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(Image by Ben Davis)

Sometimes life leads you in the right direction, if you’re open enough to accept it.

I like to have a mantra for the year that I set up for myself.  Usually something that wraps up the way I want to live my life, something that gives me motivation and inspiration, and something that’s easy to say and share.  Originally I saw the bit about Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act, and that was a really cool site, but it didn’t really feel like me.

Then the other day I was watching some YouTube lap band videos and I came across one by Randi4Change, who also happens to be a high school teacher.  So much of what she said resonated with me, because I felt like I looked at life very similarly to the way that she did.  She had recently started a blog, and on her blog there was a link to another one that seemed very inspirational and that I had seen or heard about somewhere in the far recesses of my mind.

Then today’s MeYouHealth Daily Challenge was to create your own mantra, and this is what I wrote:

“Successful people replace the words ‘wish,’ ‘should’ and ‘try’ with ‘I will.'” ~Lululemon Athletica Manifesto

I’d take this one step further and say that instead of “I will” it should be “I did.” I am a huge planner and I often look into the future and set goals for myself. It’s a great skill to have, but the problem that can arise from too much planning and goal setting is not living (and doing!) in the now.

That’s what I’m working on in 2011. DOING. That’s my mantra.”

And that’s when it hit me. My mantra for 2011 should be “doing life.” Because that’s what all the meal planning, food journaling, exercising, and blogging boils down to – me doing things so that I can live my true life.

And so I went to Ben Davis’ blog, saw that he had those adorable shirts for sale (that’s the image you see above), and bought one.

And now I have my 2011 mantra:

Bella Does Life!!!

Have you figured out your mantra yet?


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

There is so much to update you all on, but I did want to mention how fun it’s been to see so many new bloggers join in on our HYC.  Welcome everyone!

Can you believe it’s already January 11?  Today marks several milestones and mini reasons to celebrate for me.  On the 11th day of 2011…:

  • …Lulu is 11 months old!  Her 1st birthday is on February 11, and I want to throw her a little puppy party.  My sister thinks the idea is very “chi chi,”  and sort of scoffs at me, but I told her that I really don’t need an excuse to celebrate Lulu any day of the week, so we might as well have a party when she’s a year old.  I wish more of my friends had puppies of their own; that way we could make it a real party.  I don’t know enough people at the dog park or the doggie daycare to feel comfortable having them in my home.  So I  guess it’ll just be my family and close friends and Lulu will have to soak up the spotlight by herself.  Actually, I think she’d prefer that option .
  • …I’ve been a non-smoker for 5 months!  153 days, to be exact.  And I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t miss it.  And the cravings have pretty well subsided too.  And when I calculate the money I’ve saved – 22 weeks X $24/week = $528.  Wow!!!  That’s a lot of money.
  • I’ve been doing the MeYouHealth Challenge for a few weeks now, and I’m loving it.  Each daily challenge is something that’s easy to do, but makes a significant impact on my well-being.  Plus it’s #2 on my 2011 Goals.This past week I’ve:
    • turned a negative into a positive
    • shared a healthy breakfast idea
    • acknowledged two things I’m really good at (two positive traits of mine)
    • went credit-card free for a day
    • bought a first-aid kit for my home and an emergency first aid kit for my car from the Red Cross Store
    • cleaned out a kitchen cabinet
    • created a sleep plan for the week
  • My HealthyLoserGal Be True to You Challenge isn’t going quite as well as I would’ve hoped.  Ever since this back pain became a more serious issue, I’ve been hesitant to attend any group exercise classes.  My plan was to go to aqua aerobics last night, but my sister got home later than expected from work, so I missed it.  This week is her first week back to work so the normal routine is going to be a bit off.  Plus, I really want to hold off and see what the doctor says in terms of exercising. But, I have been walking for at least 30 minutes each day, so that’s a positive.  And I have my doctor’s appointment today, so at least I’ll begin getting some answers/solutions to the back pain and arm numbness.
  • I also want to brag about 2011 Goal #1 – writing a comment a day on at least one of the blogs in my blogroll.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve been averaging 4-5 comments a day.  I’m enjoying completing this goal because reading those blogs helps me feel so connected to everyone.  Plus, I figure that the adage of “doing unto others” will work and I’ll start getting more comments on my blog in 2011.  I love reading comments and always appreciate the time it takes for you to leave your thoughts.

So there you have it.  What seems like a regular Tuesday to some is filled with NSVs and milestones for me.

What’s one thing you’d like to celebrate today?


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