I like to portion out the meals I’ll be eating the next day.  Since I bring breakfast, lunch, and a snack with me to work, this is essential.
  • Making sure that I leave time for working out.  This week has been a bit rainy, so making sure I had alternatives to walking outside was key.  As much as I dislike using the treadmill, it was an important tool to ensure that I was able to keep up with my Walk-It Challenge walks.  I’ve also built in time (no matter how tired I may initially be after work) to hit at least 2 Aqua classes.  I’m also planning on getting back to my DVD workouts later this week (Thursday and Friday).

What are your keys to to weight loss success?

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