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I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected this blog lately.  As I mentioned last week, my schedule has suddenly gotten really busy, and I’ve been feeling like I barely have any time to do anything anymore. 

Of course, that’s being a bit overly dramatic, but I do feel like I have to figure out a way to get a handle on this new, crazier schedule. 

During the week, I don’t get home until around 6pm, which makes for a really long day.  I’ m so tired that I am not at all motivated to go workout most evenings.  I barely feel motivated enough to make dinner, and it’s been nice that I have quite a few recipes that I made ahead and put in the freezer. (One more thing for my growing to-do list is to update my “Bella Cooks” link with all of the new recipes I’ve been trying out). 

The weekends seem to go by in a flash, and because I’m not able to sleep in on either day (TNT trainings on Saturday begin at 7am, WW meetings start at 9am on Sunday), I feel pretty exhausted. 

I actually think that the key for me to feeling better and dealing more productively with this new schedule is to get enough sleep during the week.  As I’ve written many times before, I’m a night owl by nature, but I really need to try to get to bed by 9:30 or 10pm so that I can wake up early and work out.  I know that I’m not going to be in the mood to work out after I get home at 6pm, so if I’m going to keep up with my TNT trainings, it’s going to have to happen in the morning.  Plus, if I’m more well rested during the week, I know I’ll have more energy on the weekends, so I  don’t spend half the time in a zombie-like mode. 

I keep reminding myself that this extra class is only for a short while and the money will be really worth it in the summer when it’s time to get a new car.  Until then, I just have to adjust.


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With all that I have going on right now (WW, blogging, TNT, working full time, connecting with family and friends, working out, etc.), it seems like life has been moving way too fast.  I like all of the activity and the daily excitement, but I also sort of feel like I need to stop and catch my breath.
Joining Team in Training has been great, but it’s also a huge commitment of time.  Not just to the workouts on my own, but the twice-weekly team trainings as well as the time spent fundraising and getting together for team building activities.  I’m enjoying it quite a bit, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more of a homebody, and I guess I’m still adjusting to the more “out and about” nature of joining this cause.
Don’t get me wrong – I think that all of this is what comes from leading a less sedentary, more active lifestyle.  I love that I have plans several times a week now; it was getting a bit boring and routine at home after work, ever since I’d completed grad school.
But still, I’m really looking forward to next week when I get the entire week off for Presidents’ Week aka “ski week.”  I don’t have a ton of plans, and that is FINE by me.  I am going to be seeing a few friends, but I’m hoping to use the majority of the time to get organized around the house and just spend some “me” time hanging out at home watching a movie or reading a good book.
Since my mantra for 2009 is “moderation,” I guess what I’m saying is that I need a little bit more of it.  I went from 0 to 60 without much of a chance to let my engine warm up.  (Sorry for the bad metaphor, no time to think of a better one).
Do you find that now that you’re losing weight your life is more active?  How have you adjusted?  Do you ever get a bit overwhelmed with the whirlwind of activity?

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