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Goal Style. Each week I use Polyvore to put together looks that I hope to wear when I get to goal. They serve as inspiration and motivation, and they help me develop my own sense of style along the way. I enjoying working with thematic groupings, so if you have ideas of style themes for future fashion Friday posts, please put them in the comments.

Today’s Goal Style is all about two things – working out and Lululemon.  For me, being able to fit in Lululemon will be a major milestone.  Paying for it will be something else, but I digress.  Since this week my  focus has been on getting workouts in,  thought a Friday fashion about workout clothes was appropriate.

One thing I hadn’t realized before was just how boring the color choices at Lululemon are.  At least online.  Everything was muted – gray, black, pastels.  Bold, vibrant colors were few and far between.  And hey, I know black is slimming, but I’m the kind of girl who needs some color in her life, too. Which is why I was so happy when I found that one, bolder pink jacket.

I put a few different looks together in this set.  One with more fitted pants, which scare me, but this is Goal Style, and by the time I’m at goal, maybe those tighter pants won’t be as scary.  And then the other set are a pair of crops that I know would fit me well.  I included other views of the pants to give an idea of the fit.  Also, I only chose crops because with my short legs, I have to, the others would just be too long.

Where is (or will be) your favorite store to splurge on workout wear?

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Before I really get into this post, I should say that before yesterday I had only been to a Walmart once, and that was on Cape Cod, of all places.  Walmart is one of those places that has the same sort of reputation as KMart.  Not to be snooty or anything, but it’s not the typical type of place that I go.

Except that Ish had recently worn this adorable top and when I asked her where she got it, she said Walmart.  I’d read a few other bloggers’ posts about finding inexpensive workout clothes at Walmart, and I figured, why not give it a try?

So after spending most of the afternoon in a very affluent and ritzy little town, we headed to the East Side (why is it that the east side of so many cities is the area that has the most crime, violence, gang-related issues, etc?  I remember talking about this in my teaching credential program way back when).  Anyway, this Walmart wasn’t located in the safest neighborhood, but Ish reassured me that everyone was very friendly and easygoing.

We walked in and I was overwhelmed with the amount of people in the store.  This store is huge, but it seemed to be crawling with people, all looking for the best bang for their buck.  Plus, it was the last weekend before school starts for many people, so I think they were doing some back-to-school shopping, as well.

My main mission was to find workout clothes, but being the avid shopper that I am, I was open to finding other deals and steals, as well. I couldn’t believe the prices!  Even if the clothes don’t last more than a season, these were amazing prices.

The main items I was in search of were workout tops (tanks & t-shirts), workout bras, and socks.  Right away I was drawn to some great hoodie and pants sets that I knew would be so comfy for the coming fall and winter:

Just My Size hoodie for only $15

Just My Size hoodie for only $15

I also got this in a berry color, along with the matching bottoms, which were also $15.  I whole outfit for $30?  It would’ve been at least $50 at Lane Bryant.  I tried it on and it looked really cute, except for the fact that the pants are about 3-4 inches too long on me, but that’s the way it always goes for me, since I have short legs.  If the pants aren’t cropped, I have problems.  Ish recommended buying some sort of  sewing tape, since I’m not handy with a needle and thread.

I also found the same top that Ish had on that I loved.  The picture from the website doesn’t show the style well, so here’s my picture, instead:

This was only $13

This was only $13

I got it in turquoise and navy blue, as well.  That bit of white that’s peaking out that looks like a tank is actually a little sewn-in piece of fabric.  So cute!  It’s super soft and comfy.  Besides wearing it to workout, I can definitely see myself wearing it for “lounging,” too.

I also found some great workout socks.  Now this may not seem like much to brag about, but I love that Walmart has socks for people with smaller feet.  I can’t seem to find socks in the size 4-9 anywhere else.  They just fit so much better without the extra material to cause blisters.

What I didn’t find in the store:

  • sports bras
  • tanks
  • t-shirts

This seemed really odd to me, but maybe they were just out?  I did look these things up online and found them at great prices, so I’m going to buy them.  The sports bras came in a 3-pack (red, black, and white) for $9.98.  (Sports bras at Target are $16 each).  They also had tanks online for $6 each.  The colors were a bit limited, but I found 3 – in fushia, orange, and turquoise, all of which will go just fine with my black yoga pants that I wear.  The other item that I found online were these adorable Betty Boop pjs:

Only $8bettybooppjs closeup

Only $8

I took a picture of the closeup,just to give you an idea.  These are size XXL, which I probably won’t fit into right now (all of my weight is in my thighs/hips), but they should fit soon enough. I love that they’re capri length, which means they’ll be perfect for my short legs.

While I don’t think I’ll do much shopping at Walmart in general, it was a great place to find some inexpensive plus-sized clothes to wear right now.  Which leads me to a little bit of rant…

Why the heck don’t stores like Target and Kohl’s have more plus-sized workout clothes?  How the heck do  they expect us to fit into their “normal” sizes someday if they don’t offer workout clothes that fit us now?  Ugh!  Places that specialize in high-end activewear like, Lucy and Lululemon are just as culpable.  Would it really kill them to have a few plus-sized items to offer for those times when we want to splurge on fitness clothes?  It just kills me.  I know there are sites like Junonia that specialize in plus-size activewear, but those clothes are so expensive!  It makes me mad that there aren’t more affordable plus-sized active clothes available.  I think someone would make a killing if they opened a store that was geared for women like me who have become active and need clothes.

Where do you guys go to find affordable workout wear?  I’d love to get some new shopping ideas.

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