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And no, not in that good, Jersey Shore kind of way.  🙂

I got a mammogram.

I barely turned 40 and I already had my first mammogram scheduled, which makes me feel like I’m taking care of business. Last week when I went to the doctor to have her look at my pulled muscle, they noticed that I was “due for a mammogram” and quickly scheduled me for yesterday.

To say I was a bit anxious and nervous about the unknown aspect of it is putting it mildly.  You always hear everyone talking about how painful it is.  How that hate getting mammograms.  So when I walked into the imaging room, I was a bit worried.

As it turns out, it was really no big deal.  It was uncomfortable, but at no point was it painful.  It was slightly embarrassing to be naked from the waist up while a tech squeezes and smooshes your boobs into place on the machine, but it wasn’t terrible.  The most difficult part was holding my breath while she was taking the images.  Oh, and thinking that she might be hitting on me.

You tell me: as she was “placing” my boobs on the machine, the tech said, “Wow, you’re really beautiful,” to which I thanked her.  And then she said it again, a few minutes later, as she was fitting me onto the machine, “you really are beautiful, you know.”  And again I thanked her, but the whole thing seemed extremely awkward. My mom said that maybe she was trying to take my mind off the procedure, which may be it.  But I still feel like it was weird and it made me feel sort of uncomfortable.

The good news is, I’m taking care of my health, and in a few weeks I’ll know the results.  I don’t think I have anything to worry about, but it’s good to be sure.  The tech warned me that with the first mammogram, they often call you in because they have nothing to base it against (another mammogram to compare it to), so that I shouldn’t freak out if they do call me.  Which was nice of her to let me know, because I probably would’ve been freaking out if I got a call back.

Are you 40 or over?  Have YOU been smooshed lately?  If not, go get a mammogram!  It might save your life!!


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