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Yesterday I went to the doctor, and I walked out with more than I’d bargained for.

The initial reason for my visit was because I’d been having fairly severe lower back pain as well as numbness in my right arm, from my shoulder to my fingertips.  After examining me, the doctor said that she wasn’t at all concerned with my back (the pain had significantly subsided in the last couple of days) and she thought that the problem was a muscular strain.  She said that I could ice it and take Advil if the pain returned. That unless I got numbness in my lower extremities,  it was really nothing to worry about. I agreed.  The arm numbness, however, was a concern to her (and to me).  She said that it could be caused by several things – carpal tunnel or an issue with my neck or chest.  She had me move my shoulder and arm several times and saw that I didn’t have any sort of strain or pain in that area.  She ordered x-rays of my neck and chest, and said that she’d also like me to start wearing a wrist/hand brace day and night to see if that offered any relief.   If it does, then my problem is most likely carpal tunnel. If not, or if the x-rays show something, the problem is more likely a disc or pinched nerve or something.

I tend to think that this is  being caused by some sort of disc or pinched nerve because the numbness has been occurring much more frequently and often comes on when I’m sitting.  It happens in the car when I’m driving to and from work.  It happens when I’m sitting at my desk or at the kitchen table for too long.  And it happened yesterday while I was sitting on the examining table.

The x-rays themselves were very awkward.  I had to wear the “old-fashioned” type of gown (two of them – one facing front, one facing back) to make sure I was covered.  I cannot wait until I’m “normal sized” and don’t have to worry  or be embarrassed by my hugeness. I didn’t like being without a bra in an x-ray room with just the x-ray tech.  He was a very nice person, and he was completely professional, but it was so strange having him move me into these various contortions so that he could do the imaging.  I felt uncomfortable and self-conscious, which is never a great feeling.  But, if the x-rays show something, it will be worth it.  I should know more in the next couple of days, and I’ll definitely keep you updated.

Since I was there, I asked my doctor if she’d order a TDAP for me, because my surgeon requested that I get it before the weight loss surgery.  A TDAP is a vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping couch) and mine had expired long ago.  Since we’ve been experiencing an outbreak of whooping cough in my area (especially with those who deal with little children), I figured that was a good vaccine to get anyway.  I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row so that once these 30+ lbs are gone, I will have nothing standing in my way to get on the list for surgery.

The last bit of health news wasn’t good.  My blood pressure is high again, although part of it might have been caused because the first blood pressure machine I went to wasn’t working, so the assistant ushered me down the hall to the next one.  We didn’t walk really quickly, but maybe quickly enough to get my blood pressure up?  Honestly, though, I’ve been going through quite a bit of stress at work lately and things at home have been so out of the norm that I’m sure that’s throwing me off, too.  My doctor seemed extremely concerned about the blood pressure and told me that I really had to calm down and not get so stressed out.  So I am taking that to heart.  I really need to remind myself that the parts of my job that frustrate me are small things that don’t matter in the scheme of life.  Sure, this has been a challenging year with two of my classes, but so what?  I can’t take it all so seriously.  Plus, I have taken steps to alleviate some of the burden, so that should improve.  And in terms of things at home, I’m sure once we all get used to this new routine of watching my nieces and helping my sister I will feel calmer and more relaxed.

On my drive home last night I did get a bit depressed about the situation.  I wasn’t thrilled with the number I saw on the scale, especially when I compared it with the last number I saw several months ago when I was there.  But I did remind myself that in those 5 months I’d given up a terrible habit – smoking – and it was the holidays, so some weight gain should be expected, if not accepted.  And that’s just it.  I don’t accept it.  I want it gone, and I need to make sure that I’m taking the steps so that it is.

It’s so obvious that working out will help me in all areas – not only will I be able to burn calories, but I’ll also be able to relieve some stress.  Now that the doctor cleared me to workout, nothing is stopping me.  Last night instead of wallowing in self-deprecation, I did steps on the Wii for the first 45 minutes of BL.  (Thank you to HealthyLoserGal for tweeting that you were going to do this, because you inspired me).  And even if I wasn’t burning that many calories, I definitely burned more than I would’ve just sitting on the couch.

Doing the Wii steps was something that was so, so easy to do, and I felt really proud of myself for doing it.  I didn’t even track the exercise, because I did it more for the act of moving than for worrying about the calorie burn (last night, at least).  So from now on I’m going to do the Wii step for at least 30 minutes each night while I watch t.v. (this is in addition to whatever else I do for activity during the day).  I always watch t.v. for a little while at night, so doing the Wii step while viewing will be a really good way to make sure I’m doing something active each and every day.


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I am so thrilled with everything that’s been going on in my life lately.  I feel like all the puzzle pieces are finally falling into place and it’s all downhill (in a good way) from here.

1200-calorie Meal Plan: I’ve been doing really, really well with keeping my calories low, considering everything else that’s going on right now.  I haven’t actually stayed exactly to 1200, but I’ve been pretty darn close.  Most days my calories are in the 1300 range, which isn’t far off, and my highest day was 1600, which is right around what WW would say that I should eat, at a minimum.  As I mentioned on Twitter, in peeking at the scale, I saw a good loss so far, and I’m hoping it’s still there on Wednesday for my official weigh-in.  LoseIt! has been a lifesaver for keeping track of everything, so if you’re looking for an easy program and you have an iPhone, you should download this (bonus: it’s free!).

Quitting Smoking: I’m proud to report that as of this morning, I’m smoke free for 7 days now!  Or, I will be once today is through.  There have been times that I wished I could light up, but I made it through them with a few deep breaths or some sips of water (a good way of getting the water in).  Nighttime after dinner is still my most difficult, but I know that it will get easier and easier as the days pass.  This is the longest I’ve ever gone without smoking, so I’m in totally uncharted territory here, and I’m so happy!

Exercise: Honestly, this has been sort of hit and miss this past week.  I’ve gone walking, swimming, and played the Wii Fit.  I’ve definitely done more in the last week than I have been, but I didn’t do something each day, as I was hoping to.  I’m not going to be too upset about this, though, because so much was going on for me this past week.  Once my life settles down a bit and becomes more routine once I start working again, I know that I’ll fall into the habit of working out after work on the weekdays.

Water: I’m still not getting in all 64 oz a day, but I’m working toward it.  I always get at least 48 oz, so getting in the rest shouldn’t be that big a deal.  I just have to make it more of a priority.

Housing: This weekend I went to see the place I’m hoping (and praying!) to move into, and Monday I submitted the application to the landlord.  He’s going to look everything over, call my references, and let me know by Wednesday, so I hope to have some great news tomorrow.  Since the situation at my current location is getting worse, this will go a long way toward making my life happier and healthier, and I can’t wait.  Now if only I could figure out how to twitch my nose to get the house packed up, I’d be all set. 😉

I’m really feeling like I’m in a groove!  My mindset is completely positive, and I do feel like nothing can stop me now.   I can’t wait to see my progress.

I hope all of you have a great week!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I’ve sort of gotten out of the habit of working out since the end of the school year when it was crazy-hectic.  I’ve done a few workouts since school got out, but nothing to write home about.  I had tons of errands to do last week, my first full week of summer.  Then Lulu arrived, and we haven’t left each other’s side for more than a few minutes. I’m feeling a bit cooped up right now, because I hate the way she whines and whimpers when I put her in her crate, even for a few minutes.  I know I need to get over it, because in 2 months, I’ll be back at school and I’ll need to leave her for 6+ hours a day.

I have taken her with me on a few car trips, and she does really, really well.  She seems to really enjoy the puppy seat I got her, which makes it much easier.  We’ve gone to my parents’, PetSmart, the vet, and the park.

Speaking of which, we took our first “real walk” yesterday at my favorite neighborhood spot, The Rose Garden.  It’s a gorgeous spot, and while dogs aren’t allowed on the inside of the park (for obvious reasons), there is a ton of grass and roses on the outside, too.  Plus there are some really beautiful older homes to gander at while you walk.  Lulu was in absolute heaven.  “Grass!  People!  Other dogs!  Lots of things to distract me!”  🙂  You should’ve seen her, poor puppy.  She didn’t know what to do.  She’d start off running at full clip and then she’d suddenly stop and lie down.  It was hilarious, but it did get a bit frustrating after a while.  We went about 1/2 a mile in 20 minutes.  LOL.  LOTS of stopping and starting.  I know that I just have to continue to be patient with her, and the more we walk, the better she’ll get at it.  I also plan to enroll us in puppy classes in July, and one of the main things they teach is leash control, which I need.  I’m doing my best, but her excitement is hard to contain.

Other than our walk, the only other exercise I did yesterday was the Wii Fit+ for 15 minutes.  So, it’s definitely an improvement on the previous 2-3 weeks, but it’s definitely not the Bella’s Boot Camp that I want to get to this summer.  I’m giving myself the summer off from food tracking, as well as the scale and going to focus my efforts on activity.  And I feel very strongly that by eating more intuitively (only when hungry) and making activity the priority, I’ll see success this summer.  But in order to really see the success I need to get moving.

I know that going for a good walk with Lulu (as well as taking her out front several times a day) will be a good, relaxing activity, but I also need to really move my body at the gym, on my bike, and in the pool.  I need to use the gym to the fullest and take all of those classes that I’ve been wanting to.  Starting this week, starting today, I am committing to getting in at least an hour and half of activity a day. This will be an hour of heavy exercise and at least half an hour of walking Lulu/Wii Fit+, etc.  I know I can do it, because I did it last summer.  Plus, since I’m off now and lots of my other friends are working, I have a lot of time on my hands.  Working out is a free way to enjoy my day and make sure I don’t feel so cooped up.

I think getting out of the house and working out will also help me with crating Lulu. It will be good for me to slowly get her used to being without me.  And we’re going to start today.  I have a nail/pedi appointment at 10:15, and I’ll be gone about 2 1/2 hours.  I worry about how she’ll react, but then I remind myself that we do 6 hours every night and she’s just fine.  At night I’m in the same room with her, though.  But, just like with anything in life, I have to take the first (puppy) step in order for us to be successful.  Wish me (and Lulu) luck.

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This first weekend with Lulu has been so much fun.  She is definitely my little shadow, following me EVERYWHERE, including the bathroom.  😉  We had a really sleepless night (maybe 2 hours of sleep total for both of us), on Friday, but on Saturday I read up on some websites and downloaded Cesar Millan’s How to Raise a Perfect Dog to the Kindle (which was a godsend, in this situation, since I couldn’t leave to go to the bookstore).  I learned that it’s normal for her to cry when in the crate in the beginning and to just ignore it and let her calm down.  It took about 15 minutes, but she eventually quieted down.  I absolutely hate hearing her cry, but I know this is all part of the process.  We got about 6 hours of sleep on Saturday night and the same last night (progress!).  Other than not really enjoying her crate or being without me, she’s doing absolutely wonderfully.  She plays and cuddles, and she’s just an absolute doll.  Potty training is going pretty well too.  Only a few accidents, which is good for her first few days in a brand new environment.  She’s getting the hang of going outside to go potty, which is fantastic.  She really is a smart girl.

This morning I had her go in her crate (making sure she had toys and her favorite chew stick) so that I could do a bit of the Wii Fit.  She was good for the first two minutes, before she realized she was going to be in there for a while.  Then the crying started and increased, but I just ignored it and went on with the workout.  The hilarious thing was that once I started doing the Advanced Step, she completely stopped.  I’m sure she was thinking to herself, “what the heck is she doing?” with her head cocked to one side.  😀  Too funny.  I got in about 10-15 minutes of the Wii, which isn’t great, but we’re making slow progress.

One thing she actually loves is going in the car and being in her car seat.  I’ve taken her on two drives, and she seems to have a great time.  I haven’t put the top down on the convertible with her in the car, but might try it and see how it goes.  The cool thing about the Outward Hound doggie car seat is that it completely straps her in.  I used a harness for extra security and to avoid any sort of choking incident, should we need to stop fast.

Today we have her first vet appointment, and I’m hoping she’ll get a clean bill of health. Once he clears her to go on longer walks, I’m planning on taking her to my favorite spot, the Rose Garden, which has tons of grass and trees, so she should love it.  We could both use a good, long walk.  I just want to be sure that her vaccinations, especially Parvo, are all good to go before exposing her to the “wider world.”

Tomorrow will be the first test of her crate.  I have a nail appointment and will be gone for two hours.  I’m sure she’s going to be whining in the beginning, but I really hope she’ll calm herself down after a while.  I was planning on leaving the t.v. or radio on for her, for some company.  My dad was saying that I might not want to start that habit, because when work starts up again and I have to leave her all day, I may not want to have the t.v. or radio on all day long.  Do you guys think that’s a good idea?

Overall, Lulu is a little lovebug.  A bundle of joy who I know is going to bring so much to my life.  If she’s this good right now in her “terrible twos” of puppyhood, I can’t wait to see what she’s like once she’s a little older.

Lulu playing this morning. Notice she's right outside her crate.

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The key to change…is to let go of fear.” ~~ Rosanne Cash

I’ve decided that this summer is going to be the summer of changes.  Summer always brings with it change – a break from the daily routines and obligations, a change in weather, a new variety of fruit and veggies available, a different wardrobe, etc. But this year I want summer to be filled with some other, positive changes in my life.

This summer brings with it a new birthday – the last birthday of my 30s (yes, I’m turning 39), and I want to make this the year I make significant changes to my lifestyle.  Turning 39 is freaking me out a bit – it means 40 is just around the corner, and 40 just seems too mature.  No offense to those who are 40 or above – I know you’re fabulous, but to me, people who are 40 are grown-up, together, and know where their lives are going.  All of those things are true for me, but I also feel like I am just beginning to figure out what living as an adult is all about.  I’m definitely young at heart, and I think part of that is because that I get to work with teenagers every day.  I’m able to stay up with the trends.  I listen to much of the same music they do.  Well, those who have good taste that is.  (I’ve listened to the same radio station since high school, and the format (adult alternative) hasn’t changed in all these years).  Beyond that, I think the fact that I only have obligations to myself (not being married or having kids) affords me a level of freedom that I don’t normally associate with someone my age.  Then again, they say 40 is the new 30 (here’s hoping), so I know that I still have a lot of life ahead of me.

Which leads me to the changes that I foresee this summer.

Change my approach to weight loss. Ever since I got the news that I may have high blood pressure, I decided that I needed to change the way I have been trying to lose weight.  You guys know that I’m a perfectionist, and while that’s not going to change, I can take some of the perfection out of the equation by giving the scale the summer off.  I think I mentioned before that I’m not going to post weekly weigh-ins, but I’ve decided to take this a step further.  I’m not going to weigh myself at all this summer.  I’m going to let go of the stress I always feel when my weight fluctuates each week.  Right now it seems that weight loss is alluding me, and I want to focus on fitness instead of pounds.  I’ll be able to keep track of how I’m feeling by what I’m able to do in terms of activity.  I’ll also be able to see how I look based on the way my clothes fit.  And of course, every time I step on the Wii to do the Fit Plus, I’m going to get weighed, so I’ll have a bit of a check-in that way, but I’m not going to obsess about what it shows.

Change my hair! This may seem like a small change, but the way I look (and perceive myself) has everything to do with my level of confidence.  My hair is a bit past my shoulders now, but because I have thick, very curly hair, it seems to be as wide as it is long.  I’ve been noticing that I wear my hair up in a bun most days, just because it’s easier to deal with.  So I figured if I’m wearing it off my face anyway, why not go for a bit of a dramatic ‘do?  I’m going to get it cut into an A-lined stacked bob.  Which will be a big change.  It will be short in the back – very short – but the hair will gradually get longer and the front pieces will hang down past my chin.  I’ve found some pictures online, and while none of them are exactly the same cut I want (with my hair type), they’ll give you a pretty good idea.

I picture it being as full as Hale Berry’s looks, and about that length in the front. My hair is actually even curly than hers is in that picture, but it’s about that full.  The photo of the back of the neck isn’t exactly right, but I am planning to get the back very short like that.  Here’s to exposed necks!  The nice thing about hair (especially mine) is that it grows back quickly, so if I’m not loving the ‘do, I can grow it out.  I think this will be a fun change for summer.  I’ll feel like my hair has more style, and it should be really easy to keep up with.  It will look good curly (which is how I wear it almost every day) or straight.  The one hesitation I have is about putting it up.  There are times (when I’m working out, cleaning the house, etc.) when I have to have my hair up.  I guess I can put it into quirky pigtails or back with clips/headbands.  It’ll be fun figuring out new styles.

Change my household habits. With the addition of Lulu comes some significant changes in how I’ll live in my house.  I’m talking mostly about the fact that I usually eat in the living room, sitting on the floor, using the coffee table as my table.  Once she gets here, I know that’s not going to be an option, because it will be easy for her to beg, jump on me, etc.  So that means I’ll have to take my meals into the dining table I have in my breakfast nook.  Which also means I’ll be spending a lot less time in front of the t.v., which will be a good thing.  I think I’ll entertain myself by reading a book or magazine (I’ve got stacks to catch up on!) rather than mindlessly turning on the tube.  The other thing that Lulu’s arrival means for my house is that I have to be much more careful about what I leave lying around.  I have a habit of leaving my clean laundry in the basket until I get around to folding it and putting it away.  With a puppy who will no doubt love to get into everything, I can’t do that anymore.  Which will be a great thing.  It will mean I’ll have to be more organized and not leave things undone.  This also means that I have to be fastidious with the floors and carpets.  My least favorite household chore is mopping the floor, and I try to spot clean it instead.  But now that she’ll be around, I’ll have to make sure that the floors are spotless, because I don’t want her to eat or lick something that would make her sick.  (Wow, that makes it sound like my floors are gross – they’re not).  I’m actually looking forward to have this ultra-clean requirement, because it will force me to keep the house tidy all the time. I’m a super-clean person, and like things in order, but there are those days when I let it all go.  Now that I’ll have this little being around, I’ll have to make sure that those days are gone.

Biggest change of all – LULU!!! Of course, the most exciting change this summer is getting Lulu.  She arrives this Friday at 12:35.  I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas to get here, that’s how excited I am to meet her.  I can’t wait for all the love and companionship that she’ll bring.  I know it’s going to be a lot of work (to put it mildly), but I also know the rewards that come with her are innumerable.  I’m looking forward to the walks, the activity, and the social aspect that I know she’ll provide.  I can’t wait to spoil her rotten!  Here’s a quick little video that the breeder sent me.  It’s only 5 seconds, and it doesn’t really show her face, but it does give an idea of how active and adorable she is.  (It also demonstrates that Miss Lulu is in desperate need of a trip to the groomers, which will be on her first week’s agenda).

What changes are you making?

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This week was somewhat boring in terms of working out.  I didn’t do any new workouts, and to be honest, I had to force myself to do the workouts that I completed. 

Saturday, April 24off day.  I felt really lazy and listless all day.

Sunday, April 25 – I spent over 3 hours  cleaning the entire house.  One of those really good cleans that involves vacuuming and mopping and laundry and organizing.  I’m only going to count 2 hours, which earned me 8 APs. And before you think that’s overkill, I will tell you that I was sore for a few days afterward, so I think every one of those APs was well deserved. 

Monday, April 26 – off.  Busy day at work and then a grocery shopping trip.

Tuesday, April 27Wii Fit Plus for 45 minutes.  I knew that I was going to be busy after work, so I made sure to do the workout before I went in.  I always enjoy morning workouts.  4 APs.

Wednesday, April 28 – After rainy weather on Monday and Tuesday, I was so happy to finally see it stop on Wednesday, so I headed outside for a long walk.  It was terribly windy, but I just breathed in the fresh air and was thankful for the break in the rain.  I walked for 1 hour and earned 6 APs.

Thursday, April 29 – This morning I did another Wii Fit workout for 45 mintues, because I knew I was going to happy hour with a few colleagues after work.  I earned 4 APs.

Friday, April 30 – I haven’t had a chance to workout yet today, but since I get to leave work at 11:30 and the sun is shining, I’m going to go on a bike ride for at least 30 minutes.  I’ll earn 3 APs.

All in all, I earned 25 APs throughout the week, which I’m actually really proud of.  I felt like I really wasn’t doing enough activity, but when I just stopped to add it all up, I actually got quite a bit in.  That’s the thing that I want to try to keep in mind, it all does add up, and I don’t always have to hit the gym in order to keep up this active lifestyle. 

I have some really exciting and unique activities planned for next week (starting tomorrow!) and I can’t wait to do them.  Definitely come back next week to read all about it.

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Saturday, April 17 – Today I was up and at ’em early, but then the day seemed to get away from me rather quickly.  Still, I managed to get in quite a bit of activity, which was my goal, considering that when I got on the WiiFit+ it said I was up 2 pounds.  Yesterday’s lunch at Chevy’s was most likely the culprit.  I did the Fit+ for 30 minutes, earning 3 APs.  Then it was time to do some cleaning – I did my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, did some laundry (neverending!), and straightened up the bathroom – earning 4 APs. Saturday’s total – 7 APs!

Sunday, April 18 – Whew, what a day!  It was truly one of the BEST Sundays I’ve spent in a long time.  I walked and shopped for over 4 straight hours, and I swear that when I got home I felt as tired as if I’d walked a 5K.  Who knows, maybe I did.  😉  I counted all the walking as one hour of “slow” walking and earned 4 APs.  When I got home I redecorated and cleaned up for an hour and a half, earning 6 APs.  Sunday’s total – 10 APs! No wonder I was so worn out by the end of the day.

Monday, April 19 – I know I said I was going to go to an aqua aerobics class tonight, because I had bought those suits, but I didn’t.  It ended up being an off day.  Mostly because I was tired after my first day back after spring break.  Plus, I’m a wimp because it was rainy and cold, and I didn’t feel like getting in the pool and then having to run to the car with cold hair, etc. 

Tuesday, April 20 – Tonight was almost another off day, but then I knew it was Biggest Loser night, and if I don’t do some sort of workout first, I always feel guilty sitting there watching the show on the couch.  So, I figured it woudl be good to do 30 minutes of the BL Jumpstart DVD.  I did cardio 1 & 2, abs, and I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done. I earned every one of those 7APs that I got for this workout. 

Wedesday, April 21 – off day.  I didn’t get home today until 6:45, which is about 3 hours later than normal.  We’d had a final deadline in yearbook, and I was mentally and physically exhausted.  Plus, I needed to go grocery shopping, so I decided that that was the priority. 

Thursday, April 22In honor of Earth Day, I decided to take my workout outside and go for a nice, long walk around my neighborhood.  I spent time just enjoying the scenery around me, and noticing all the little things that I never see when I fly by in the car or on my bike.  It was nice to take an hour out of my day and just walk around and enjoy myself.  I’m going to try to do a bit more walking outdoors so that I can prepare for my upcoming See Jane Run 5K on June 5th.  I earned 5APs

Friday, April 23 – I knew I wasn’t going to be home until really late tonight, because I’m meeting up with some alums from my high school after work, so I made sure to get a bit of a workout in this morning before I left for work.  Luckily it was my late day, so I didn’t have to rush.  I did 45 minutes on the Wii Fit+ and earned 4APs.

All in all, I had a good week of getting activity in.  I earned 33 APs, which is a new record for a week when I have work.  I’m really proud of myself for that.  I’d like to have weeks like this every week for the next 8 – until I get out for summer vacation.  I think the key to not getting to burnt out is to give myself the off days during the week, rather than on the weekend.  Since I have a lot more time on the weekends, it makes sense to workout then for sure.  That way, if I have a long day at work during the week,  I can give myself time off and not feel guilty about it. 

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(Yes, I know that it’s Saturday, making this post one day late, but since I’m on Spring Break, I figure I’m allowed a little leeway, right?)

J/K....No, this isn't how I spent my spring break. 😛

Saturday, April 10 – Off.  I wasn’t feeling very well today, so I spent most of the day resting.  I had a bad headache, and I think the stress of the previous week finally hit me.

Sunday, April 11light housecleaning.  Today I didn’t do too much other than laundry, a few pots & pans, and picking up the bathroom, but hey, I still earned 4 APs.

Monday, April 12
Today I was determined to get in some great activity.  Since it was pouring rain outside, I really didn’t want to even get in the car and go to the gym.  The rain seriously makes me want to stay in and read a book or watch a movie, but I told myself that I could do that later, after I got in some serious exercise.  This spring break week off is supposed to be all about working out, after all, so I wanted to get right to it.

I read BitchCakes’ blog all the time, and I am always impressed in the workouts she does.  She’s been talking about the Punk Rope classes that she takes all the time.  It looks like so much fun because it incorporates all the fun parts of recess, but for adults.  Plus, jumping rope is such good exercise.  I checked out the site to see if there were any classes offered in my area, but unfortunately, it hasn’t made it to the Bay Area yet. If it ever does, you better believe I’m going to join in on one of the classes.  So, I decided to buy the DVD and a jump rope for myself at home.  I hit the purchase button before I realized that they had a starter kit available that was cheaper and included everything, plus a cool CD of music. I figured it was my bad that I hadn’t been a bit more careful before hitting “purchase,” but then to my surprise, Tim Haft, president of Punk Rope, emailed me to tell me he was refunding me the difference and sending me a starter kit anyway!  How cool is that?  I hadn’t had time to try it out up to this point, but today I had nothing but time.  Ok, guys, I think I’m going to have a few scars on my legs from my uncoordinated attempts to jump rope.  LOL.  I kept whipping myself with the jump rope.  Finally I just decided to try the DVD without the rope, but still jumping and moving my arms as if I was.  (I’m sure I’ll get the jump rope thing down in time, but right now I’m just not there yet).  I could only last for about 10 minutes before I was just gasping for breath.  What a workout!  Still, I earned 2 APs for those 10 minutes, which is awesome.

Since the Punk Rope workout only lasted a few minutes, I decided to do some Wii FitPlus today, as well.  Today I did a more intense workout on the FitPlus.  I did the 3 minute short run, 3-4 times trying the obstacle course, a few balance games, and then I did 10 minutes of free step.  The free step is supposed to allow you to watch t.v. while you do the step for 10 minutes.  The FitPlus said the goal was to do 800 steps in 10 min., but knowing how competitive I am, you know I had to break that to smithereens, right?  Of course I did.  In 10 minutes, I did 1199 steps!  I was pissed that I didn’t get to 1200, but I’ll save that for another day.  Altogether I did 38 minutes on the FitPlus and earned 4 APs.

Monday’s total: 48 minutes and 6APs.

Tuesday, April 13 – Off.  The lazies got the better of me today.  I spent most of the day watching t.v., reading, and hanging around the house.  The weather wasn’t helping at all.  I get so uninspired when it’s raining.

Wednesday, April 14 – I was completely stunned and happy with my weight loss on the scale, and it definitely inspired me to hit the gym and do 33 minutes on the elliptical.  LOL.  I know that 33 minutes sounds ridiculous, but I do this weight loss program on the machine and it just so happens to be 33 minutes, including the cool down.  It’s a great interval training mode with 2 minutes of Level 4 at an incline of 1, 2 minutes of Level 7 at an incline of 10, repeated for 28 minutes.  My heart beats out of my chest the entire time (in a good way), and I really break a sweat.  I love it.  The cool down is always the best, because I drink a whole 32-oz of water while I’m listening to some mellow grooves.  5 APs earned.

Thursday, April 15 – Today I had plans to meet Ish for coffee at a Starbucks not far from my house, and since the weather was finally beautiful and sunny, I decided to ride my bike there, rather than driving.  It’s 1.1 miles from my house, according to my map App on the iPhone, and let me tell you, I was definitely out of breath by the time I got there in just about 10 minutes.  It felt good to take the beach cruiser out for a spin, and even better to have a destination.  I like aimlessly riding my bike, but that’s usually more fun with a friend, so when I’m by myself, I like to have a destination.  After our gab session, I rode for another 20 minutes, because I wanted to get in at least 30 minutes total.  It was awesome feeling my thighs work while I rode.  I earned 3 APs.

Friday, April 16 – I had a ton of fun planting gorgeous flowers in my windowbox, while earning 3 APs.

All in all, I had a fantastic week off.  I didn’t do too much in terms of sightseeing, but I sure did a lot in terms of stacking up those Activity Points!  I earned a total of 21 APs throughout the week, which is great.  The better thing is that I put a lot of variety into my workouts which made them that much more enjoyable.  I know many of you love the gym, and I do like going, but for me, I like being out and about and enjoying the scenery a lot more than I like being inside the gym walls.  Mixing it up helps me stay inspired to keep up with my workouts.

Stay tuned for next week, when I’m going to try a new class at the gym.

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(photo courtesy of Scale Warfare’s cool photo editing skills)

What a week this has been.  I really put the idea of Adventures in Fitness into practice which made me feel like my very own superhero!

Saturday, March 27 – Ish asked me if I wanted to go on a walk with her at this spot in Palo Alto that she passes on her way to work.  She mentioned there being a “killer hill,” but I had no idea she was talking about walking/hiking The Dish at Stanford.  I had never been, but the hills at The Dish are infamous – and not for the weak of heart (literally and figuratively!).  I wish I had taken my camera so I could show you just how steep the hills were, but trust me when I say that I was out of breath soon.  (Although I was actually quite proud of how long it took me to get out of breath, as I thought it would’ve happened much sooner than it did). Ish told me that her co-worker had said that we should go clockwise (it’s a big loop) for an easier time of it.  As we found ourselves climbing one huge hill after another, I asked her if she was sure we went the right way, because at the fork in the loop we passed earlier, it seemed as if the other trail was a lot gentler.  But Ish said she was sure the co-worker said clockwise.  We aren’t sure exactly how far we walked, but I’m guessing it was about a mile, roundtrip. I wish I had worn my BodyBugg, because I know I burned a ton of calories walking this monster for 45 minutes.  My legs were cramping, and the next day my calves were screaming, and I was walking around like an old lady.  😉  Oh, and after checking some sources to add info to this post, I found out that, “Entering the loop from the Stanford or Gerona gates, turn counterclockwise for a gradual ascent to the Dish or clockwise for a more vigorous workout.”  I told her that next time we’re definitely taking the counterclockwise trail, at least, until I’m used to them.  Still, I earned 4 Activity Points, so it was definitely a great workout.  Here’s a photo I grabbed from Google to show you why this trail is called The Dish:

This path shows what must be the "gentler" trail, which I didn't experience. LOL

Sunday, March 28th – It was another glorious, sunny day today, and because rain was in the forecast for later in the week, I knew I wanted to get out and enjoy it while I could.  Since my calves were incredibly sore (see above), I decided that a nice, leisurely bike ride on Lola was the perfect way to burn calories without overdoing it with my calves. I haven’t ridden my bike since last summer, but as the saying goes, I quickly picked it up.  I was set to go for 30 minutes, because it was a rather windy day, and I knew that would factor into the calorie burn.  As I made my way down the first street in my neighborhood, I quickly realized that somehow my gear shift had broken off.  Luckily, it was stuck in 2nd gear (my beach cruiser only has 3 gears). Riding up some of the small hills in my neighborhood were harder than they would’ve been if I could’ve downshifted, but I just kept telling myself that I was burning more calories that way.  The other thing that was a bit problematic was that I had on my Skechers Shape-Ups because the shoes have about a 2-3 inch base, which means that my legs were bent in sort of an awkward position in the bike, but I got through that too.  I think the most daunting part was dealing with the traffic and the hoards of drunken Sharks fans on their way to the Tank for a game.  LOL.  I felt great when I finished, and I could definitely feel the blood pumping through my veins (or my heart beating a mile a minute, as the case may be). I’m going to have to figure out how to fix that gear shift before I go out on a long bike ride, because it just doesn’t seem safe to ride a bike that only has one gear. Activity Points earned: 3Update: upon further review (after trying to remember how I used to shift gears) I realized that the gear shift wasn’t broken, I just forgot how to change gears.  😛  You just move the grip at the end of the handle bar.  Doh!  Glad to know that the bike is fine and I don’t have to go crazy trying to fix it.

Monday, March 29th – After a full day at work and the soreness from the weekend’s activities still with me, I figured I’d take it easy and do the Wii FitPlus at home.  I recently found out that WW’s Activity Tracker now has Wii FitPlus on it (it also has EA Sports Active), so I did my FitPlus workout a lot differently than I normally do.  In order to count the minutes on the AP tracker, I had to do at least 10 minutes of a certain activity, so that’s what I did.  I chose 3 of my favorites – Advanced Step (2x), Rhythm Boxing (earned over 1000 points – my highest score ever!), and Rhythm Kung Fu (6x) and did each of them for 10 minutes.  It wasn’t as much fun as my normal FitPlus workout (doing lots of shorter activities), but I did earn more APs than normal.  Plus, my heart rate really stayed up, so I knew I had a good exercise session. For 30 minutes of the Wii FitPlus workout I earned 3 Activity Points.

Tuesday, March 30th – Off day.  I was originally going to try to go to the Aqua class, but it was rainy, cold, and I wanted to just get home and get my sweats on.

Wednesday, March 31st – Another off day.  Unplanned.  I was at work later than I expected and then HAD to go grocery shopping, because there was nothing in this house.  By the time I got home I was starving, so I just had dinner, relaxed, and went to bed.

Thursday, April 1st – I started TOM and had that crampy feeling, but because I hadn’t worked out the past two nights, I knew I really had to do something tonight.  So, even though I had just come from the stylist who gave me an amazing blowout, I decided that I should definitely get some APs in.  Another Wii Fit night.  Even though I earned a decent amount of APs the other night, it just wasn’t as fun.  So tonight I did a mix of yoga, strength training, balance games, rhythm kung fu, and then did the island cycling for 17 minutes – it takes a LONG time to find all 27 of those flags.  🙂  All in all, I did it for 40 minutes and earned 3 APs. (I’d rather do 10 more minutes and enjoy myself than do it the other way).

Friday, April 2nd – I have to say that this blog post is what motivated me to get up and do a DVD this morning.  Luckily it was my late day, so I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.  I decided to give the BL Jump Start DVD a shot, since it’s been over a week since I’ve done it.  Man!  it really gets my blood pumping.  The only thing I don’t like about it (and this is such a small thing, really) is that I have to put on my sneakers to do it.  First thing in the morning it’s sort of nice to just go barefoot, like I can on the Wii.  But, I had already done the Wii twice this week, and I like keeping it fresh, so the sneakers went on.  I did the 10-min. beginner cardio, 10 minutes of abs, and 10 minutes of upper body. I figured that my poor lower body had enough of a workout earlier in the week.  (Ugh, my calves were aching for days).  I earned 4 APs all before 7am this morning! (That’s the same as when I was doing the RLR workouts).

So, with 5 days of at least 30 minutes of activity, I earned a total of 17 APs, which is darn good.  I felt really good about myself all week, and while I wish I wouldn’t have taken both days off in a row, life happens, and at least I got back to it on Thursday.

I have more fun things planned this coming week: one new activity (if I can summon the courage and my coordination), and I’m going to shoot for 6 days.

What have you been doing to move your body?

P.S. – If you have any ideas of workouts/classes you think I should try, let me know.  I belong to 24 Hour Fitness, and I have Netflix (for renting workout DVDs), so if there’s something you think I should add to my repertoire, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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TGIF!  You may be wondering what happened to RLR.  Well, after giving it a lot of thought, and talking it over with Scale Warfare, I’ve decided (we’ve decided) to expand our workout updates to include all the different activities we’re taking part in, beyond interval training. We have something new in the works, but I’ll wait to unveil that once we’re all set with it.

To be honest, I haven’t been loving the run/walks much lately.  I took about two weeks off, and this week when I tried to get back to it, I just didn’t feel like it.  Some of you would say that I need to push past that and get back to that great feeling I had when I accomplished a session, but really, I would rather not.

Now that the weather is nice, I simply don’t want to limit myself.  I do not want to force myself to do workouts that I’m not enjoying, especially when there are other workouts that I love that I could be doing.  Which is not to say that I’ll never do intervals of running/walking again, but for now, I don’t want to commit to doing it 3 times a week.

Plus, since I’m a member of 24 Hour Fitness, I have access to tons of group exercise classes that look fun and interesting.  My goal is to try a new class at least once a month.  I love trying new things, and I think the group classes are a good way to keep my workouts fresh.  I have lots of plans in the works, but I’ll wait until I actually do them before I write about them.

So, here’s what I’ve done so far this week (with a few planned days thrown in for good measure):

  • Sunday: hot yoga with my sis. I was sore for 3 days after the class, so anyone who thinks that yoga is just a bunch of stetching really needs to try it.  While I didn’t like this particular class as much as I have liked others I’ve participated in, the whole experience did renew my interest in Bikram yoga, and I’m going to start going to my own studio more often.
  • Monday: my attempt at RLR turned into a 15 min. walk 0n the treadmill,15 mintues on the recumbant bike + a series of ab work. I hadn’t done abs in forever, so it felt good to push myself this way.  I didn’t use the ab machines they have at the gym, because I feel like those are “cheating.”  I just got down on the mat and starting crunching in all directions. 😉
  • Tuesday: off day. I was all set to go to my aqua aerobics class, but then around 5pm (the class starts at 6:30) the wind kicked up and I  turned into a wimp.  I just didn’t want to come out of the class at 7:30 and be wet and freezing cold.
  • Wednesday: off day. I had planned to do a DVD workout, but I ended up staying at work too long and then had dinner plans.  I suppose I could’ve done something at 9pm when I got home, but I was just too tired/full to do a big workout.
  • Thursday: 30 min. of Wii Fit Plus + Cardio Level 1 and Upper Body of Biggest Loser 30-Day Jumpstart DVD. FitPlus is still my favorite way to get the blood pumping, because it’s just so fun.  It may not be the most strenuous workout, but as long as it stays fun, that’s the most important thing.  The BL DVD is still really challenging for me, and I love feeling out of breath when I’m doing with it.
  • Friday: When I get home from work today, the plan is to go to my neighborhood park and take a long (45 min. ?) walk. Just to feel the sun on my face, breath the fresh air, and enjoy the day.
  • Saturday: I have a busy day planned, which will include a much-needed facial and then spending time with my nieces, but I do want to wake up early and do 30 min. of Wii FitPlus and Cardio Level 2 + Lower Body of Biggest Loser 30-Day Jumpstart DVD.
  • Sunday: I’m excited to bring Lola, my beach cruiser, out of the basement and take her on a long bike ride with Nicey and her husband.

What workouts have you been loving lately?

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