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bilbl_superI had so much fun challenging myself to the Tone It Up #150bysummer goal (I exceeded it by 5 miles and logged 155 miles) that I didn’t want to see it end right when summer is just starting.

For me, summer is the time that I get in lots of daily workouts, because:

  • it’s something I can do by myself or with friends
  • it gets me outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather
  • it’s very inexpensive
  • it fills my time off in a very productive way
  • I love the way I feel while/after I’m working out

This morning on FB, Kandis TIU, who is a huge supporter of the entire TIU Community, made an adorable chart for tracking our cardio miles. She purposely made it blank at the top so that we could edit it and use it for our own purposes.  So, I thought I’d put out a summer challenge that we can all do together.

2014-06-23 12.15.30

Bella’s Summer Challenge: #150byBacktoSchool

The way the TIU miles work is simple.  If you can count miles, like when you’re walking or running, do that. If you’re biking, you’re supposed to divide your mileage by 3 (so if you biked for 12 miles, you’d only count 4 miles into your totals). If you’re doing a class or some other form of cardio, 1 mile = 10 minutes of intense cardio.

Since I was able to do 155 miles in the 8 weeks of the Bikini Series (and that was with me taking about a week and a half off), I figured we should all be able to log 150 miles in the 8 weeks between now and the time I go back to school, August 15th (my first teacher workday). I’ll be using Instagram/Twitter to keep myself accountable, using the hashtags: #150byBacktoSchool and #BellasSummerChallenge. Be sure to tag me @bellablogger on Instagram or Twitter so that I can see how well you’re doing.  And because I love incentives, I’ll be doing a small giveaway for the people who log the most miles/check in often.

Use the chart above and mark off your miles each day, along with a pic of you doing the activity, and a cool quote, if you’d like.  My favorite apps to jazz up photos are Rhonna Designs, A Beautiful Mess, and InstaPic Frames. I’ll post my favorites each week on this blog, along with my totals so far so that we can encourage each other.

Are you in?


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Goodness! How can it be Wednesday when yesterday was Sunday? Do you ever have weeks where the days just fly by, yet you’re so busy you can’t enjoy the fact that the weekend is closer? That’s how my week has been, and I’ve only had to work 2 days so far. Not to mention there are 2 more days to go.

Work has been really hectic, I’ve had meetings after school, and of course I decided that it was time for a new staff shirt for Homecoming, and that I would research, design, take orders/collect money for, order, and distribute it. Plus the fact that tomorrow is Back-to-School Night. Aaack! But this year is going really, really well. I have great students, my classes are fun (I love the curriculum I teach), and I’m feeling really content with it all.

So far this week I’ve gotten activity in each day, although it’s been in the form of long walks with Sofi after dinner. But that counts! Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym hard – I’m going to take full advantage of the fact that I stop teaching at 12:10, and I’ll be on the elliptical by 12:45, at the latest. That way I can get in a good workout, go home to walk/play with Sofi, and still have time to go home and shower, change, and drive back to school for Back to School Night, which will last until 9pm. Friday will be here before I turn around. And then it will be the weekend, and I’ll have time to regroup. Catch my breath, so to speak.

The good news is that my eating plan is fitting into this hectic weekday existence perfectly. I really like the fact that the shakes/bar combo keeps me really satisfied all day long because they have 30g protein each. I get 90g of protein in 600 very-low-carb calories. It’s great to just grab the shakes and a bar with my big water bottle and my coffee and go out the door in the morning. And it’s so much less expensive than Medifast was! No prep the night before has been nice too. All I need to focus on are my dinners, which have been colorful, healthy, and delicious. Tonight I stopped at Safeway on the way home and picked up: taco-seasoned ground turkey for taco salad, stuffed mushrooms, chicken breast Florentine, and a beef kebab. The over-the-counter meat department has really improved their offerings and these selections help me look forward to cooking and eating dinner. I’ll pair each meat with a salad or some other veggie.

And my weight loss? Well, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that it’s going really well. Here’s a snapshot of how I’m doing on the scale so far:

  • Week 1: Last week M-F: down 5.2 lbs
  • Weekend 1: Sa-M: up 2.0 lbs
  • Total for Week 1: -3.2 lbs lost
  • Week 2, so far (from Tuesday-Wednesday morning): -3.0 lbs lost
  • Total so far (in 9 days): -6.2 lbs lost!!!

Not bad at all. My goal is to learn how to maintain on the weekends, instead of gain. But the net loss is a great one so far. Plus, last weekend was a holiday weekend and my sister’s birthday, so I indulged a bit more than I normally would. The other thing I can do to balance out the additional weekend carbs and calories is to workout more. This past weekend I didn’t have much time to workout because of all the festivities, but I can’t make that the norm. The weekend is really the perfect time to workout, when I have so much more time on my hands.

So that’s what’s doing with me. How are you guys doing? Has it been hard to get back into the swing of things after the 3-day weekend (for those living in the U.S.)? Here’s hoping the rest of the week goes quickly (but not too quickly) and the weekend slooooooows down.

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December 2 Writing.
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? (Author: Leo Babauta)

All of life’s responsibilities, stresses, and obligations are the things that make it difficult for me to fit in time to write.  The greatest of these is my job.  Teaching is a passion of mine, but sometimes it dwarfs all other things that I’m passionate about.  As much as I enjoy what I do, it can easily take over everything else, which is detrimental to my mental health.  I’ve worked hard over these past 2 years to make sure my life is balanced.

So while I can’t eliminate my job and all of the work that goes along with it, I can continue to check-in with myself to make sure that I’m not focusing too much attention on something that should be just one part of my life.  I’m trying to live by the axiom,

Work to live, don’t live to work.”

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