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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Lots of fun stuff to discuss today.

I had a  great weekend!
My mom, sister, and I went up to San Francisco to go on our long-awaited birthday celebration for my mom.  (Her birthday was in February, but with the lousy weather this winter and then our busy schedules, this was the first weekend we could do it).  It was a perfect day!  We took BART to avoid the traffic and parking nightmare, and it was a really relaxing way to get up there.  Plus, my sister met us along the route, so we spent half the trip up there catching up and laughing.  A great way to start the day.  The weather in SF was absolutely gorgeous, which was amazing.  We’ve been having unseasonably cold and rainy weather here, and SF is usually even cooler, but on Saturday it was in the high 70s in the City, so it was a stellar day.  We went to the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market and shops and had so much fun.  I’d been to the shops at the Ferry Building before, but never to the farmers’ market, and my sister and mom had never been to either before, so it was a really fun experience.  It was packed, which is to be expected considering that it was Memorial Day Weekend, as well as a beautiful day in SF.  The farmers’ market was HUGE, but also really expensive.  I’m glad we went just to see the offerings, but we really didn’t buy that much.  I picked up a nice syrah from the French Mediterranean and some Rancho Gordo heirloom beans.  LC commented that I bought the beans more for the packaging than for anything else, and she is 100% right on that.  I mean, how could I not:

You guys know me, I love anything with that 50s retro feel, and these beans were absolutely beautiful (as much as beans can be 🙂  They’re a pretty brownish-purple and while color.  The vendor was trying to explain how to cook them, but I finally came clean and told him that I really just wanted to display them in my kitchen, and he laughed at me.  Other than that, though, the prices were too expensive.  For example, the cherries were selling for $7/lb, which is outrageous.  I went to my local grocery store and got some delicious cherries from central CA for $3.99/lb.  Farmers’ markets are great, but you do have to be careful about the prices sometimes.  Next time, I’d skip the farmers’ market and just hit the shops, which are a lot of fun to browse.  Plus, I have some really great, much more reasonable, farmers’ markets right in my own neighborhood, so why make the drive?

Sunday I caught up on housework, finished reading My Fair Lazy (which I highly recommend), did a Wii workout, and just lazed around a bit.  I was hoping to make it to the pool, but never got around to it.  Next weekend, for sure.

Today I woke up late, read the newspaper, did a bit of laundry and other household chores, got in another Wii workout,  and then went to my parents’ house for a bbq.  I’m so thankful that I have such a great family that I get along with so well, because they really make me feel so special.

All in all, it was a fantastic 3-day weekend.

Short Week

Because of the Memorial Day weekend, this work-week is going to be really short, which is wonderful.  These past two weeks at work have been really hectic and stressful, so I’m looking forward to having a somewhat lighter week ahead.  I have a few fun nights planned which also helps make the week more bearable: I’m taking my yearbook class out to dinner to celebrate a wonderful publication, I’m meeting a friend for a much-needed coffee catch-up, and then I’m going to see Sex & the City 2 with some girlfriends from work.  I also plan to continue on with the Scale Warfare’s EA Sports Active More Workouts Challenge, as well get back into some of my other workout DVDs.

I’m still avoiding the gym for my workouts for some reason.  I don’t really know why.  I like the gym, but if I have a choice, I much prefer taking my workout outside (walking, biking, or swimming) or doing the Wii or DVDs.  Once summer hits I want to make it a point to get to the gym more often, because I’ll be able to go during off hours when it will be less crowded.  Plus, I do need to use those personal training sessions that I bought.  I have enough to take me throughout the summer, so I might as well put them to good use.

2 More Weeks!

The countdown to summer vacation has officially begun.  That’s one of the great things about teaching – I get to have a long summer vacation, just like students do.  Although I’m not going on any big vacations, I still cannot wait for summer to get here.  I have lots of fun plans, including:

  • Lulu!  My new puppy is set to arrive around June 18 and I am so excited for her to get here.  I’ve got all the goodies I’ll need for her (water and food bowls, food, treats, blanket for her crate, toys, etc).  I also found a vet that is literally 3 blocks from my house, as well as a great groomer that’s only 2 blocks away.  Now all I need is her!
  • Going along with Lulu, I am going to enroll us in puppy training classes as soon as she arrives.  Well, I’ll give us a week to get to know each other first, but then it’s going to be twice a week training for both of us.  I think it will be a great way for us to bond, a good way for me to establish myself as the alpha of the house, and (I hope) a nice way to meet new people.
  • Working out:  I cannot wait to get into Bella Bootcamp mode again.  Last summer I was able to spend hours working out in various ways, and I really liked it.  Swimming, biking, working out at the gym – I enjoyed moving my body and seeing my progression as I did.  Now I get to add two daily walks with Lulu into the mix, which is even better.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies.  I love produce, and I really can’t wait to hit the farmers’ markets in my area on a weekly basis.  It’s going to be fun to keep my meal planning fluid so I can cook things that I find at the markets.  Improvisational cooking will be a fun experiment.
  • Reading – the one item I’m asking for for my birthday (July 2) is a Kindle, and I cannot wait to get it and start reading books this way.  I’m sure you’d expect an English teacher to like the old-school paper books, which I do, but I’ve also realized in recent years that I have a limited amount of bookshelf space left.  I’ll still buy the books  that I really want to cherish, but for fun reads and books that I’m not so sure of, I’ll be able to download them much more inexpensively and bring them with me wherever I go.
  • Netflix marathons – I love getting DVDs of tv shows from Netflix because it’s great being able to watch consecutive episodes without having to wait a week in between shows.  I know I’m going to watch West Wing (I somehow missed it when it was on), but I’d love to hear some suggestions of other shows you think are must-see.

There’s so much more I could write about what I plan to do this summer, but instead of dreaming about what I might do, I think I’m going to wait and see what I actually do and then write about that.

This week’s weight loss goals

I’ve been doing really well on my water and on the EA Sports Active Challenge, but what I’ve been slacking on is journaling my food.  I think that with the blood pressure scare I just needed to give myself a week or so off of it.  Not that I’ve been eating out of control, because I haven’t, but I haven’t been thinking as much about what I am going to eat.  I still plan my meals and eat a well-balanced diet, but I haven’t been counting points for a week or so.  I will get back to the journaling this week, for sure.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to go in for weekly blood pressure checks until my doctor returns from vacation.  I just want to make sure to record my blood pressure, to make sure that it’s not high.  I’m still getting those terrible headaches on an almost daily basis, and if they’re not caused by bp, I want to find out what the source is.

Another goal for this week is to catch up on my blog reading.  I’ve been really bad about it for the last couple of weeks because I haven’t had much spare time, but I’m going to try to make at least an hour a day so that I can offer as much support to all of you as you have been giving to me.  Plus, I always feel so much better after reading through your blogs.

Wow, this post ended up being a lot longer and I expected, but I hope it was worth reading.  Thanks for hanging in there through all 1600+ words, and I hope you have a great week.


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 I cannot believe how late I’m posting this.  As the school year winds down, it starts getting busier and busier.  Whew!

This past week I have to admit that I’ve been coasting a bit.  I made healthy food choices, but I wasn’t always measuring each thing.  I journaled 4/7 days, which is so unlike me; I just wasn’t feeling like it.  I also didn’t work out that much, probably 3 days all week.  Which is why this was no surprise:

 Which means I gained 0.5 lbs, for a total loss of 8 pounds.  Seeing this result on the scale was just the little “nudge” I needed to get my ass back in gear. 

I’ve been making such good progress these past few weeks, losing weight consistently because I was doing things right.  Eating well, tracking, and exercising.  I was *this* close to hitting the 270s, but it wasn’t meant to be this week.  I didn’t deserve it because I let things slide a bit.  Nothing drastic, just a bit.  But those bits add up after time and that’s exactly how weight gain starts.  So I’m thankful for this nudge.

I still struggle with balancing a hectic schedule and keeping exercise a priority.  And I’m sure I’m not even half as busy as many of you working moms are.  How do you find the time to exercise when you’re emotionally and physically spent?  I supposed the answer is in prioritization and digging down deep in order to find that extra strength when you think all of yours is gone.  I need to work on pushing myself more in this area.

On that note, the water has been going pretty well, although I’ve been closer to 6 glasses (rather than 8)  3 out of 7 days this past week.  Today I’m already back on track and have had 6 glasses and it’s only 3:15. 

I’m looking forward to seeing Geneen Roth on Oprah today.  I have the DVR all set to record the show.  I really should make some time to put down my current  fun fiction book and start reading Women, Food & God.  I know I’m going to gain some insight from it. 

A fairly inconsequential weight gain, but one that I’m going to use to keep myself more focused on my goal for the week ahead.  Sometimes these tiny gains are important to keep us back on track and ready for the next steps in our journey.

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I cannot believe that it’s taken me so long to write this post. I’ve been meaning to do it for over a week now, but I never seemed to find the time.

Over a week ago, I went to watch a roller derby bout for the first time ever, and I had the BEST time. It all started when I saw the movie Whip It! I had returned from the weekend telling my journalism class how much I loved the movie, and one of my students, T, told me that her mom is actually in a local roller derby called the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. I was so impressed with the coolness factor of this mom, but I should’ve known, because this student is completely cool in that smart, funny, editor of the newspaper kind of way.

As we talked about it, I told T that I thought the SVRGs should hold bootcamp workouts for the general public, because it would be an excellent fundraiser and such a fun way to get exercise. Currently their bootcamps are restricted to potential derby girls, but when I inquired, they did say they have plans to start a recreational camp sometime over the summer.

I was so intrigued with the whole idea of roller derby – the retro rockabilly vibe, the roller skates, the aggression, the awesomely violent and intimidating names, and the strength the women show. I bought tickets for the next home bout on May 1, and I couldn’t wait to go and see what the whole thing was all about.  I told T that if I wasn’t worried about breaking a nail or coming to work with a black eye or a banged up knee, I could definitely see myself pariticpating on a derby team.

Since I need to lose at least 50 pounds before I ever even think about joining a roller derby team, I thought that I’d do the next best thing – go roller skating the day of the derby bout.  I asked Ish if she wanted to join me, and she was excited for the bout and willing to go skating, against her hubby’s better judgement.  (He wasn’t happy about the idea of her skating, because he was worried about her falling and hurting herself). 

We headed to my childhood rollerrink, formerly known as Aloha, now called San Jose Skate. I loved the fact that they kept the original mural in the hallway as we entered the building. 

To say that this roller rink is in need of a bit of an update is the understatement of the year.  It is delapidated, dark, and somewhat depressing.  If you look at those skates at the beginning of the post, I think they say it all.  They’re cracked, ripped, and should probably just be thrown out.  Yet I guess they’re also broken in, comfortable, and familiar, too.  Just like the roller rink.  The day Ish and I went, we were by far the oldest people there without kids.  Everyone else in the place was either part of a child’s birthday party or they were tweens who were skating for fun on a Saturday.  Still, I was excited to get going, because the last time I skated (which was some time in jr. high) I was really good at it.  I never got into the rollerblading thing, because it was way too hard to balance on those inline skates.  Quads give a much more stable foundation to skate on, or so I thought. 

 I had looked up how many Activity Points I could earn with one houur of skating, and I was amazed that it was 14 Points!  Wow!  I think I earned at least 3 points just putting the damn skates on.  LOL.  It was definitely a feat of skill to get the laces done up, especially with all of the knots and rips in them. 

Ish and I with our skates on, ready to hit the rink.

Because the skates were so big and torn up, I did feel pretty unstable on them.  Or, it could’ve been that I really didn’t have the best balance, I’m not light on my feet, and I’m somewhat uncoordinated.  I’m sticking to the former, I think.  🙂

We got out on the rink and we were both hanging onto the side railing like our lives depended on it.  I know that I myself was giving the white knuckle death grip, and I think that actually hindered my skating, actually.  Once I started feeling a bit more comfortable and relaxed on my skates, I let go of the handrail and I was actually able to skate much better.  I started telling myself that it wasn’t going to be that traumatic if I did fall, so just enjoy it.  Just as I was hitting my stride after about 15-20 minutes of skating, the dj announced that they were about to play Red Light Green Light, and we left the rink.  It was too bad, too, because I think I would’ve made some good progress if I had a bit more time.  Skating was definitely a great workout, and I was out of breath pretty quickly.  It’s something I would like to try again, with newer skates. 

The roller derby itself was so much fun.  Lots of action and activity, and I am amazed that the women are able to stay upright, battle it out for points, and intimidate each other all while on skates. 

Derby girls come in all shapes and sizes, and they're not afraid to show some skin (through their fishnets).

action shot

more action

look at the intensity!

These girls are serious!

My student's mom, #62 - "Mauly Anna."

We won!

I think I’ve become a derby fan!  For $10, it’s definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday night.  I’m planning on going July 1st for the next home bout.

Thank you to Ish for her photos from the roller derby bout.

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I found this recipe on EatBetterAmerica, and although I changed it somewhat, the basic recipe was delicious. It’s definitely a keeper that I will make again and again.  

“Healthified” Teriyaki Pork & Veggie Lo Mein

Nutrition Info: With my ingredients, this recipe makes 8 servings for only 6 Points each!


1 lb lean pork loin chops
12 oz saba noodles (you can use whole wheat pasta if you want, but I think the saba noodles make the dish more authentic).
1 pkg sliced, fresh mushrooms
2 pkg frozen stir fry veggies*
1 onion
1/4 cup oyster sauce
1/4 cup Newnan’s Own Light Ginger Sesame Dressing (I used this instead of teriyaki sauce)
1/4 cup rice vinegar
2 TBSP canola oil
minced ginger
minced garlic
red pepper flakes (optional)

*The recipe called for frozen sugar snap peas, but I used this great mix from Bird’s Eye, and it made the entire dish so much more colorful, and they tasted delicious.


Cook saba noodles (they only take 3 minutes in boiling water), drain, and rinse with cold water, set aside

For sauce, mix together oyster sauce, ginger sesame dressing, and rice vinegar, set aside

Cut pork against the grain (I didn’t know how to do this, so I looked it up on You Tube).  I’m not sure I did it correctly, but I will say that the cooked meat was tender.

Sautee onions, ginger, and garlic in a pan with canola oil over medium high heat for about 3-4 minutes.  Add mushrooms, cook for 2-3 minutes.  Add frozen veggies, cook another 2 minutes.

Remove from pan and keep warm.

Next, stir fry pork until “juices run clear.”

Add saba noodles, veggies, and sauce into the pan over medium high heat.  Using two utensils, stir together to mix all ingredients and sauce.

This was as delicious as it is beautiful.

I am amazed that this filling, healthy, gorgeous dinner was only 6 points.  Plus, it makes A TON!  I’m so happy that I’ll have this for lunches and dinners throughout the week.

This tasted so much better and lighter than anything I’ve ever had in a Chinese restaurant.  I highly recommend this recipe.  I can’t wait to make it again.  I liked it so much that I might even make it for my parents!  (I don’t cook for them too often, because my mom is such an excellent cook).

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This has been a great week in many ways, but most of all with my positive attitude and the fact that I’ve been so much more active lately.  The other great thing about the weather warming up?  I naturally drink more water.

I’m really pleased with the scale results this morning, and anxious to share the news, so here’s the scale shot:

Which means I lost 3.4 pounds this week, for a total of 8.5 pounds lost.  WhoooHOOOOO!

I attribute this weight loss to three things:

  • post-TOM weight release
  • increase in activity with the walks I’m taking, even though they’re not “power walks”
  • increase in my water consumption

I feel so incredible seeing this weight loss.  Not only does it show me that I am on a roll, but that I can keep it up beyond the initial “shock to the body” that occurs when you change something about your eating or exercise.  I am completely encouraged and motivated, although I do know that I won’t have this big a loss every week.

Sisterhood 21-Days ChallengeWhich leads me to my other check-in for the morning, with the Sisterhood’s 21-Day Challenge. My goal is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and with the exception on Saturday, I did it all week.  I always bring water with me to work, but I need to get in the habit of bringing it with me on the weekends to.  That way, when I’m doing my errands or driving here and there, I can keep sipping the water, because we all know that the little sips add up.

So that’s it, folks.  The mini goal of the week is to keep it up, because it’s obviously working, and that feels fine!

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This past week was a struggle for me.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had some issues around keeping things in perspective in terms of getting off track of this healthy lifestyle.  The post really resonated with so many of you, and the comments were truly insightful.  For anyone who’s been struggling in any way regarding weight loss, I highly recommend that you go back and read them.  You’ll definitely come away with a heightened awareness about your own journey.

The thing I realized after reading everyone’s comments and spending some time really thinking about it was that often I make an insignificant slip-up seem like a much bigger issue.  It’s that perfectionist side of myself that I’m trying to combat.  In reality, I probably wasn’t over my Points by much this weekend, and I did get in some good exercise.  No one feels like they’re on track in all aspects of weight loss (or life, for that matter) 100% of the time, and I am working on reframing my thinking so that I’m able to bounce back from setbacks much more quickly than I have in the past. 

After all of that worry and strife, let’s see what the scale showed this morning:

 which means I gained 1.3 lbs this week, for a total loss of 5.1 pounds overall. This is actually a fantastic result, considering I just got TOM.  I usually gain between 2-5 lbs, so this is actually a smaller gain than I have had in the past 3-4 months.  I’m attributing that to my increased water consumption (minimizing bloating), and increased exercise over the past few weeks. 

Which really shows me that I need to get a grip on myself sometimes.  I’ll never be a calm, mellow person – that’s just not in my nature.  But I can probably be a bit more zen about this weight loss journey.  Every speed bump is not a cause for alarm. 


Did you guys see Biggest Loser last night?  I won’t ruin anything for those that haven’t seen it yet, but I will say that I was overwhelmed, inspired, and just so moved by the entire episode.  It was exactly what I needed to help put things into perspective.  Even though I’m a very positive person overall, sometimes I focus so much on the pounds and what’s not going well, when I should also focus on is how much I’ve grown in terms of my abilities.  BL reminded me of that.  Also, can I just confess that I have had the biggest crush on Michael since the beginning of the season, but it has solidified even more last night.  He really seems to be coming into his own now, and I find him very inspiring.  Even if you’re not a regular view of the show, I really recommend going to the website and watching the episode, because it’s worth it.


Lots of us are in the middle of 21-day challenges.  I’m working on water consumption, Scale Warfare‘s wearing her GoWearFit, and Seattle Runner Girl is getting up early every day. 

Well, the girls at The Sisterhood are in on the fun too, and have started their own version of  the 21-day challenge for everyone to join in on.  They just ask you to commit to starting or changing 1-3 habits for the next 21 days and then reporting back weekly to them on how you’re progressing.  I’m going to join in, because I can use the extra accountability.  How about you?  Do you have something you’d like to work on (I’m sure you do).  Why not join in on this challenge and make (or break) a new habit?!

Sisterhood 21-Days ChallengeMy new habit: drinking 8 glasses of water per day.

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Saturday, April 17 – Today I was up and at ’em early, but then the day seemed to get away from me rather quickly.  Still, I managed to get in quite a bit of activity, which was my goal, considering that when I got on the WiiFit+ it said I was up 2 pounds.  Yesterday’s lunch at Chevy’s was most likely the culprit.  I did the Fit+ for 30 minutes, earning 3 APs.  Then it was time to do some cleaning – I did my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, did some laundry (neverending!), and straightened up the bathroom – earning 4 APs. Saturday’s total – 7 APs!

Sunday, April 18 – Whew, what a day!  It was truly one of the BEST Sundays I’ve spent in a long time.  I walked and shopped for over 4 straight hours, and I swear that when I got home I felt as tired as if I’d walked a 5K.  Who knows, maybe I did.  😉  I counted all the walking as one hour of “slow” walking and earned 4 APs.  When I got home I redecorated and cleaned up for an hour and a half, earning 6 APs.  Sunday’s total – 10 APs! No wonder I was so worn out by the end of the day.

Monday, April 19 – I know I said I was going to go to an aqua aerobics class tonight, because I had bought those suits, but I didn’t.  It ended up being an off day.  Mostly because I was tired after my first day back after spring break.  Plus, I’m a wimp because it was rainy and cold, and I didn’t feel like getting in the pool and then having to run to the car with cold hair, etc. 

Tuesday, April 20 – Tonight was almost another off day, but then I knew it was Biggest Loser night, and if I don’t do some sort of workout first, I always feel guilty sitting there watching the show on the couch.  So, I figured it woudl be good to do 30 minutes of the BL Jumpstart DVD.  I did cardio 1 & 2, abs, and I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done. I earned every one of those 7APs that I got for this workout. 

Wedesday, April 21 – off day.  I didn’t get home today until 6:45, which is about 3 hours later than normal.  We’d had a final deadline in yearbook, and I was mentally and physically exhausted.  Plus, I needed to go grocery shopping, so I decided that that was the priority. 

Thursday, April 22In honor of Earth Day, I decided to take my workout outside and go for a nice, long walk around my neighborhood.  I spent time just enjoying the scenery around me, and noticing all the little things that I never see when I fly by in the car or on my bike.  It was nice to take an hour out of my day and just walk around and enjoy myself.  I’m going to try to do a bit more walking outdoors so that I can prepare for my upcoming See Jane Run 5K on June 5th.  I earned 5APs

Friday, April 23 – I knew I wasn’t going to be home until really late tonight, because I’m meeting up with some alums from my high school after work, so I made sure to get a bit of a workout in this morning before I left for work.  Luckily it was my late day, so I didn’t have to rush.  I did 45 minutes on the Wii Fit+ and earned 4APs.

All in all, I had a good week of getting activity in.  I earned 33 APs, which is a new record for a week when I have work.  I’m really proud of myself for that.  I’d like to have weeks like this every week for the next 8 – until I get out for summer vacation.  I think the key to not getting to burnt out is to give myself the off days during the week, rather than on the weekend.  Since I have a lot more time on the weekends, it makes sense to workout then for sure.  That way, if I have a long day at work during the week,  I can give myself time off and not feel guilty about it. 

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When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.” ~~ David Orr

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and I thought I’d “celebrate” by talking about my thoughts on trying to living a greener life. 

Being green has become popular, especially where I live – everyone seems to try to outdo each other with how much they recycle, compost, hug trees, etc.  But all it takes is a short trip outside of the area to realize that it’s not like this everywhere. 

When I went down to central California for that school evaluation I was shocked to find out that they didn’t have a recycling program at all.  My school has been recycling cans, bottles, and paper for at least 5 years.  We also hold yearly electronics and ink cartridge recycling drives for the community to dispose of their waste. To be fair, that school I visited has a lot of other things to work on, so I can see why recycling wouldn’t be the top on their list, but I think that teaching students that we need to recycle is something that should be a priority.  And really, how difficult is it to put the cans and bottles in a different bin than the rest of the trash? 

Then again, when I visited my uncle in Michigan in November, I was really surprised to hear that they don’t have a town-wide recycling pick up program.  He said he couldn’t believe it either, and he’d sought out places that he could recycle on his own, but there was only one a few towns over, and that was too much trouble, especially once the winter snow really set in.  I don’t blame him.  If recycling is that difficult, who would do it?

Both of those examples are just my way of saying that I feel lucky to live in an area where being green is the norm.  I have a larger recycling bin than trash bin, and it’s picked up weekly, alongside my trash.  All I have to do is drop recyclables into the container and push the cart to the curb.  It really doesn’t get any easier than that.  In my area, there are entire cities that have banned the use of paper and plastic bags at grocery stores – patrons have to bring in their own reusable bags, and I think that’s great.  Some time ago I purchased 5 reusable bags from Trader Joe’s and I keep them in my trunk to use at any store I happen to go into.  Another small change I made is with water.  I was buying bulk 16-oz water bottles in flats from the grocery store.  They were fairly expensive, but it was an easy way to bring water with me.  Then I heard a spot on Biggest Loser a few years ago about how it’s much better for the earth to use your own reusable water bottle and fill it with filtered water from a Brita.  It made sense to me, and it was so much more economical.   Plus there are tons of cute Nalgene-style water bottles that help show some personality.  I have saved so much money by doing this, and it’s also more convenient – now I don’t have to lug in a heavy flat of water every week or two.  All I have to keep stocked up is the small Brita filters.  It’s all of the small things that add up to make a huge difference.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, is it the only thing that ever has.” ~~ Margaret Mead

Weight Watchers has even joined in on this Earth Day celebration.  They sent out this article, which talks about ways you can get outdoors and enjoy the earth today. 

I see the sun peeking out through the clouds as I  type this, so as long as I get home before dark (we have a deadline in my Journalism class, so it may be a late one), I am committing to go on a nice, long walk tonight and just enjoy the scenery.

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This week I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to show up on the scale, especially after having a really good week last week.  I worked hard, tracked almost every day, and spent quite a bit of time working out (I earned 28 APs since last Wed).  The “unknown” factor was how my body was going to react after having a really high-Points day at Chevy’s at Friday.

This morning I couldn’t find my camera.  I have no idea where I put it, and since my house is clean and organized, it truly is a mystery. I used it last on Sunday night to take photos of my new living room decorations, but your guess is as good as mine where I put it after that.  I think I’ll be saying a St. Anthony prayer a little later.  LOL.  I had to take the photo of the scale with my iPhone, so it’s a little bit grainy.  But, let’s end the suspense and get to that scale shot.

Which means I lost 1.6 pounds this week, for a total of 6.4 pounds lost since my fresh start!  This makes me feel great.  It means that I’m totally on the right track to lose this weight.  My mindset is strong, and I’m backing that up with my actions.  I’m going to use this week’s results to keep me motivated all week, especially when I don’t feel like working out after a long day at work.

After I entered my weigh-in results on WW.com, I got this awesome message:

It was so cute that the little 5lb star would bounce up and down every so often.  This is the first 5 pound star I’ve seen on WW.com all year, and it really made me smile.

This also means that I get to add some “bling” to my sidebar – finally! It looks so good over there to the right, doesn’t it?  🙂

Today is the final day of the Spring Fling Challenge with the Sisterhood, and although I didn’t lose as much as I could’ve during the 8 weeks of the challenge, the one thing that I’m very proud of is that I weighed in every single week without fail.  Even those weeks when I knew the numbers weren’t going to be pretty.  Yes, I did a “refresh” by making a fresh start a couple of weeks ago, but I think that’s how life is.  If things are going badly and you know you just need a “redo button,” then you do what you need to to get yourself back in the game.  And obviously, that restart was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track.  The Sisterhood has a new challenge starting next Wednesday, and while they haven’t revealed the details yet, I’m going to join in on it, because the little challenges really do help keep me motivated.

My main goal for this coming week is to keep it up.  Keep up with tracking and eating well.  Push myself to workout, even when I’m tired.  And keep drinking the water so that I can meet my 21-day challenge.  I know that with this week’s weight loss as my motivation, nothing can stop me, and it feels great.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

AprilshowersbringMayflowers.AprilshowersbringMayflowers.AprilshowersbringMayflowers. Or, at least that’s what I am repeating to myself today to keep me from missing the sun too much.  So far, it’s not working that well. 

This week marks the downhill slope that educators and students alike look forward to throughout the school year.  Only 9 more weeks (including this one) before we are out for summer vacation.  Let the countdown begin!

In her post this week ScaleJunkie  asked us what our short term goals were.  I responded that my goal was to stay motivated throughout the next 9 weeks and basically “keep on keeping on,” which means:

  • track my Points everyday
  • eat within my 28-Point target
  • exercise 4-6 times a week (at least)
  • drink 8 glasses of water each day

Speaking of water, my 21-day goal (inspired by Seattle Runner Girl) was to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I have to be honest, it’s been a struggle, especially on work days.  Some days I’ll get all 8 in and then some, and other days (like yesterday), I’ll barely get 2 glasses in.  The thing is, I like drinking water; as I mentioned before, it’s the nature of my job that I really can’t go to the bathroom whenever I want to.  In fact, there are only 2 set times I can actually go, and I have to rush to fit that in. 

So, instead of making excuses, I’m just going to TAKE ACTION and do another 21-day challenge beginning today with the same goal – drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Bottoms up!

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