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Whew!  My heart is still beating fast after my 30-min session with Just Dance.  It was so much fun, although according to the game, I really don’t have much rhythm, which is so not true.

The way the game works is that you follow the “choreographer” that’s on the screen.  The tricky part (besides the actual dance moves themselves) is that it’s a mirror image, so while I was trying to keep up and do the same arm and leg movements they were, I would get lost because I was moving the wrong arm. I did “OK” on most moves, but the game did indicate that I “missed” quite a few as well.  On the plus side, I got some “greats” in there, too.  Most of the choreographed moves aren’t ones that I would have chosen for the particular songs that played, but then again, I’m no dance pro.  I really liked that it was challenging in terms of the moves, because that way it keeps it interesting.

I’m certainly glad I had the forethought to close the front door (I keep it open with screen locked so that I get a nice cross breeze throughout the house), so that no one outside could see me.  Because judging from the look on Lulu’s face, I looked like a complete fool while I was dancing.  LOL.  At one point she was trying to play with me by nipping at my feet, so it was “crate time” for her.  The whole time I was playing the game, she gave me the most quizzical look.  I was actually laughing at her as much as I was dancing, I think.  Poor little Lulu.

I don’t know exactly how many calories I burned because I’m having some technical issues with the BodyBugg (see the previous post), but I can tell you that I was out of breath and sweating the entire time.  I loved every minute of it.

Of the 30+ songs that are on the game, many of them are old favorites, like Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Others are pop hits like a cover of Womanizer.  And some are new, fun songs like Surfin’ Bird by the Trashmen which had a fun, 50’s retro vibe to it.  You can click here to see the full song list. I like that lots of the songs found on the game aren’t ones that I would normally play for myself, but they all have that upbeat vibe that I love.

For $28 on Amazon, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has the Wii and likes to Dance.  It’s a great way to get your heart pumping, fit in some extra steps, and make your workout fun.  Plus, you just might learn some new dance moves along the way.


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I can’t believe I’ve completed Week 3 of RLR already!  Time sure is flying by in 2010 so far.  This week I stuck to the training, and it was great.  Not easy, but really, really good. This week’s training had me doing this:

Week 3, Day 1: I took the training outside on Saturday, 1/16.  Since it had been over a week since I had completed any training, I couldn’t quite make it through the entire training for week 3.  I did about 3 intervals of the 90-second run/2 minute walk and then I had to bring it back down to the 60 second run/90 second walk intervals from the previous week.  My body just wasn’t ready for the full training after taking such a long break.  Plus, doing the training outside was a LOT harder than on the treadmill.  A LOT!  It was a good thing to try to do, but I’m not ready for outdoor training just yet.  I do plan to run at a local high school track (with a rubbery/spongey track) once the weather clears up, so probably sometime in March.  Since I was outside, I’m not sure how fast I was running or how far I went, but I do know that I burned 424 calories, which is great.

Week 3, Day 2: I did this training at the gym on Monday, 1/18, and it was so much easier on the treadmill than outside.  Which is not to say that it was easy, at all, but I did complete the entire training.  The jogging was difficult, but not impossible, and the recovery time was fine during the walks.  I jogged at 3.7 and walked at 2.9, which I know is slow, but it’s where I am right now.  I was putting forth all of my effort, and it was hard, and that’s really all I can ask of myself at this point.

I burned 398 calories, and went a little over a mile and a half in 30 minutes (including the warm up and cool down time). I was a sweaty mess by the time I was through with this workout, and I loved every drop of it.

Week 3, Day 3: I completed this training yesterday, Thursday, 1/21 at the gym after work.  I usually like to do the RLR training in the morning, but this week was finals week at school, which meant an earlier starting time.  So, I went yesterday when I had finished grading all the finals and submitted the final grades for the semester.  I felt so proud of myself for being able to finish everything before the weekend for the first time in 10 years of teaching!  Quite a milestone for an English teacher, because usually there are essays to grade, etc., but this year I was on top of it, and now I got to reap the rewards of a long 3-day weekend with no work obligations.  🙂  So, to celebrate, I went to the gym.  LOL, a year or two ago, the gym would be the last place I would celebrate the start of a long weekend.  Training on Day 3 was about the same as Day 2, although the jogs were a bit easier.  I went the same distance (1.58) and had the same speeds (3.7 jog and 2.9/3.0 walk).

I burned 403 calories, which is great for a 30 minute workout.  It felt good to have stuck to the training schedule and end the week feeling accomplished.

Overall, this was a tough week. The jogging is difficult, and although it is somewhat easier than it was the first week, the added time makes it really hard still.  Since I’m covering half as much ground in the 30 minutes that I’m training, it makes me realize that I’m probably not going to run a 5K in 30 minutes, which is ok.  Once I get to the “all jog” portion of this training, I’ll see where I am and then I’ll try to improve my time, if I feel like I can. I have to remind myself that I am an obese person who weighs over 275 pounds, so the fact that I’m jogging at all is something to be really proud of.  The C25K program is designed for out of shape people, yes, but for normal weight/overweight people, not the obese.  Which is why I’m glad that Scale Warfare had the idea to repeat each week of training (to do each week twice), so that it would be at a level more suitable for our sizes.

Bella’s “Tip”

A few weeks ago Scale Warfare gave a great tip about stretches that she does before running, and I’ve been using those before I begin.  They help quite a bit, although I am still feeling cramping in my calves when I do the RLR, but I think that’s just the way my legs are right now.

I wanted to share a tip with you, too.  I’ve had a couple of questions about the c25k App I’m using on my iPhone, so I figured I’d share that with you.

I did a search of “C25K” on the App Store in iTunes, and these were the results (click on any of the following photos to make them bigger/more viewable):

They all looked about the same, but something caught my eye about the brown 5K app, second from the left.  So, I clicked on it to get more info and read the reviews:

I liked that this one had good ratings, was only $2.99, and let me listen to my own music from my iPod while it was running.  It also lets you choose if you want to hear a male or female voice for the audio cues, as well as hard loud you want the cue to be.

So, to use it, I go to my iPod on my iPhone and select my workout playlist and begin listening to whichever song I want for that day.  Then I open the C25K App and hit start.  My music plays while I do the 5-minute warm-up.  Then, after that time’s done, I see this:

The female voice comes on and says, “start running now.”  I love how the screen is red, to show the intensity of the workout.  The time ticks down and then when the jogging portion is over, this comes on the screen:

After the run, this green screen and the words, “start walking now,” are the best things I can hear/see!  😉  The green is supposed to be calming, I guess? All I know is, I’m always happy to see the green screen at the end of the jogging intervals.

And the App continues in this way throughout the intervals, until I’m done.  It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use.  For $2.99 it’s well worth the cost to be able to listen to my own music while doing the training.

So, that’s it, folks.  Week 3 done!  Be sure to check in with Scale Warfare to see how her RLR training went this week.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Has it been as hard for you as it has for me to get “back to reality” after the holidays?  I’ve been back on plan since December 28th, but last week was a tough one for me in terms of time.  January 4th had me back to work after a 2-week break, and it was quite a juggling act to fit everything in.  A couple of weeks away and I sort of forgot how much preparation it takes to stay on track, fit in exercise, and complete all of my other duties/responsibilities.

But I made it! Whew!

Granted, I was really tired last week, but I still fit it all in, somehow.  I realized that I’m too tired when I get home from work to realistically do the C25K training, so doing it on my late-start mornings is a much better solution.  (I still wish I had the room at home to fit a treadmill, because then there would really be no excuses).  I’m actually really happy about all that I did accomplish.  Speaking of which…

Each week, I want to make sure I track non-scale accomplishments:

  • I tracked my food/Points for each and every meal this week
  • I sent Scale Warfare my food journal each evening (except Friday) (I really recommend doing this with a buddy, because it’s a great sense of support and accountability).
  • I got at least 30 minutes of activity 5/7 days this week*
  • I’ve eaten dinner at home 7 days this week
  • I started organizing my recipes and tried out 2 new recipes on Saturday night
  • I made food for this entire week on Saturday, so I’m all set with lunches and dinners!

*My goal is to get some sort of activity every day, so I didn’t quite make this goal.

Another thing I haven’t done yet is get back to personal training.  I wanted to.  I even texted Jimmy and thought we had a plan to workout on Wednesday, but he never texted back with the time, and I hadn’t heard from him since.  Which is so unlike him.  I texted him again Monday night to see what was going on, and we finally connected.  We’ve got two appointments set up or next week – Monday and Friday – a great way to begin and end the workweek.  To be honest, it’s been sort of nice not having the training appointments.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the personal training with Jimmy, it’s just trying to fit the evening appointments into my schedule that’s a bit tough to manage.  Giving myself a few weeks to get used to the C25k training has been nice, and has helped me not feel too overloaded.

If you need some new workout music (and who doesn’t, really?), why not enter my giveaway.  It ends at 11:59pm Pacific this Wednesday, January 13, so there’s still time.  Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.  Good luck!!

I hope everyone has a great week.  I’m looking forward to a good weigh-in tomorrow.  Check back to see how I did.

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I don’t know about you, but I MUST have music in order to workout.  Listening to beats that I love keeps me going, even when the workout is kicking my butt!

I just downloaded some new pre-made workout mixes from iSweat Fitness Music (via iTunes), and I can’t wait to try them out.  I got three different mixes:

  1. Power Pop – songs like “Crazy in Love,” “Manic Monday,” and “You Give Love a Bad Name” all remixed and set to faster bpm’s
  2. Girl Power – songs like “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Ain’t No Other Man,” and “Vogue” all remixed and set to faster bpm’s
  3. Fun ’80s – songs like “She Bop,” “Mickey,” and “Vacation” all remixed and set to faster bpm’s

Since I know that most of you are trying to workout more consistently, and I’d like to help you do that, in some small way.  So, that’s where the giveaway comes in!

I will give away 3 copies of each mix (9 total).  To enter:***

  1. Write a comment to this post, telling me about your workout plan for the coming year/month/week (activity, times per week, duration, etc)
  2. In the comment, mention which mix you’d like best
  3. In the comment, name a song that is bound to get you movin’ (I love getting new music ideas)
  4. Write a blog post of your own about workout music, working out, etc and make sure to link back to this post

Entries due by Wednesday, January 13 at 11:59, West Coast time. I’ll select the winners by using a “randomizer,” so everyone will have an equal chance of winning.  Good luck & keep on groovin’!!!

***Open to blogging buddies in the U.S. and Canada only.

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Whew!  I made it!

I am very proud to say that I just got back from the gym where I completed Day 1 of Week 1 of the C25K program.  It wasn’t easy, and there were times that I thought I’d made a huge mistake to agree to do this with Scale Warfare, but I completed it without stopping. I have been very anxious for a few weeks about how this would go, but now I can say that I was worried for nothing.  I’m going to be able to do this. Maybe more slowly than I first thought, but I will do it.

I had two choices of where to get on the treadmill.  In front of mirrors so that I could watch myself the entire time or in front of the men’s bathroom.  I choose the men’s bathroom, because even though there would be quite a few people coming by, at least I wouldn’t get discouraged by seeing all of my flub jiggling around.

Since I have bad knees (inherited from my father, and my excess weight definitely doesn’t help) and am prone to getting leg cramps if I walk too fast without a proper warm up, I made sure to warm up for a full 5 minutes.  Next time I may even do a 10-minute warm up, because my calves definitely cramped up within 5 minutes of starting the actual interval program.

I hit the app on the iPhone, and it started the counter going.  I love that it lets me listen to my own music while it keeps track of when I’m supposed to go from jogging to walking. I also really like that it builds in the 5-minute warm up and 5-minute cool down within the program.

Then the real c25K program started.  I haven’t gone on a treadmill in about 2 months, and although I normally walk at a 3.3 or so, today I was only able to go 3.0 for the walking portion.   I wasn’t sure how fast to go with the jogging, but I moved the treadmill up to a 3.7, and it seemed to be a good jogging pace for me right now. I got out of breath when I was jogging, but since it only lasted for 60 seconds, I was able to push myself until the end of the minute.  The interesting thing was that I felt the leg cramping and the pain more when I was walking than I did when I was jogging.

Today’s intervals were 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, repeat the intervals for 20 minutes.  So I figure that I walked 13 minutes and jogged 7 minutes.  Plus 10 minutes warm-up & cool down.  So 30 minutes total altogether.  Not too shabby.

About 15 minutes into the interval program I felt like I wanted to quit.  My legs were both really cramping up and I was in pain.  But instead of giving up, I walked through one of the jogging intervals, just so that I could recover a bit.  And it seemed to work!  After that I didn’t have much time left and just kept telling myself to keep going.  And I made it!

My feet did get numb as soon as I started the cool down, but I just kept on walking, and before I knew it I was finished.  As soon as I stopped on the treadmill, my numbness stopped, which is a huge improvement from the trouble I was having about 8 months ago.  Progress!

My Bodybugg says that I burned 390 calories, and WW says that I earned 4 Activity Points (APs).  I’m actually surprised that I didn’t earn more APs, since I can earn 2 with 30 minutes on the Wii Fitplus, and this felt like a lot more effort than that. But whatever, this isn’t about how many APs I’m earning, it’s about reaching  the goal I’ve set for myself – being able to run an entire 5K without stopping!

So, to recap, I am really proud of myself for keeping going through the pain/hard part.  I may not be going very fast, but at least I’m doing it!

Be sure to check out Scale Warfare’s RLR Day 1, too.

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betty boop workout

Last night I went to the gym to workout, something I haven’t done in a very long time.  Sure, I’ve gone to the gym for the Aqua classes, but to just go on the elliptical machine, the treadmill, or the stationary bike?  It’s been months.

And why would I?  Spring and summer in my area bring gorgeous weather, and I’d much rather be outside taking in the fresh air as I walk, swim, or  ride my bike. I see my gym membership as something to be used during the late autumn and winter months, when the weather outside is not conducive to enjoying the outdoors.  Or, once Daylight Savings Time ends and the nights come sooner, it’s always nice to be able to workout when it’s dark outside.

But last night I went to the gym with a purpose other than simply working out.  I wanted to save money on my gym membership.  You see, for the past 4-5 years, I’ve been paying way too much for my monthly membership.  $45, to be exact.  And while this amount isn’t outrageous, it’s more than I should be paying, especially when I’m not using the gym that often right now.

So, I went in and asked what they could do for me.  They mentioned a few different options, but I really wanted to do a pre-paid membership.  One where you plunk down a chunk of money, but it buys you a 3-year membership.  Plus, I wanted to buy some personal training sessions, so I figured I could get a good deal for those while I was at it.

Boy, did I!  For $1449 I got a 3-year membership and 20 personal training sessions.  Now, that may seem like a lot, but when you break it down, the savings is incredible.  The personal training sessions were $850, which makes them $42.50 per session.  When I was buying sessions a few years ago, I was paying $50 per session, so this is a bit of a savings.  Plus, it’s nice to know that I have 20 of them that I can actually start using now.  I plan to use them once a week, so this will take me through Thanksgiving, and that’s if I start using them next week!  Now as far as the gym membership goes, I paid $599.99 for 3 years, which works out to $16.66 per month!  So much less than I was paying before.  Plus, I like the fact that it is already paid up; I won’t have to worry about monthly fees at all for the next 3 years.

And when those 3 years are up in 2012?  Well, at that point I’m sure they’ll be offering some other sort of deal like this one.  Just think, by then, I will not only be at my goal weight, but in top physical form!  I can’t wait to see how I look in 3 years’ time!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new membership and the personal training sessions.  And all it took to get this great deal was asking.  I would recommend this to anyone who has a monthly membership rate that they feel is a bit too expensive.  The gym will most likely value your membership and want to keep you as a client.  They’ll work with you, and you’ll probably end up with a better deal in the long run.

Oh, and for those wondering, I go to 24 Hour Fitness.  My membership allows me to go to any Sport-level club (and below) anywhere in the world.  Pretty nice!

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This is so exciting! The walking has been going phenomenally well.  It’s become part of the day that I  really look forward to.  A time when I can focus on myself, my goals, and what I want to accomplish.  No matter what kind of day I’ve been having (and believe me, last week I had a few doozy days), walking helps me destress and let go of all the “little things.”  It also gives me some time to figure out the “bigger picture” items that I need to give attention to.  I really can’t say strongly enough how much I have been enjoying the “me time” that walking provides.

Besides that, ever since I started the Momentum Walk It Challenge, I’ve been consistently losing weight!  No more slight gains.  No more plateau.  I’ve been seeing serious (at least a pound) weight loss on the scale.  Whooo Hoooo!

walking_music Since my walks this past week were all in the same neighborhood spots that I’ve written about previously, I thought I’d focus this week’s entry on my walking playlist. Music is a huge motivator when I exercise, so it’s essential that I have good tunes to listen to while I’m walking.

My current playlist includes:

  1. Panic Switch – Silversun Pickups
  2. Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
  3. Who Knew (Bimbo Jones Remix) – P!nk
  4. Celebrity Skin – Hole
  5. Proud (Biggest Loser theme song) – Richard Niles
  6. Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
  7. It’s a Fine Day – Miss Jane
  8. Walkin’ on the Sun – Smash Mouth
  9. Angels (Nip/Tuck Soundtrack) – Gabriel & Dresden ft. Norah Jones)
  10. Lebanese Blonde – Theivery Corporation
  11. Aganju (Latin Project Remix Edit) – Babel Gilberto

(The songs in blue are the ones that I use for cool down, the last 5 minutes of the walk).

I am planning to buy Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown this week, and I’m guessing it should have a few songs I can add to my playlist.

Which songs get you grooving?  I’d love to hear some ideas for new music picks in the comments.  I’m always on the lookout for new music.

How many of you have joined the Walk-It Challenge?  I’d love to hear from you about your progress.

If you haven’t joined the WW Walk-It Challenge?  What are you waiting for?  Even if you’re not on WW, why not join a similar training program to prepare to walk/run a 5K or 10K?  Walking is one of the best ways to move your body and take care of your soul.


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The other night when I was at the TNT track training, I asked my mentor if I could use my iPod during the long trainings on Saturday.  I’m not sure why I even asked except for the fact that no one ever uses one.  She suprised me when she said “no.”  She said that the reason was because you can’t use iPods during the events because they’re a liability.

What?  I don’t understand that.  How is using a music player a liability?  I mean, it’s a closed course, so there aren’t cars zooming by.  Maybe because you can’t hear people saying “on your left?”  ???  If anyone knows why this is, I’d love to hear it.

The reason I bring this up is that I’ve noticed that I can go so much father and push myself a bit faster when I’m listening to music.  I love using my iPod when I’m working out, but it seems like it’s a necessity for me when I’m walking because fitness walking is so much more of a challenge for me.  I use songs as my reward a lot of the time.  For example, I’ll buy some new workout songs if I’ve worked out consistently for a certain number of days per week, etc.

Today I was reading through the most current issue of Women’s Health Magazine and one of the mini articles said that a study conducted at Brunel University found that listening to music while running increased not only speed but also endurance.  Intersting, but not surprising.  If you click this link, it will take you to a playlist that WH has made.  Some of the songs are good ones, others meh.  But they also have a link to other playlists that athletes and readers have uploaded.  Kinda cool.  I’m always on the lookout for some good workout tunes, and I did get a few good ideas.

One thing I have noticed is that when I’m doing my TNT trainings (both at the track on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the trails) I get a lot more emotional than I ever do when I’m using my iPod.  I’ve come close to full-on crying each and every time.  Mostly because I start getting discouraged about where I am in comparison to the rest of the team (at the end, with people passing me).  I have to do a lot of positive self talk and give myself a kick in the butt just to get past the point of tears.  I think it’s because my mind isn’t concentrating on the lyrics or the music, and just has time to think.  I’m operating “in the moment” and being fully conscious of my surroundings.  I guess I should use this as a positive thing – as a way for me to work out stress or frustrations, or whatever.  To tell myself how proud I am of all that I’m accomplishing in a relatively short amount of time.  Maybe there is a method to this madness about not being able to use iPods after all.  Hmmm….

One thing I’m going to do this Saturday on the 6 mile walk (yes, 6 MILES!! I’m very scared of that number, but I know I’ll do it) is to remind myself that while I may not be the fastest person on the team, I am one of the best in terms of fundraising.  In the three weeks that I’ve had my fundraising page active, I have already raised over half of the minimum required.  I was so concerned when I started all of this that I wouldn’t be able to raise the money, but now I think I’m going to be ok on that front, at least I hope so.  I have some truly generous people in my life, including many of you who read this blog, and I am so thankful. It still amazes me that people who have never met me in person are willing to contribute to my goal.  Thank you so much Cammy, Cathroo, Lisa K. and Rev. Sheila. Ok, I know some of you are reading that and wondering why the heck I have to be so competitive.  I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t change my competitive streak for anything in the world – it’s what pushes me to strive farther, push harder, and achieve my goals.  Anyway, I think focusing on the positive, in this case my rockstar ability to fundraise (if I do say so myself), will be really good for me.

So, what are your thoughts about using an iPod during endurance events?  Should they be allowed?  Why or why not?

I <3 my iPod!!!!

I ❤ my iPod during workouts!!!!

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This past week has truly been phenomenal for me in terms my weight loss journey.  Not only did I have a great result on the scale on Sunday but I also found time to get in some inspired activity, and also had time to come to a few realizations.  I’ve also updated my blogroll, tried out a bunch of new recipes, and shared my workout playlist.

I’ve had time to write new posts everyday, which makes me so happy.  I’ve had time to focus on me and my weight loss.  I’ve had time to workout.  I’ve had time to grocery shop and cook.  I’ve had time to think.  I’ve had time to BREATHE.

It’s amazing to me that when given a bit of time, I’ve been able to come up with so many ah-ha moments or meaningful experiences.  I’ve been really proud of myself this last week and now that school is back in session, I’m hoping to continue this path I’m on.  It will be a lot more challenging, to be sure, because there will be more stress, more time constraints, and more of a schedule to follow.  But I think that with everything I’ve been able to set up in the past 2 weeks, I should be able to manage pretty well.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that everyone is on a weight loss kick right now, because it’s the beginning of the new year.  Workout clothes on sale at the stores, healthy foods on sale at the market (Ok, so most of those are the frozen variety, but still), people at the gym or talking about working out — all of it helps me stay focused on my #1 priority — weight loss.

I’m looking forward to another great week.  Biggest Loser is on tonight, which always makes me happy.  Oh, and I also discovered a new weight loss inspiration on t.v. – DietTribe.  (I haven’t watch the episode yet, but I’ll be sure to tell you what I think when I do).

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Today I decided to go for a long bike ride on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.  This trail has been around forever, but I’ve never ridden my bike on it.  I have walked it, once several years ago.

The reason I haven’t biked this trail before today is that getting to it by bike seemed almost impossible.  The outlet for it begins on a very busy street, and from my house, I’d have to pass the freeway onramps, which just seemed unsafe.  The cars aren’t looking out for bikers, and I’d have to ride on the street as people are getting on and off the freeway.  Yikes.

Then DRMK and her husband told me they had found a back way to get to the trail, avoiding the freeway.  It makes the trip a bit longer, but a whole lot safer.

I had left my bike at DRMK’s house, so I set out around 12:30, walked to her house to get my bike, and headed home.  I had forgotten my sunglasses, and was a bit hungry.  I had an apple and a piece of string cheese, grabbed a letter I had to mail, and headed to the post office.  Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot the sunglasses at home.  Oh well, it was sunny but not overly bright. I’d live.

So, after I biked to the post office (1.6 miles both ways) to mail my rent check (oops, it’s gonna be a day or two late) I headed toward the trail.  Getting there was a bit harrowing. Lots of cars and pedestrians to watch out for, but it was so worth it.

Once I got on the trail, I put on my iPod and let the tunes help me find a moderatly paced rhythm.  The nice thing about the trail is that it’s very scenic, it’s paved, and it’s completely enclosed.  So, once you’re on it, there’s no worry about cars.  The only things you have to watch out for are other cyclists, joggers, and families with strollers.  No problem.

There were a few points on the trail that had a fairly steep incline, which let me know this biking was good for my butt and thighs.  At one point, I think I could’ve walked faster, but that’s ok, I wasn’t in any rush.  I just wanted to enjoy the scenery, being out in nature and biking along.


I arrived at a fairly difficult (for me) part of the trail, and stopped to check how far I had come.  I had ridden over 6 miles since I left my house, counting my trip from DRMK’s house, my stop at the post office, etc.  !  I checked to see how far it was from that point on the trail to my house, and it as another 4.4 miles, so that means I rode about 10.5 miles, which is a lot for me. I decided it would be a good time to turn around, and then I had a really emotional/inspiring moment.

I was coming to another steep incline, pushing the pedals as hard as I could, questioning whether or not I could do this, and I kid you not, the Biggest Loser Theme Song (Proud) came on the iPod.  I had never really listened to the whole song before, but there is so much hope, motivation, and joy in that song, I can’t even tell you!  I experienced a moment there on my bike, pedaling hard, listening to the song.  So much so that I got teary-eyed.

I told myself, “you CAN do this.  This trail.  This Weight Watchers program.  This weight loss journey.  You’re so worth it, and you haven’t even begun to see all that you’re capable of doing.”

It was really something like I’ve never experienced before.  I felt so proud of myself, so free, so light, so determined.  And I hadn’t even ridden to the best parts of the trail.  But, you know what, that’s ok.  I’ll leave that for another day.  This was a wonderful ride.  A terrific day.

I am left feeling so happy, so inspired, so motivated.  I weigh in tomorrow, and can’t wait to see my progress.

I’ll leave you with the song, and I hope it offers you as much motivation as it offered me today.

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