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If you’ve been reading the blog for the past month or so or following any of my tweets lately, you know that I’m about to get a new puppy.  I’ve named her Lulu, and she’s a yorkie-bichon mix (yorchon).  I’ve only seen her in photos and a quick, 5-second video, but I already love her.  Isn’t it funny how that can happen? Well the day that I’ve been waiting for is finally here, and I can hardly believe it.

I’m nervous – I hope she likes it here and is able to adapt to this city environment, compared to the sprawling backyard of her puppyhood.  Up to this point, she’s had a huge yard to play in with lots of brothers and sisters.  Here she’ll have a small yard with a tiny bit of grass, but since it’s in the front on a busy, busy street, she’ll have to be on leash.  In the back she’ll have a bit more room to run around, but it’s mostly concrete.  The nice thing is that there are tons of local parks I can take her to, once she’s cleared to go.  I’m hoping she’ll adapt quickly and learn to love it here.

I am definitely a dominant person, but I’m hoping that little Lulu doesn’t wrap me around her finger (so to speak).  I know I need to establish myself as the alpha in the house, and while anyone who knows me knows that that is never a problem for me in my human relationships, I’m hoping it’ll work with this puppy.  I’ve read lots of articles, watched the Cesar Milan videos, gotten tons of advice and tips, so I think I’m ready.  Plus, I’m going to sign us up for puppy classes in July, which should help a lot.  Just breathe, Bella, just breathe.

In preparing for her arrival, I went overboard in that new puppy mom way.  You guys know how I am – go big or go home.  She has TONS of toys waiting for her, although I will only introduce a few at a time.  Since I have a lot of nervous energy right now (can’t wait until 12:35, when her flight is landing), I figured I’d show you some of the goodies I got for this soon-to-be-very-spoiled pooch.

First and foremost, she just turned 4 months old and will be at the stage when chewing everything in sight seems natural to her.  I wanted to make sure to get her plenty of chew toys, so I got a Puppy Kong (which I just filled with peanut butter this morning), as well as some treats that can fit inside the Kong.

Speaking of Kongs, I found this little tug-o-war toy and thought it would be great because my friend Alice has a yorkie and he loves to play tug-o-war.  I guess all dogs do, actually.

I also got her this cool star chew toy that’s meant to be for puppies.  It’s fairly hard plastic, so this should keep her occupied for quite some time.

Since she’s also going to be teething, I was thrilled when I found this ChillyBone.  You run it under the tap water, freeze it, and then it becomes a soothing chew toy for the puppy.  Genius!

Next up are a bunch of plush squeeky toys that will most likely drive me crazy, but should provide Lulu with a lot of entertainment, especially for when I’m not playing with her.

I mean, really, how could I resist this little Tiffany-esque box that stays “Sniffany & Co” on it?  We’ve got to get Miss Lulu trained early on the finer things in life.  (Although it should be pointed out that Lulu’s mommy doesn’t have anything that came in this little blue box (yet!).

It’s summer, so why not throw a little beachy vibe into the toys, right?  My sister got her new dog the hula dog toy on the right, and when I saw it, I knew I had to get it for Lulu too.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing.  The plush flip-flop was purchased in the hopes that she’ll chew on that toy, rather than use one of my real shoes for a teething ring.

This little pink elephant was an impulse purchase because it was so cute and soft. And squeeky.

Next we have the treats.  Her breeders have started crate training her, and they always give her a little treat when she gets in easily.  All of the treats I have for her are good for her teeth and contain no corn or other fillers, so they’re healthy, too.

The owner of the local pet food store that I went to to get her food gave me the rainbow colored treats free for being a “new mom,” and I thought they looked great mixed in with the other treats I bought.

My mom found these somewhere, and I mean, c’mon, are they perfect, or what?

Speaking of food, everyone needs a fine dining experience, and when I saw these bowls, I knew I had to have them.  The cute thing is, the cream and black match the tile in my kitchen.

I also got her a different placemat that says “woof!” all along the edges, but I’ll save that for another post.

You guys know how much I love driving in my convertible, so I wanted to make sure that Lulu could be my co-pilot.  (Although I’m not sure if I’ll actually drive with the top down with her in the car.  Again my friend Alice had one of these, and I thought it was awesome, so I got one too.

It’s hard to see from the photo, but it’s a puppy car seat.  It attaches to the seat in your car, but allows the pup to sit at window-height.  It also holds them in place (I bought a red harness just for this), so the dog is much more secure.  I think it’s so much safer than having her flying all around the car. Once I put it in the car, I’ll definitely take a photo with her in it.

Lest you think this girlie dog is going to be donning pink, I decided that with her coloring, red would be the way to go.  I bought her red bows, a red heart dog tag (which should be ready later today), and a red and white polka dot collar and leash:

Last but not least, I know that it’s going to be a major adjustment for Lulu in terms of the first few nights.  She’s used to sleeping with a few other dogs, and I’m sure she relies on their body heat to comfort her. When I saw this cuddle pal, I knew I had to get it for her.  The nice thing is that it’s filled with buckwheat and can be microwaved, so it’ll be a warm snuggly buddy for her to cuddle up to at bedtime.

That’s about it folks.  She’s coming in a mauve crate, so that’s where she’ll be sleeping right now.  Eventually I’ll get her a doggie bed, but until she’s totally crate trained, I think it’s better to keep her in the crate at night, like she’s used to.

I’ve been getting flight updates, and it looks like it’s going to arrive a bit later – at 12:45.  I really cannot wait for Lulu to arrive!  You know that I’ll be posting tons of photos of her, although I know she’s going to be in need of a major day of beauty (already have the grooming appt. booked), so we’ll definitely be showing some before and after photos.


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