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Since I’m getting into yoga for the next 40 days, I decided to treat myself to a few items that will help me look better (and may just help my practice).  Plus, I plan to make yoga a part of my weekly workouts even after these 40 days are up, so I thought it was time to buy a bit of yoga “gear.”

Last week when I went to Bikram, I sweated a lot. I mean, my legs, arms, back, and everywhere else was sweating, which is unusual for me.  It was a great way to release toxins, but it wasn’t so great on my yoga mat. Stinky!!

I used some Clorox wipes to clean it up a bit, I knew there had to be a better way.

And then I went on Amazon (where I purchased all of these yoga essentials, actually), and found Manduka yoga mat spray.

I got it in the lavender scent, because I thought that sounded tranquil.

Next up was something that I’d been wanting to purchase for a really long time, but wasn’t sure it was a good use of money.  But after the stinky yoga mat incident, I knew it was necessary.

Today when I went to Yoga Basics, I asked the girl next to me who had the Yogitoes skidless towel whether she thought it was worth it, and she said absolutely.  She said that even though they’re ridiculously expensive, the grip and the way that they hold up in the wash made them worth the money.

I liked this one because I have an orange Gaiam mat that my sister bought me years ago, and I thought it would coordinate well.

And then I decided that I should probably get a second mat, too.  That way, I can make sure the mats are always “fresh.”  This one was only $16.99 and is supposed to be extra thick.  I got the dark purple color, because I thought it would coordinate with the towel.

I always keep a yoga mat in my car, but I like the idea of having a second one that I can use at home for some of the floor work that the workout DVDs I’ve been doing have.  Plus, if a friend is ever interested in trying yoga with me and doesn’t have a mat, I  can let her borrow one of mine.

Next up is something that I wrote about quite a while ago, the AdoraOm plus-sized yoga/workout clothing line.  I was so disappointed when I couldn’t go to their luncheon in L.A. because I’d been wanting to check out their clothes first-hand.  Their prices are fairly expensive, but the clothing is getting rave reviews from everyone who tries it, and I think their items are the type of high-quality clothes that will hold up well.  People spend crazy money on Lululemon, so why not spend a bit on the plus-sized version?  So I decided to treat myself to two of their tops because I don’t have any sort of performance activewear, and I have a feeling that it really does make a difference.

This is the My Game Face top ($67).  I got it in gray and charcoal because I thought it was the most versatile.  (And the turquoise color I’d wanted was out of stock in my size).  These tops are popular!  I bought it in a size smaller than I wear in my shirts because I wanted it to be a bit tighter. Plus, as I lose weight, I want it to fit me.  I don’t mind it being a bit snug now if it means that I can get more wear out of it later.

This one is called My Funky Tank ($79) and I love it!  Again, I wanted it in turquoise, but they were out of stock, and this color is fine.  A neutral that will go with everything. This top has a bit of a built-in bra, so I’m thinking it will be great for me to wear along with a sports bra for higher impact activities, like Zumba or kickboxing.

I know I spent a lot of money – thank goodness for that Amazon card I got!  But these are investments in something that I love to do, and since they last a long time, I think it’s worth it.  Plus, I’m a lot less likely to skip out on a workout/yoga class when I know that I’ve spent this much on all of the gear.  And since I’m someone who wants to look as good as I possibly can, even when I’m working out, knowing that this stuff will help me perform better as I look better really boosts my confidence.  And that’s priceless.

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